Tent of David House of Prayer in Nahariya, Israel

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Tent of David Israel in Nahariya

In the summer of 2018, at the prompting of the Lord, Tent of David Israel left our home of four years overlooking the Sea of Galilee to put our tent pegs down in Nahariya.  Nahariya is a beautiful Mediterranean coastal town in the north of Israel, just 10 minutes from the Lebanese border.  This time we transitioned from a house to a beautiful 4 bedroom penthouse apartment just one block from the beach.  The town is situated at the end of the rail line from Ben Gurion airport so easily accessible by train. 

Nahariya is a town with very few believers and is considered a secular society with a wonderful mix of Jews, Arabs and Lebanese people.  Like any coastal town, life is centred around the beach area with numerous restaurants, coffee shops and gathering places.  On any given day, families are walking and playing near the beach. 

Because it is situated so close to the Lebanese border, it is an incredible place to come to pray for the security of Israel's borders.  Rosh Hanikra, a small community right on the border is the location of spectacular sea caves that can be accessed by cable car.  At Rosh Hanikra, you can actually go up and touch the heavily guarded gate into Lebanon.  It is known as the Gateway into Israel.  Out at sea, from the high sea cliffs, you can see the military patrol boats watching over the Israeli territorial waters. 

It is in this setting that we feel the Lord has called us to release our worship and prayer over this strategic part of the Land. 

Our mandate has shifted somewhat to bringing teams into this area to cover it with prayer.  In addition, we hold prophetic schools twice a year from this vantage point.  These schools are journeys with a purpose.  In November, we will be holding a Deborah Company school with Rosetta Florence where we will be following the steps of Deborah and Barak to release a company of Deborahs in the earth.  Then in March, 2020 we will be hosting Randy Demain who will lead a group to the ancient gates in Israel. 

These journeys are already fully booked, but if you would like more information on future prophetic schools you may contact us at tentofdavidisrael@gmail.com. 

Also, if you would like to bring a small team into a part of Israel that does not see the large tours, you may contact us at the e-mail address above.  It is a wonderful opportunity to be amongst the people of the Land or to take some time to be with God in Israel. 

For some of our adventures, be sure to visit our Tent of David Facebook page. 

Nahariya Beach

The Beach at Nahariya                                                                                                                         The Grotto at Rosh Hanikra

Sunset on the Beach                                                                   Sunset from the Apartment's Balcony

The Apartment Interior