Newsletters 2015 - 2010

A Yellow Car Will Be Your Sign


Several years ago, the Lord spoke to me with a personal prophetic word.  In the middle of this word I felt Him say, "A yellow car will be your sign".  As I was writing it down, I put a couple of question marks after this phrase because I didn't fully understand what it was about. 

However, since then, I have seemed to encounter yellow cars when I have been out which always appeared at significant times for me.  Sometimes they would be ordinary yellow cars, and other times more specific, like racing cars.  So I have always been careful to watch for my "yellow car" sign to try to discern what it may mean. 

The weekend before Rosh Hashana this year, we had an amazing weekend with Kari Browning.  Kari is a "sign" watcher and has an incredible ability to remember specific prophetic words and when they were given.  As we were beginning our weekend with Kari, all of a sudden, yellow cars began to appear along our path!  We saw them everywhere!  Then yellow pick-up trucks began to seemingly be everywhere we turned. 

On the Saturday morning of our conference with Kari, the whole theme seemed to turn to the Latter Rain Revival.  Kari is a student of that revival and our worship team and leaders prophetically began to move out with declarations about rain.  Then the appearance of the yellow pick-ups began to increase.  It was with this that Kari remembered a word from Bob Jones about the Latter Rain Revival.  In a vision, Bob saw an orange pick-up truck and the Lord told him that this represented the Latter Rain Revival which had stopped because of character issues with the leaders.  But the Lord said that this revival was going to "pick up" where it left off!  Since this was a Canadian revival, we took ownership of that!  The Latter Rain revival triggered a powerful healing tent revival that lasted for years. 

Finally, as if to cap off these "sightings" of the yellow pick-ups, in the parking lot of the restaurant that we took Kari for lunch on her last day was a yellow pick-up truck!  See the picture on the side which shows us beside the truck in the rain!

Explosion Within

The next sign is pretty incredible.  On the Thursday before Kari came to minister we had our regular ladies' prayer watch.  During the watch, Cathy told of how she felt there was an explosion about to happen in the Spirit.  I began to play the music I felt led to bring that day by the Riveras.  There was such significant ignition on the music that we knew God was in it.  Afterwards, we looked at the title of the CD.  It was called "Explosion Within"!  We knew that God was about to explode in Canada!

When Kari was with us, she mentioned that  she had seen a bottle of Canada Dry years before and God had told her that Canada was dry and that He was going to send her there.  Years passed and we were the first people to invite her to Canada after that word.  When she arrived home following this trip (which was her second to us), she was in the grocery store and a bottle of Canada Dry exploded and shot two aisles over and landed in front of her!  An explosion is coming for Canada!  There is a suddenly that is about to overtake us related to the "picking up" of where the Latter Rain revival left off.  The Healing Revivals are going to explode within our borders!

God is not finished with Canada.  There is a bubbling up that is gaining in momentum.  Healing is our portion.  Do not grow weary if all seems dry around you.  Get ready!  There is a suddenly reserved for this nation.  God is about to pick up where He left off.

The Season of the Lion


I have always known that this year was a prophetic year for our son. He is on Sabbatical from his university and when it aligned with the Shemitah year, I decided to pay attention to what God was saying through this.  The word, Sabbatical, comes from Shabbat and speaks of a time of rest.

Time to Refocus
Usually during Sabbatical, you take stock of the direction you are going with your work and adjust your focus for the coming seven years.  I feel that this is what the Lord is saying for us.  This year of rest has  been one of refocus where we need to take stock of what we have been doing, to adjust, and if need be, to take a different direction as the Lord leads.  This year is a year of shifting for many where the things that were done in the past, although good, are not sufficient for what God will be doing in the coming season.  It is time to take stock and align with the cloud as it moves into the Jubilee year. 

It is the Year of the Lion
Yesterday our son went on safari into Masai Mara, a famous game park in Kenya.  I thought to myself, "If he sees lions today, I will know that it is the time for the Lion of the Tribe of Judah". Well, not only did he see lions, he saw LOTS of lions.  At one point he saw young cubs feasting on a recent zebra kill.  When I looked up the word, "Mara" it means "time"!  The Lord is saying, that as we approach this Jubilee year, it is time for the lions!  Yesterday at our watch, one of the young seers saw a purple cloud.  Purple is the colour of authority and royalty.  The fact that it was the young lions that were feasting on the prey, demonstrates that a young company of lions who understand their position in the Kingdom is about to be released. 

This weekend marks the beginning of the month of Elul associated with the tribe of Gad.  Amazing that Gad is prophetically linked to lions!

Gad lurks like a lioness...he selected the best land for himself, for there was the leader's portion reserved.  Deuteronomy 33:20, 21

Of the Gadites there went over to David to the stronghold in the wilderness men of might, men trained for war who could handle shield and spear, whose faces were like the faces of lions.  I Chronicles 12:  8

It's time for the lion nature of the Gadites to arise and take possession of their inheritance!

Right now in Masai Mara it is the season of the migration of the wildebeests where millions of animals are passing through the park.  It is an incredible phenomenon that speaks of harvest, abundance and no lack!  Wherever the lions look, there is provision.  They hardly have to do anything except seize what is before them.  However, they can just lie there and let their provision pass by.  The Lord is saying, that it is time to apprehend our inheritance.  The harvest is there for the taking.  It's time for the lions to rise up. 

The Breaker will go before them.  They will break through, pass in through the gate and go out through it, and their King (our Lion King) will pass on before them, the Lord at their head.  Micah 2: 13

The Water Gate Has Opened


It is very difficult to know where to begin to summarize all that took place during our Healing Glory weekend with Steve Swanson. God took us on a journey that felt very much like we had never been to such a place before. So much happened prophetically that in the last session, it felt like God was speaking to everyone all at once!

It all started at our ladies' watch on the Thursday prior to the weekend. I had felt to bring a 12 year old CD of Steve's to play. On that CD is a very special song that Steve had done for us the first time he ever visited the Tent. It is called "A Nation Coming to Birth". As we played that song, heaven came into the place. It activated something in the Spirit that we knew was for now. We were about to experience something that would affect the nation. Karen could feel angels wings unfurling. During the watch, the Lord told me that the Saturday morning was going to be special. I hesitated to share that with the people at the meetings because sometimes it can make us go into performance to make something happen.

A boat without oars

When Saturday morning came, we went off into the stratosphere in worship. Everything was prophetic from beginning to end. People were being healed as the worship kept going higher. I began to feel the water rising until it was deep over our heads. During this time, the worship team with Steve was singing about the locks opening up in the river. Steve began to declare that as each lock filled up, we were being taken higher and higher. About that time I felt to share something that came through from Chuck Pierce about going with the water and to stop trying to row the boat. Dan then stepped up with a scripture we had never heard before.

But there the Lord will be for us in majesty and splendor a place of broad rivers and streams, where no oar-propelled boat can go, and no mighty and stately ship can pass. Isaiah 33:21 AMP

We knew were being carried along in a great river in a boat with no oars! God Himself was releasing the sluice gates of water over the nation! It was one of those moments when we knew we were experiencing something that was bigger than us and that we had opened some kind of gate to allow water to flow from east to west. This water was going to go where it willed with no one at the oars!

Finally, on Saturday evening, Michael and Floryn Gertsman from Israel came to be part of the meeting. They had just been in Newfoundland and had experienced amazing meetings when they began to recall the Azusa Street revival days in Newfoundland. The meetings went on for hours and they felt that they had opened a gate to send forth the river of God's glory across the nation. Then when he got to the Tent he realized that we were doing the same thing! It was as if the eastern tribes had taken their place to open something up as in a lock system that would eventually engulf the nation. Then, at the end of the meeting, Steve began to sing "A nation coming to birth". It was electric. People were dancing, celebrating and rejoicing like I had not seen in a long time. We knew the time was now. There was so much angelic activity in the building and one girl saw the heavens open right up and then heaven coming down and sitting right in the building.

During this time, I saw a large burning bush. When I asked the Lord what that meant, He said that people were getting big assignments. One person saw us as arrows being shot forth out of the place to take this Glory wherever He was going to assign us.

So many people were seeing and experiencing things that I cannot possibly begin to tell it all here. All we know is, something has happened. The floodgates have been opened. And there is much more to come. A nation has come to birth.

Legend of the Circle Maker


It was the first century BC in Israel, and the country was enduring the most devastating drought in memory.  Times were absolutely desperate.  An eccentric sage who lived outside of Jerusalem named Honi stepped forward for his place in history.  With his six foot staff in his hand, Honi began to draw a circle around himself in the dirt. Honi then stood inside the circle, dropped to his knees,  raised his hands to Heaven, and began to call down rain.

" Lord of the Universe, I swear before Your great name, that I will move from this circle until  You have shown mercy upon Your children".

He was resolute yet humble.  Suddenly rain started falling from the heavens as the thousands who gathered round gasped.  But Honi was not satisfied with a few raindrops so once again he lifted his voice:

"Not for such rain have I prayed, but for rain that will fill cisterns, pits and caverns"

With that prayer, the few drops turned into a torrential downpour, so much so that onlookers said that the drops were the size of eggs!  Fearing flash floods, the people ran to the Temple Mount to escape the torrents!

That prayer that day was deemed one of the most significant prayers in the history of Israel.  One man stood in a circle and declared that he would not let up until his prayers were answered.

For us, the circle we stand in is for the healing wells of God to burst forth both in the Galilee and here in Canada.  We feel like we are at the first stage of Honi's prayer.  We are beginning to see healings, both at home and in Israel.  People are reporting how that when we prayed in these places, they were healed.  We have drawn a circle in the sand, and we will not leave this circle until we see the full manifestation of the artesian wells that we know are there.  In the Galilee, the earth and the air is filled with the vibrations of the healing working power of Yeshua.  In Canada, the prophetic word over our nation is that the leaves of the tree (our Canadian flag) are for the healing of  the nations.

The circle has been drawn.  We are resolute, yet humble in the fact that we know that He is the healer and without Him nothing happens.  This month in Israel and next, we are focusing on healing.  At the Tent of David in Canada, we are hosting Steve Swanson on June 5 and 6 and we are calling the conference "Healing Glory".  We are believing that Steve will lead us higher than ever into the Glory Realm where anything is possible.

Are you standing in the circle with us?  God's word to us all is "Only believe".

God Has Roused Himself


The Lord will inherit Judah as his portion in the holy land and will again choose Jerusalem. Be still before the Lord, all mankind, because he has roused himself from his holy dwelling. Zechariah 2: 12, 13

The last several weeks we have experienced an usual phenomenon at our watches. For a couple of successive weeks, we have entered into high worship followed by extended periods of silence. It was so pronounced that it was hard to know what to do. There was an incredible awe that descended in our midst and people were on their faces before the Lord.
After about three meetings like this, I asked the Lord what was happening. He spoke to me and told me to begin reading Zechariah. Suddenly, it became clear when I came across the scripture above. In the events of the world stage, God was rousing Himself from His holy dwelling. There is such a heavy awe associated with this. I know He orchestrates the times and seasons of the earth, but right now, there is something taking place that is very big.
You would have to be on another planet not to know about the recent address given by Benjamin Netanyahu to the American congress. Every eye seemed to be on this event. I believe even this amount of attention was orchestrated by God. The prophetic significance of the Israeli leader speaking about Iran (Persia) on the eve of Purim cannot be escaped. It was voice thundering around the world. Purim is the season when the Jews remember Queen Esther going before the Persian King to save her nation.

You know when a prophet has spoken, because of the impact the word has. Immediately prior to coming to the US Netanyahu visited the Western Wall just below the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and prayed. A few hours later, the court ruling came down that Jews have a right to pray on the Temple Mount! This has been previously denied them.
Then, following the Prime Minister's speech after he returned to Israel, it was reported that the Ayatollah of Iran was taken to hospital in critical condition with his systems shutting down. You don't have to be very prophetic to see the significance of this in the Spirit.
One of the words that we were given on New Years eve was that God was setting a plumb line over the nations of the earth. How will the nations respond to the prophetic voice? How will our nation respond? How will Israel respond? When God rouses Himself from His holy dwelling, we have no choice but to give Him an answer.

Artists week at TOD Israel:
This week has been a fabulous week at the Tent in Israel. Led by Arron and Brenda McKenzie, we have loosed artists on the Land learning how to paint what they see prophetically. They have visited sites such as Rosh Pina (New Age artist colony), the Mount of Transfiguration, and Metulla on the Lebanese border. A few years ago, God told Arron that creativity breaks the religious spirit. So these creative ones stood in some of the most religious places in the Land to release God's prophetic word through art over the Land and into Islamic strongholds. We will be reporting more fully on this week shortly. This Sunday also marks the first anniversary of the Tent of David in Israel! So much has happened in one short year. We give honour to God for all He has done.

Contact us at tentofdavidisrael@gmail.com for information.

Unspeakable Joy!


Something happens this time of year. There is a supernatural joy that wells up that can't be explained except that it is God-given. The last couple of weeks at the Tent we have been singing the version of "Joy to the World" that finishes with this chorus:

Joy, unspeakable Joy

An overflowing well, no tongue can tell Joy, unspeakable, Joy

Rises in my soul, never lets me go.

Every time we sing it, something erupts. We begin to shout and praise as the wonderful feeling of joy unspeakable fills the room. What is that?

I experienced something of that joy on my last trip to Israel when I was privileged to go in an armoured bus into the mountains of Samaria to visit Joseph's Tomb. After our visit inside the tomb, I stepped outside to singing and dancing, and the playing of instruments all in the dead of night. There was such an explosion of joy as the Jews put their feet on the land of their patriarch, Joseph-something mostly forbidden to them as world pressure continues for them to give this portion of Israel away.

Just yesterday, my eyes fell on a piece in an Israeli paper that told of the next visit to Joseph's tomb. Once again, it was in the dead of night and when the buses of Orthodox Jews arrived, the tomb was in darkness. All of the lights had been vandalized in the tomb, a very dark area of Shechem. But suddenly out of the darkness, a light shone. It was the light of the Hanukah torch! One by one, huge Hanukah lanterns were lit and the light penetrated the darkness once again. Every time I see pictures of Hanukah candles being lit around the world, or Christmas lights shining on most houses here in Canada, I am reminded of the words of Yeshua. "I am the light of the world." and the account of the shepherds when a great light shone round about them announcing the birth of the Saviour. Light brings joy. It dispels darkness. It has to. It began when first God said "Let there be light". From that moment on, God has been forcing out the darkness and releasing joy. Let earth receive her King!

Arron and Brenda McKenzie

Some of you may remember that it was Arron who prophesied in 2013 that we would have a house in Israel. This prophetic word was the springboard for the Tent of David Israel that was established in March, 2014. Arron and Brenda carry a powerful prophetic anointing. They are now in Israel managing TOD Israel during the time of our one year anniversary there!

The Warrior Spirit


I have just returned from a 'suddenly' trip to Israel during the month of November and my mind is still reeling from the things that happened over a few short weeks. I was only there a few days and the first 'suddenly' was upon me. We were invited to participate in an official Israeli visit to go to Joseph's Tomb deep in the West Bank at Shechem. Such a trip would require us to go in armoured buses in the middle of the night along with 300 IDF soldiers in full military gear. Naturally we jumped at the opportunity. And what a night it was. We participated in the celebration of hundreds of Orthodox Jews as they stood in the place of their inheritance mostly forbidden from them. It was incredible.

Then, shortly afterwards, Karen, Deborah and I from the Tent had the opportunity to travel once again into the West Bank to places that few tourists get to visit-the mountains of Samaria. These mountains are the Biblical heartland of Israel but now considered part of the disputed West Bank. There we put our feet on the bedrock stone at Bethel where Jacob saw the ladder and built an altar there, pouring oil from Shilo over the stones. It was an awesome moment. But, the highlight of that trip was our visit to Shilo, the place where Joshua divided the land and erected the Tabernacle of the Lord. We stood on the place where the Tabernacle would have been for over 300 years and where Samuel laid beside the ark as a child. As I stood there taking it all in, I felt some sort of destiny feeling come over me. It was as though I had to be there at that time. When I got back to our house I felt that I needed to read again the story of Hannah and Samuel. Then it hit me why I had to go to Shilo right then.

A few years ago I had an experience when I was travelling across Canada with my work. I was in Halifax, Nova Scotia when I was awakened in the night at 3:11. I heard the Lord say, "Release the warrior spirit". So, not fully understanding, I obediently went to the window of my hotel room overlooking the harbour and said rather quietly, "I release the warrior spirit". The next morning, I began to think about being wakened at 3:11 and immediately what was dropped in my mind was I Samuel 3:11. "Behold, I am about to do a thing in Israel that will make the both ears of him who hears it tingle." Following this, I had occasion to travel to every province of Canada and each time I went to the window of my hotel room and released the warrior spirit over the land. On the final day of my trip, my birthday, I was in St. John, New Brunswick, and I saw a huge cloud in the sky which looked like a giant tsunami wave. The Lord said, "Release the wave of my Spirit"-my final act in my trip across the nation. I did not fully comprehend what this was all about, nor the link to the scripture verse in I Samuel, but simply acted in obedience to what the Lord was saying.

Fast forward to November, 2014. I believe that the Lord operates in cycles. He will cause us to do certain things and then when the timing is perfectly right, he will cycle us around to activate the act for a certain time and space. Here I was standing now at the very place where that scripture was given. I believe that the time for the release of the warrior spirit has come. I think that God had brought to full circle those prophetic acts that I had done those years ago. The time is now for the warrior spirit to be released over Israel and over the nation of Canada. Activation has begun. I believe that angelic warriors are now in place to contend for the tsunami wave of God's Spirit that is about to be released. Watch Israel. What you see in the natural will be a sign of what is happening in the Spirit. We are going to be part of a phenomenal war that will culminate in an Acts 2 rush of the Spirit into the world. What He does in Israel will make the ears of everyone who hears it tingle. It's time for the warriors to be released in the nation of Canada to cooperate with heaven for our destiny in this hour. Let God arise!

Leaves Falling in a Hurricane


Harvest, the Ingathering and the Shemitah:

I love to walk outside this time of year and think. They say that the time around Yom Kippur and the Feast of Tabernacles is a time when God draws near and releases fresh revelation to those who draw near to Him. This Yom Kippur was a different one that we had ever experienced because for the first time, we were in the Land of Israel for that day. To be honest, I was not prepared for what I saw and felt. It is a day in Israel when the whole nation stops...believer and unbeliever, Orthodox and secular. There are no cars on the road, no noise, just complete silence. We use the word, "awesome" very frequently, but THIS was AWESOME. All of us who were in our house in the Galilee took time in the silence to commune with God separately. The whole day was set apart to read the Word and listen. I took part of the day to walk down the empty highway overlooking the Sea of Galilee and just take in the silence. I wondered if any other nation in the world would ever do something like this. I think not.

That was our last day in Israel, and suddenly we were on a plane back to Canada and preparing for an incredible weekend with Randy Demain. Last weekend was all about harvest. The imminence of the harvest was almost tangible. As one, we all came to understand that it is just that close-within reach.

Two significant signposts have happened in the last few months that speak of this: the passing of two generals, Bob Jones and Arthur Burt from Wales. Both of these men had received a promise that they would be alive when the beginning of a massive harvest would be realized. Now prophetic voices all over the world are announcing that the beginning of that harvest is here.

As I was walking outside this morning, I was watching the leaves falling steadily down from the trees on our property and it made me think of the word by Arthur Burt. "So shall they be saved like leaves falling from the tree in a hurricane". This week we have been experiencing non-stop rain here because of a hurricane that is passing our east coast. Like leaves falling from the tree in a hurricane....

Tabernacles is all about Harvest. This year, the harvest is finally at the door. Over the past few weeks, there has been a groundswell of God's presence at the Tent. After being away for 5 weeks, it hit us at the door when we arrived back home. For those of you who were with us this past weekend, you know what I mean. God is stirring. He's rousing Himself. And we are undone.

It is no mistake that the months associated with the Fall Feasts and afterward are associated with the sons of Joseph, the tribes of blessing. This year is a Shemitah year which calls for the land to be at rest for the entire year. No planting is to be done, and only what grows of itself may be eaten. It's a time to enter into rest. For those who do not follow the Lord, the Shemitah year has been shown to be one of financial risk. However, for those of us who do, the season is one of blessing! It's a time to rest from labour and let God do it. God is speaking very clearly right now that the time of the labour of the flesh is over. It is not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord. This harvest is the Lord's harvest. He will cause it to spring up and we just need to glean. The old methods will no longer do it. It must be a work of the Spirit and in His timing. This year, the Lord will be unravelling the best laid plans of men, so that His plans can be revealed.

When we were in Israel during the dedication of our house in the Galilee, I heard the Land sigh and say, "Oh, that feels better". Doing things God's way instead of the ways of man makes me want to say, "That feels better".

The harvest is here. It will come in. But it will be done as He wills. Get ready. This is the big one.

Dale's new book is now available:

We now have copies of Dale's new book, Breaking the Sound Barrier: Aligning Heaven and Earth in the Land of Israel. For those of you who plan to visit the Land, this is a must! It also is a valuable tool for those who wish to understand how God speaks through the earth realm today.

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Shana Tova From Israel


You have your way in the whirlwind
You clothe yourself in light
You set the boundaries of the sea
You call each star by name
You walk on the wings of the wind
And the clouds are the dust of your feet

Steve Swanson

I am writing this sitting overlooking the Sea of Galilee as we approach our last week here in Israel. We have had an incredible journey these last four weeks as we have been standing alongside the Messianic believers in the Land releasing worship over the north.

The last few days as I have quieted myself before the Lord here, I have felt a swirling in the atmosphere. It reminded me of the last day I was here in March when above my head hundreds of geese appeared. They were all caught up in a breathtaking swirling motion that took on a whirlwind effect as they swooped and danced in the sky overhead. I was captivated. Then this last week, Chuck Pearce published a link to the snow geese that were doing the same thing in their garden in Texas as they prepared to move north. It was an overwhelming visual effect of a whirlwind as the birds never seemed to collide with one another in their swirling dance.

We are situated here in Galilee just a few minutes from Capernaum where Yeshua did most of His ministry. It was His home. What I did not realize is that Capernaum is believed to be the burial place of the prophet Nahum. As I began to read the book of Nahum this morning, I came across the whirlwind verse that Steve Swanson used in his song I quoted above. We have heard it prophesied that this is the year of the whirlwind that will scatter seeds as it moves forth. The whirlwind I have been feeling is a sweeping up. It is a good whirlwind, like the birds dancing. God will have His way in this whirlwind.

One of our Canadian friends was visiting us yesterday and she described what she saw when she was at our Rosh Hashana celebration here in the house this past Wednesday. She saw a whirlwind and it moved over the Sea down below here. As it did, it swept up all the water in the Sea. Then suddenly, the water began to be poured out over this whole region in a mighty outpouring. This is the swirling that I had been feeling over the past several days. The Holy Spirit is brooding right now, just as the quiet before the storm.

There are many things that would cause us to believe that only darkness is before us, but God delights in showing up with Glory just when we thought things were most bleak. He will have His way in the whirlwind. The voice of the prophet Nahum is ringing in the Land. God is rising up and the world will take notice. The time of the dancing of the birds has come. Let Him sweep you away.

- 50 -


Boker Tov:

Dan and I have been in Israel for one week now. We arrived at the Tent of David house last Friday to a very different world than the last time we were here. First of all, the house is looking so much better than when we arrived last January. Our first time here was consumed with working to get it ready for guests. This time, the work has largely been completed and as a result, we have been having a wonderful time of rest here in our house of worship and prayer.

The land of Israel is a very different place as well since the last time we were here. We arrived shortly after the incursion into Gaza had ended, Operation Protective Edge. You can feel in the atmosphere and over the people the deep trauma that they have experienced. Sometime before Operation Protective Edge began, the Lord gave me a dream. In it, Steve Swanson was prophesying over us and he said, "You are on the Edge". I wondered, "On the edge of what?" Then I read that the defensive operation in Israel was called Protective Edge. Because of that, I have been riveted to this and wondering what God was saying related to it.

Now that it is over, and I have had some time here to sit and let God speak, I was drawn to the fact that Operation Protective Edge was 50 days in length. The number 50 has so many Biblical connotations. The big one is that it speaks of Pentecost or the coming of the Holy Spirit. I believe that it is no coincidence that the world premiere of the movie "Holy Ghost" is scheduled for tonight. All over the world, the Lord is speaking of an unprecedented move of the Holy Spirit that is about to be unleashed. Pentecost speaks of First Fruits, so it could be that this will be the first of many contiguous waves that is about to come on the earth.

One of the people from the Tent just e-mailed me to say that an old 60's song has been coming to her over and over. It's called, "The Spirit in the Sky". It's funny because CNN has been running a series on the 60's with all the music from that era being played. I felt that as I read that e-mail, that something similar to the Jesus movement was about to hit the world again. They are going to come in from all parts of society. The other day we were visiting with a former Hollywood actor and he told us of his conversion. God moved in on groups of actors, pimps, prostitutes, and the like: the outcasts- who came to Jesus in unorthodox and supernatural ways. Not long ago I had a dream where I saw a large number of a people group coming to God and I said, "God, not them! They are full of demons!". When I think about it now, Jesus did most of His ministry among the demon possessed.

The Bible has a number of important facts about the number 50.

  • There are 50 chapters in the Book of Genesis. A while ago, the Lord woke me up with the words, "The answer to every question is found in the Book of Genesis". There is something about how these men walked with God that holds a key in these days, beginning with Adam.
  • David paid 50 shekels of silver for the plot of land where the Temple Mount now sits. Every day, the Temple Mount is in the news here. It will continue to be of utmost importance in the days that lie ahead.
  • The gallows that Haman prepared for Mordecai was 50 cubits high. In the end, it was Haman that was hanged on these gallows. God is about to turn the tables again on the Haman spirit coming against Israel in these days.
  • 50 is the number of Jubilee. In scripture, God commanded ancient Israel to celebrate a Jubilee every 50 years beginning on the Day of Atonement. All debts were cancelled and inheritances were returned to the rightful owners. We have heard a prophetic word that on the Day of Atonement this year, everything is going to change. The prophecy was that it would start out really bad and then be good in the end.

Dan and I will be in Israel for the beginning of the new year, 5775, the Shemitah year. This is a year when the land goes into rest. Since we have been here, we have been in almost total rest. We can't believe how much we have slept. I believe that regardless of what is going to be happening all around, the people of God will be at rest.

Those who know their God will be strong and do exploits. (Daniel 11:32)

The month of Elul and the tribe of Gad:

We have recently entered into the month of Elul. The tribe associated with it is Gad whose tribal allotment was in what is now the country of Jordan. The blessing on Gad was enlarged territory. It's amazing how this seems to work. One of the scriptures in the Torah portion today was in Isaiah 54. 'Enlarge the place of your tent and let them stretch forth the curtains of your habitations; spare not, lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes". Then just yesterday in the news we read that Israel has just signed a USD $15 billion agreement with Jordan for natural gas! Out of a terrible season of dire straits, God has enlarged Israel once again through Jordan in the month associated with land in Jordan! May YOU enlarge the place of your dwelling in this season.

As God continues to speak through the land of Israel, the Holy Spirit is brooding across the earth. He is enlarging His tent! He is about to show Himself to many and call them to the banqueting table. It is going to appear to be a sorry looking lot to the church, but to God it will be a bride.

Much love and shalom from Israel

Whose Report Will You Believe?


I am sure that many of you have been following the war in Israel, Operation Protective Edge, which appears to be possibly coming to a conclusion. Israel has now taken all of her troops outside of Gaza and the cease-fire is in its third day. We await results from the on-going talks in Egypt.

I have been thinking a lot about the war and what it is saying to the church at large, since Israel is the prophetic voice for the world. Gaza is Philistine territory. It is from this area that the giant, Goliath defied the armies of the Living God in David's day. The interesting thing about the name, Goliath, is that it means "to take captive". The enduring spirit that is not only over that part of the world, but over the church as well is the hostage taking spirit. The enemy wants to take you captive. He wants to hold you hostage over your finances, your health or other circumstances in your life. The larger arenas of political power want to take captive the speaking forth of truth. The world media is being held captive from speaking realities that many do not want to hear. Hamas is seeking to hold Israel hostage for peace. The terror tunnels are all about taking hostages. This spirit operates through fear of what might happen, and keeps people from moving in freedom.

Then comes David. I found it interesting that Prime Minister Netanyahu said at the beginning of the war that they were coming with the shield of David. The spirit of David is the only way to defeat the hostage taking spirit in the world and in our lives. It was so inspiring to read of the young commander in Israel who raced into the terror tunnel after his captured soldier at great peril to his own life. That is the heart of David.

When David faced Goliath, he said something very interesting. He said, "You come to me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied". I Samuel 17:4

The word, "Name" in Hebrew is Shem. The root meaning of this word is "report". David was saying to the hostage taker, "I come to you in the report of the Lord Almighty". He then proceeded to tell him what the report was.

This day the Lord will hand you over to me, and I'll strike you down and cut off your head. Today I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army to the birds of the air and the beasts of the earth, and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel. All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves, for the battle is the Lord's and He will give all of you into our hands. I Samuel 17: 46, 47

"Today" is a wonderful trigger word to initiate declarations in the Spirit. It releases angelic forces to accomplish the heaven words you are speaking. When we get a revelation of the report of the Lord, the spirit of David rises up to accomplish that word. Speak out the report of the Lord over your life today. Speak it out over your nation. It was the spoken word that initiated the victory. This is the month in the Biblical calendar of hearing. We must train our ear to hear the word of the Lord, not what our intellect is telling us. Israeli history is filled with results that came "against all odds". Why? Because the God of Israel was with them. It's time to declare the word of the Lord. The truth is that we are in charge here. We need to take charge.

Update on Tent of David Israel in the Galilee:

The Galilee continues to be a place of peace and rest. Drew and Michelle report that if they didn't read the newspapers, they would not know there was a war going on in the Land. They have been privileged to stand and declare God's truth over the soldiers and to hold up the arms of some of their families in the North. Our house has seen quite a number of people from Jerusalem and other parts of Israel come by to worship with us over this time. Drew and Michelle have also travelled to Jerusalem a couple of times and took the opportunity to walk through Hezekiah's tunnel. This tunnel leads to the Pool of Siloam, the place where the blind man received his sight. Many have been getting a revelation to pray for health and healing to be released, so we are continuing on our mandate of reading the miracles of Jesus over the Galilee. We have been raising up a wall of worship in the North along with many others, so see the cloud of Glory descend on the Galilee region. Christ in us is truly the hope of glory.

Dan and I are excited about returning to the Land on August 28 where we will take over as house managers of TOD Israel for the month of September. This is the period of Rosh Hashana, the new year in the Hebrew calendar, and leading up to the Feast of Tabernacles. What an awesome time to be there! We will be praying for fresh revelation over this time as we listen to what the Spirit is saying for this hour.

If you are thinking about reserving a place at the Tent of David in Israel, you may reserve a spot by contacting us at tentofdavidisrael@gmail.com.

My new book:
Yesterday, we delivered to the printers the manuscript for my new book, Breaking the Sound Barrier: Aligning Heaven and Earth in the Land of Israel. It should be available by the end of August. This book contains many insights on how to cooperate with heaven and earth as you walk the land of Israel. If you have never been to Israel, this book will take you on a journey of discovery of the sound being released in the Land today. You may order your copy through tentofdavidisrael@gmail.com

The Voice of the Shepherd is in the Air


"Moreover, the word of the Lord came to me saying, Jeremiah, what do you see? And I said, I see a branch or shoot of an almond tree. Then said the Lord to me, You have seen well, for I am alert and active, watching over my word to perform it." Jeremiah 1:11,12

We have two almond trees in our yard. They were planted deliberately when we moved to the farm as an entry point to our future garden, so that every time we walked between these two trees we would be reminded of the faithfulness of God to perform His word. I do this when I walk between them most mornings. But this week has been special. The blossoms are bursting forth! When we were in Israel in February of this year, it was the time of the almonds blooming. There is no sight like an orchard of almond trees in full bloom in Israel. It is the first blooming after the winter and reminds the people there that God is watching over everything He promised in His word to do on their behalf.

Last Sunday was Mother's Day and at the Tent we honoured all of our women with hanging baskets of flowers. All during the watch, I couldn't keep my eyes off the beautiful array of colours at the front of the church. It was as though spring had suddenly come! For those of you who do not live in Canada, this has been an extraordinarily slow spring. The winter was harsh and it seemed as though the snow would never go. When it finally did, the trees looked lifeless for a long time. I wondered if we would ever see leaves again! Then, suddenly last week, there was the first glimmer of greenery. And, almost as if overnight, we have green trees and shrubs! The life was always there, but often barely visible to those who longed for it. Then suddenly! it springs forth.

As often happens, when God begins to speak, you will see others proclaiming the same thing. On Monday morning we received an e-mail coming from Karen Dunham in Israel entitled "The season bloomed in the twinkling of His eye-Wow God!" That put in words what we are feeling. There is such expectation in the air right now.

Last Friday we received an e-mail from Hilda Chen who is managing our Tent of David in Israel in the Galilee, and she reported that last Thursday Israel had experienced the rainiest day in May ever and the rainiest day in Israel in the last 100 years. It is very unusual that rains come so late in the season and to have such a downpour over the entire land was extremely significant. To top it all off, it was the day of our worship and the word watch!

Hilda writes:

As the torrential rains were hitting the ground it was the start of our worship and Word prayer gathering at the house here. Folks arrive with rubber boots, plastic bags on their heads as their umbrellas were just turned inside out with the winds. All had such a joy and expectation that the Lord was up to something. Many have lived here for many years and never seen such a dramatic rain fall and also so late in the season. Joy and worship abounded as we leaned into His promise from Hosea 6:3: "He will come to us like the rain, like the latter and former rain to the earth". May these signs cause us to lift up our heads, and to behold Him, the signs of His coming and understand what He is speaking in this hour, knowing that our redemption is drawing nigh. Oh! Israel. Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world"

The next thing that happened was equally incredible.

Hilda continues:

I had a visitation of sheep. Mid-afternoon when the rains were clearing my shepherd friend took his flock to pasture. Many of the sheep wended their way up my front path right to the front door! At the call of the Shepherd, they retraced their steps to follow him leaving behind a myriad of clumps of fresh soft water soaked mud from their cloven hooves.

When Dan and I were in Israel in February, the sheep came to the house then and filled our yard! People were looking at it and saying it was a sign. Now, they seem to know their way to the front door! The sheep are coming to the door. We are so convinced that we are on the verge of a great harvest. The picture in Israel is a sign. They are going to come, many with mud on their feet. But they will know the way to the Jesus door. The voice of the shepherd is in the air.

Lift up your heads! The springtime has come! It is now bursting forth. The sheep are at the door and the rains of refreshing are here. It may have seemed that nothing has been happening, but the life is in the trees and the blossoms are springing forth. The time of spring has come.

Israel Speaks!

A season of understanding the times and seasons -

Canada's time

Jeremiah 8:7

[Even the migratory birds are punctual to their seasons.] Yes, the stork [excelling in the great height of her flight] in the heavens knows her appointed times [of migration], and the turtledove, the swallow, and the crane observe the time of their return. But My people do not know the law of the Lord [which the lower animals instinctively recognize in so far as it applies to them].

Daniel 2:21

He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and sets up kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding!

I am always amazed at how much God is speaking if we have eyes to see and ears to hear. Over the past couple of months we have been overwhelmed with how fast God is moving on our behalf. As we entered into our eighth year, the activation and acceleration into the new thing has been breathtaking. Following a prophetic word that we received from Arron Mackenzie and others in late September, we have been on a journey of wonder as God has so quickly put the pieces together for us to establish a Tent of David in the northern Galilee region of Israel.

During this time, we have also heard of two other Canadian groups that are establishing new works in the same area as us. It appeared that God had His finger on the Galilee through Canada! Then, just this week, an announcement came out that our Prime Minister, Steven Harper was going to visit Israel for the first time in January 2014. One of the purposes of his trip is to visit a migratory bird sanctuary in the Hula Valley located north of the Sea of Galilee! This bird sanctuary is named after our Prime Minister in honour of his steadfast support of Israel since he has come to power. A few days after he leaves the country, Dan and I arrive to take possession of the Tent of David Israel! The other Canadian prayer house that has just been established near us also carries a strong prophetic anointing. I believe our Prime Minister is opening the way for us to better understand the times and seasons as it relates to the land where we are being planted. It is about to be a season like none other! As in the Jeremiah scripture, it is an appointed time that is very punctual!

Genesis 18:14

Is anything too hard or too wonderful for the Lord? At the appointed time, when the season [for her delivery] comes around, I will return to you and Sarah shall have borne a son.

Have you been waiting a very long time for God's promises over your life? Don't give up! There is an appointed time. The migratory birds are speaking. He always comes exactly on time just as he promised He would.

See the Tent of David Israel page for more informtion about our new House of Prayer

Give Me This Mountain!
A New Seven Year Cycle Has Begun!


Now therefore, give me this mountain whereof the Lord spoke in that day.. Joshua 14:12

What an incredibly awesome time to be alive! There is so much to report about since we had our anniversary celebrations and the burning of the mortgage at the Tent of David. The Feast of Tabernacles this year marked the end of a seven year period for the Tent as we passed through the open door into the next seven years. Much was prophesied over us and the meetings were incredible. The weekend prior to the mortgage burning we were blessed with the ministry of Arron and Brenda Mackenzie who startled us with a dynamic prophetic word that God was opening the door for us to start a Tent of David in Israel! There was so much ignition on the word and the weekend following when we burned our mortgage, it seemed to accelerate in our midst. Everything was activated! We just knew that this was the word of God for us for our next seven year season. We had an incredible weekend of celebration with Randy Demain and so many of our friends coming to celebrate with us. We have been so blessed by all of you! We especially were so grateful for the faithful ones at the Tent of David who gave of their resources over these years to allow us to be retiring our debt. At the mortgage burning, we received a generous offering to kick start the investment into the land of Israel. The interesting thing was that when we began the Tent 7 years ago, we got our building by miracle after we gave our first offering to Hilda Chen for a House of Prayer in Israel. Now, God was giving us an offering to start our own Tent of David in Israel in our next season!

Then, acceleration happened. Less than 24 hours after receiving the word, we were put in touch with someone in northern Israel who had a large house for lease. After determining our budget and a tentative go-ahead from the people who owned the house, Dan and I were on a plane to Israel on October 30 with leave from our beautiful Tent at home to see everything first hand. We were also blessed with the company of Lester and Celine Carkner who were celebrating their 40th anniversary and couldn't think of a better way to do it than to join us on a house hunting trip! The Carkners are successful real estate agents and were invaluable to provide us with advice as to what to look for on this exciting journey. Through it all, God was absolutely in the midst of us. All the way we felt His tangible presence as He faithfully closed every other door for properties and left us with the one choice that we started out with.

A prophetic act:

We discovered that there is a fresh anointing in the land right now and much was deposited in us as we landed in Israel. I have felt for a long time that we need to know much more about the allotments of land that each of the tribes were given and draw on the anointing for the tribe possessing that territory. So the first morning we were there we drove to the base of the Sea of Galilee to the territory of Gad (Elijah's tribe). We discovered that in the history of that area when Israelis were coming in to occupy land prior to the nation of Israel being established, that they had great difficulty in taking possession of purchased land because the Ottoman Turks would tear down the structures that they were trying to build. The curious thing was that if they had a roof on the buildings, they would leave them alone. So what the early Israeli settlers would do is prefabricate a stockade and 4 small outbuildings for troops and go in and set them up overnight! This sounded to me like a prophetic act waiting to happen! Before we left for Israel, Dan put together a miniature wooden stockade building and 4 small out buildings. That morning before we viewed the house we travelled to the territory of Gad, took off our shoes to receive the anointing of that territory, put out our little buildings and declared that we were a strike force going in to possess the land in one day! And that is just what happened! That afternoon we shared a Shabbat meal with the owners of the house and we fell in love with one another! By the end of the week, we had a lease that met all of the conditions that we had prayed for. They even agreed to wait for us to begin renting it until February 1, 2014. This house has been sitting vacant for two years. They have had many opportunities to rent it but the lady of the house was praying for Christians to come. And we needed to complete our first seven year cycle!

The house sits on a high bluff overlooking the Sea of Galilee with a view of Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Mount Hermon on the left, the Golan Heights in front and the Jordan Valley on the right. Talk about a prayer tower. I have attached a picture of the main area where we would set up our prayer room. If you look closely out onto the patio, you will see that it looks wet. That afternoon as we were meeting with the people, suddenly a huge rainstorm came in with large chunks of hail. (It is currently the dry season right now). It only happened where we were. Dan was down in Tiberias and they didn't get any rain! People were saying that they had not seen this in many years. At the same time, at home in Ottawa there was such a huge windstorm that it blew our big heavy barbeque off our deck. The last time we saw this happen was the day we opened the Tent. We returned home to the same sight. Everything on our deck was scattered all over the yard. We are in a season of holy awe at the moment.

When He utters His voice, there is a tumult of waters in the heavens, and He causes the vapors to ascend from the ends of the earth. He makes lightnings for the rain and brings forth the wind from His treasuries. Jeremiah 51: 16 (AMP)

Have you entered the treasuries of snow or have you seen the treasuries of hail which I have reserved for the time of trouble, for the day of battle and war? Job 38:22

A vision and a promise from God:

The following day we had the privilege of visiting the Carmel assembly on Mount Carmel for their service. That day we were invited to lunch with Pastor David Davis and his wife, Karen. In the process of our conversation, he began to tell us of an open vision that he had received several years ago where he saw a huge white fluffy cloud stretching from Mount Hermon in the north across Mount Carmel and covering the Galilee region. The Lord told him that when he could find a faithful remnant who would cherish His Glory, that He was going to pour out His Spirit upon the Galilee region! He said he knew that the revival was going to be one of worship. When he finished telling it, I said to him, "I saw the cloud this morning during the worship!" I was above this thick blanket of cloud looking down. Following our conversation, David Davis looked at Dan and me squarely in the eye and said "Welcome to the North!" Folks, we are about to witness a mighty move of God in Israel. The week before we left for the Galilee region, there were 5 earthquakes there. God is beginning to shake up the land. When I told my special friend and prophet, Rosetta Florence about the word that was propelling us to Israel, she heard the word, "simultaneously". She said that whatever would happen in Israel would happen simultaneously at the Tent of David in Ottawa!

Even before we left the land we had people from Canada lining up to be part of what we would be doing in Israel! We are in absolute awe. Since we have been home, the Lord has been miraculously putting the pieces together for us to begin our work there establishing a worship and prayer house in the Galilee region of Israel. For such a time as this! God has been giving us incredible insights as to how this house will look. It will be one where we use it as a base to go out onto the land, to call up the ancient anointings of the tribes of Israel and to receive the anointing from the land ourselves! Much more information will be forthcoming in the next few weeks. We just know that many will want to come and be part of a Canadian house in the Galilee region. We'll keep you posted!

5774: The Spirit and Power of Elijah


Everywhere we go we are seeing people tuning in to the Biblical calendar and the restoration of the celebration of the Feasts of the Lord. It is like a tidal wave now. The new Biblical calendar year began last Wednesday evening, Sept 3 with the blowing of the shofars on Rosh Hashana. The Feast of Tabernacles season is typically a revelatory season where God imparts fresh insight and prayer strategy for the next twelve months. As we were seeking the Lord, He gave us several pointers as to what He was intending to release this year.

The Year of the Portal or Door:
The number 4 in Hebrew is Dalit which also has a picture of a door within it. This tells us that we can expect portals to open up this year. I find this interesting because just prior to this we just installed 4 new doors in the Tent! We have done this in preparation for our celebration on Sept 27 when we will burn the mortgage on our building! We expect this year to be a season when we enter through a doorway for debt cancellation for many. Don't forget to mark your calendars for this!

In relation to this, I had an experience just prior to the new year which began to speak about what kind of portals we can expect to open up. In our watch a couple of Fridays before Rosh Hashanah I was worshipping with the group along with the song "No one like Jehovah", when something happened. When we got to the line, "Breathe on us, send us out in the Spirit of Elijah", I had a sudden urge to begin spinning around really fast at the front of the sanctuary. Each time that line was sung, I would spin. I went home that night wondering what that was all about. The next morning I picked up my Kindle and began to read where I had left off in a book by John Crowder called "The Ecstasy of Loving God". My eyes fell on these words. "Sometimes angels will come and begin to spin people around. Certain angelic portals will open up in areas of the room at times, and anyone who steps near cannot help but spin in circles! This is often a prophetic sign that angels are helping people to shift to a new season career, anointing, or perspective in God." Then early in the week at our Monday watch, Cathy shared about how she mentioned my experience to her sister in Florida. Her sister told her that they had a 97 year old lady in their church connected with the Latter Rain who used to spin. This was quite a conservative church, but because of her age, they left her alone. This lady died on Friday, and on Friday night I began to spin. I felt like the Lord was saying two things. There is a portal being opened up for the Spirit and Power of Elijah to be released on the earth for those who are tuned into the ways of heaven. Secondly, the anointings and mantles of past revivals are not to be left to die, but we are to pick them up! They are not for us to go back to the way it was, but we are to carry them forward to the next thing in God's cycle that He is doing.

The Year of Resurrection Power:
Dan has been getting a sense over the last while that we are coming into a fresh understanding of the resurrection power of Jesus. At the same watch where we were talking about spinning, we began to notice that all of us had some kind of experience with butterflies. The day prior to the watch, we had seen many, many yellow butterflies flitting about at our farm. It was as if they had taken over! Out on my walks, they were following me! Then Donna came with a butterfly necklace that she felt to wear and Cathy told of how that day she felt compelled to pull out an antique tray that her mother had given her that was made up of natural butterflies in a beautiful design. Cathy then went home and looked up yellow butterflies and prophetically they mean "Resurrection power". As I was walking and thinking on this the following day, I began to pray "Let the dry bones come together", over and over again. When I got home, I felt I needed to clean out my jewelry box. And amazingly enough, I found a sliver necklace that I had totally forgotten that Dan had got me years ago. The necklace was all little silver bones strung together! Silver is the colour of redemption. The shofars that are blown on Rosh Hashanah are called Redemption shofars. Expect to hear the word "Resurrection" over and over this year.

This past while at the Tent we have had a fresh breath of prayer come in to our gatherings. A couple of weeks ago we felt impressed to put our requests in a box on pieces of paper to be prayed over with the idea that we are not going to stop until all those papers are gone. When I began to go over what was written, so many of them were for loved ones that were not saved. The first Monday watch after this, I put these pieces of paper on the ground and I felt to lie on top of them. As I did this, I began to weep and weep over these. The next watch, the same thing happened again. So, this weekend, as I was meditating on these things, the thought came to me that if this is the portal for the spirit and power of Elijah to open up, that I needed to read again the account of Elijah in 1 Kings. 1 Kings 17:17 begins the story of Elijah raising the widow's son from the dead. Verse 21 reads "Then he stretched himself upon the child three times and cried to the Lord, 'O Lord my God, let this child's life come into him again.' And the Lord listened to the voice of Elijah. And the life of the child came into him again and he revived". I believe that this year is the year when we are going to see our sons and daughters raised to life in God again if we will pay the price in prayer.

The Year of the Honeycomb and Bee:
When we bought our farm, Dan felt that he wanted to start an apiary for bees. He is beginning the planning process for this in the fall. We then noticed that part of the revelation that Glory of Zion had for this year is for the honeycomb. Honey speaks of revelation. Expect new revelation to come forth this year in abundance. Pray for it! Ask for the portals of revelation to be opened on you this year! Bees speak of many things. Besides revelation, they speak to me of cross-pollination. Look for new alignments to be happening in the coming year. Bees are also very industrious. We are planning to have a focus this year on business. So many new businesses have been opening up at the Tent so we will be focusing on that. Pray for Canadian business this year. Pray for Blackberry! It is a Canadian company that is in trouble. We need to begin to bless these companies in order for them to succeed. The interesting little cap on this "bee" revelation is that the name of the 97 year old lady that used to spin was "Bea". Expect portals of revelation to open up this year as you seek Him!

Special Meetings:
The Tent of David has come to the end of a seven year cycle this Feast of Tabernacles. Seven speaks of completion and we fully expect to move out into the next seven year cycle to even greater things. We have two exciting events planned for the Feast this year. The first weekend (Sept 20-22) we are pleased to have Arron and Brenda McKenzie from Los Angeles with us. We met them in Israel on a couple of our trips when they were working with Rolland and Heidi Baker's ministry in Bethlehem and immediately we became connected in the Spirit with them. They are absolutely free in the Spirit and come with a heart to release the Father's love. They will be with us on Friday and Sunday.

Then, our celebration of the mortgage burning is on the 27th and you will not want to miss that. We will have as our guest, Randy Demain who will be with us for the entire weekend doing a Quantum Glory conference. We really believe that these two weekends will launch us into the next cycle of God. Come believing and ready to receive!

Being a Prophetic People


In September, the Tent of David will celebrate seven years of standing at the Eastern Gate of the National Capital Region and calling for the glory of God to come to the nation. Seven years! We know that God works in seasons and cycles, so with that seven years, it feels like we are in the process of ending one season to begin another. This has been on our hearts for some time now. Then Steve Swanson came last weekend. Steve has been coming to the Tent from the first year we began and knows us well. As soon as he walked into the building, he said "Something looks different". He began to ask if we had this or that in the sanctuary when he was here before and we kept saying "yes". We finally realized that it all looks different because we are at the beginning of something new! A new season. We always love Steve coming because on the first night he is here, he always prophesies in song over what God is doing in the area. This time, all he could sing was "Harvest--harvest is here!" Harvest has come.

The interesting thing is that Dan & I had just returned from our trip to China and we felt like the mantle of harvest had come on us. Everywhere we looked in China the harvest was springing up. It's harvest time. And after the weekend with Steve and going into the heavenly realms meeting after meeting, there came an interesting set of e-mails first from Donna who wrote:

"Time to Be God Obsessed! Focused! Overwhelmed! Expectant! Excited! Eyes on Him and nothing else! Seek the Kingdom first and all these things will be added. Time for the wealth transfer! Time for salvations, deliverance and healing! Every thought on Him and His Kingdom! Totally focused in your thought life! Pray always in the Holy Spirit! Expect miracles! Expect suddenlies! Expect favour! Expect open doors! Expect opportunities for your children to suddenly occur! He is wrapping His arms around you like a cocoon and it is time for break out! It is metamorphosis time! It is here the fulfillment of all things! Jump in! It is going to be great! It is what you have been looking forward to! People healed, delivered, set free! It is going to be glorious! Get ready! I have never felt such a compulsion to write. It is as if He is giving me the words! We are going in! It is going to be glorious, beyond all we can imagine! It is here! " She finished by saying, "I felt like a scribe when I wrote this!"

This was followed by an e-mail from Dan who wrote:

"As prisoners of hope, we folk have only one story - it is an old story that strains the imagination and offends reason. But we have not another story: for in the end it is the true story - our story, our song. During this hour "There's a Sound" being released. It is a joyful sound bearing a special blessing for the children of God. I hear the Spirit Song every now and then: it is the resounding shouts of souls set free, the new dimensions and expressions of adoration when the hope of faith is made sight and the gasps of bewilderment as restoration is realised. It is the time when God is about to give us "houses we did not build, vineyards we did not plant and wells we did not dig". Isaiah wrote - "I have showed thee new things from this time, even hidden things, and thou didst not know them. They are created now [brought into being by the prophetic word], and not from the beginning; even before the day when thou heardest them not; lest thou shouldest say, Behold, I knew them". We deal in a world where the forthtellings of God are more true than the facts of man. He causes the virgin to conceive and the dead to live again - He is the resurrection and the life and He that believeth in Him... though he were dead - yet shall he live. Well done, the poet has come: a poet that will script hope, release life and shatter concepts of a manageable gospel."

So this weekend I was thinking about that and a lot of things while walking on our farm just enjoying our Shabbat on Saturday. What dropped in my spirit was what we had brought back for everyone at the Tent from our trip. We brought back PENS! You know, being a prophetic people, sometimes you do prophetic things without knowing that you did it till afterwards. And Donna (who always has her antennas up in the Spirit) said, "I felt like a scribe when I wrote this." I suddenly remembered that the Eastern tribe anointing which we flow in at the Tent includes prophetic WRITING. And suddenly it springs up! Writers are coming forth declaring that it is harvest time! Do you feel it? There's a sound in the heavens. It's the Spirit of God declaring through His people that hope, life and yes, harvest is here!



But this is a people robbed and plundered; all of them are snared in holes, and they are hidden in prison houses; they are for prey, and no one delivers; for plunder, and no one says, "Restore!" Isaiah 42:22

Dan & I just recently have returned from an unforgettable trip to China. We knew that we had an appointment there, but as is often the case, the Lord keeps quite a bit of that to Himself until you are at that intersection of time. Prior to going, the Lord had spoken powerfully to Cathy at the Tent through Isaiah 42. As I looked at it carefully I remembered that He had given me verse 22 when my son had come to the Tent a few months earlier. This son was now in China teaching at one of the universities on a short term assignment. We were going to meet him there after this was completed. I felt like God had something for China in this scripture.

The first part of our trip was to Shanghai, the largest city in the world with a population of over 23 million. Shanghai is the eastern gate of China and its port is one of the busiest (if not the busiest) in the world. It is the powerhouse financial arm of China.

Part of Shanghai's history is that it was occupied by foreign nations such as Britain, Holland and the United States. There is a promenade along the river that winds through Shanghai that has many large financial buildings along it that were built by the occupying powers. When the communist government came in, they took over all of these institutions. There is a large pedestrian walkway along this area called "The Bund". We took a walk along this magnificent area one evening. My son made an observation as we walked along, that in his travels in China he had not seen the Chinese flag flown much. But here on top of all of these buildings was a large Chinese flag. It was as though the Chinese were saying "These are ours now!"

Houses You Did Not Build

That night, after I went to bed, I was awakened in the middle of the night with an overwhelming sense of the presence of God. I began to weep and weep until I could not cry anymore. My face was swollen from the weeping. I then heard the Lord say, "I am giving you houses you did not build and vineyards you did not plant". When I thought about this, I felt like God was saying that there are things that the enemy thinks he owns that God is about to release to the people of God. Because of the depth of what came over me, my sense is that there is a great release, larger than we thought about to come.

Visit to a house church in China

Later that week, Dan and I were privileged to fly to another city in China to speak at a house church. For those who have not experienced this, it is absolutely incredible to see. The hunger in the people of China is phenomenal. I took the Isaiah 42:22 prophetic word with me that God had given and declared that they were assigned to declare "Restore!" to that large city of 6 million people. our China missionary friend, who arranged our visit said that the Hebrew translation of restore here is "Give them back!" So in a very powerful moment we looked to the north, south, east and west and shouted "Give them back!" in Chinese and English. The thing that I left with from that experience is I saw the harvest for the very first time. In China the harvest is so plenteous that it truly is a time for reaping with ease. Everywhere you look it is springing up! We went to a restaurant after the meeting and as we were singing a worship song together, people were popping in and saying "I am a Christian too!" I felt like God was giving us the harvest anointing that China has. Our friend has baptised over 3,000 people in that area alone.

I believe the word to the church in Canada as well as in China is that God is shouting "Restore!" over us. What has been lost is about to be recovered, only we are not only getting back what we lost, but what should have been if we had not lost it in the first place! He is going to give us houses we did not build and vineyards we did not plant!

Word Concerning the Alberta floods

Almost immediately after we returned home we were confronted with the floods in Alberta. Last Friday night, Karen had a strong word during the watch about this.

"There's a shift, there's a shift that has come, a shift has come, a shift has come..."

"A shift has come in Alberta. It has come through the waters the Lord says, there's been a shift. It would appear like a catastrophe but the Lord says that I have come in the midst of this catastrophe, that I will raise up, I will raise up in this hour what is authentic and what is real and I have brought low that which is lofty and so the Lord says I will breathe life like the Ark of the Covenant, I will breathe life and I will dry up those waters, but in this time, that which was laughed at, that which was put down, the Lord says I will rise up in this hour and that which has been blocked I will open up so the water ways have been blocked but the Lord says I have opened them up and it looks like darkness but there has been a shift, there's been a shift over Alberta and into British Columbia, there has been a shift, there's going to be a rising and a blanket of God's covering and there's going to be a breathing force to dry up those waters and it will be known that the Lord has moved upon the waters."

At the Tent of David, we believe that there is a definite change in the atmosphere. There is a momentum of change that is building just like the image of the river we saw in Calgary. God is on the move. He is speaking through all kinds of means and through many channels. On our last night in Shanghai our family went to a Shanghai acrobatic show called "ERA, an intersection of time". I believe that this is where we are at prophetically. There are times and seasons of God when He chooses to manifest Himself in unprecedented ways. He's coming to restore. He's coming in harvest.

The Camels are Coming! It's time for Zebulon to Arise!



I don't know if you caught the news this past week about an amazing discovery on Ellesmere Island in the far north of Canada. To archaeologists' amazement, they found the remains of camels! See the link below. I like the quote in this article where they said, "the camel is the ambassador for climate change". We are in the midst of climate change!

Newspaper article


Since the beginning of the Hebraic New Year, there has been a consistent word going out from many places. The camels are coming! Camels loaded with provision of every sort. This was part of our word for 2013 at the Tent and we take it seriously. When God speaks, He intends to do what He says! So this year, the front of the Tent is filled with camels and more camels. We have been declaring it almost every watch since then. When we founded the Tent of David, we knew we had a pretty clear mandate- to establish a House of Worship and Prayer at the Eastern Gate of Ottawa to invite the King of Glory to come to Canada and find a place of rest here. Over the past almost seven years now we have been doing just that. Early in our journey, we discovered that there were three tribes of Israel that were associated with the East and connected with worship: Judah, Issachar and Zebulon. Judah was the worship tribe who always went first. Issachar was the prophetic intercessor tribe who understood the times and seasons and spoke with clarity in the prophetic realm. The third tribe was Zebulon who was connected with business and prosperity. Up until now, we have been establishing the worship and prophetic mandate of the Tent. We have seen this develop where we have not one prophetic voice for a house, but the whole body is rising up to proclaim what God is saying. It has been a wonderful journey that is far from over.

Over the past year or so, we have been seeing a shift or rather the next step in our journey in the manifestation of the Eastern tribes. In the year of the camel, the tribe of Zebulon is starting to rise up! Everywhere we look in our body, people are starting businesses! Jewellery, spas, perfume, coffee roasting, a large internet-based venture, a Christian therapist. There is a sense of such excitement in the air, such as we have never seen. People are seeing their debts paid off. We are burning the mortgage at the Tent this September at the Feast of Tabernacles. I just feel a wave of creativity and enlargement has hit. You know, when you begin to declare something, you set heaven in motion to work on your behalf.

Going back to my favourite book, the book of Genesis, we see that God gave man dominion over the earth. When God says something, He is bound by His own word. This means that He needs us to accomplish His will on the earth! He needs someone to come into agreement with what He is desiring to do, and step out in faith believing. As Issachars, we have been watching to see what God is saying. Right now, the signs are everywhere. Camels are being unearthed in Canada. God is intending to bring the abundance of the world to the nation of Canada. We are intended to be the head and not the tail. We are intended to be a place where camels go out to bless the nations of the world. Our pastor/evangelist friend on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland uses the word "Superabundant" in almost every message he sends out. The time of superabundance is coming forth! It's time for Zebulon to arise!

Expect the Unexpected


"Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing. Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?"

Isaiah 43: 18,19

It seems as though when God is doing something really new and really big, He usually takes us by surprise. Whether it is because we become so acclimatized to thinking in a certain way and seeing only what we expect to see, or whether He just likes to demonstrate that He is God and that His ways are so much higher than ours, it all results in the same thing. God seems to come every once in a while and spring up in a place that totally takes us off guard.

God is not bound by our expectations, He is only bound by His Word. Problem is, we put our interpretation so many times on what He has said and it can be so different than what He actually intended to do. I love that! He is the God of the hidden thing, the mysterious. But what is so wonderful right now, a whole lot of people are beginning to set themselves aside to understand more of the mysteries of God. Daniel 2: 22 has come up again this week. People are starting to wake up at 2:22 again. The Daniel verse is associated with this: "He reveals deep and hidden things; He knows what lies in darkness and light dwells with Him". Hidden things being revealed.. the new thing springing up.

A couple of weeks ago at the Tent, we were blessed with the ministry of Mark and Kiwanda Redner. From the very outset the current of the River was over the top. God was moving in such an incredible way in the meeting. People who were chronically ill were jumping and running and doing things they could not do before they came in. God was in the midst. Then the unexpected. Suddenly a large white feather dropped down from the ceiling on to the shoulder of a young man seated near the front. He had never seen anything like this before and came to show us all what happened. We have heard of feathers falling in meetings around the world, but never in our midst. We have seen quite a bit of gold dust appear in our communion cups week after week, but never feathers. The Glory.

Then last Sunday, the unexpected happened again. We have large glass vases in the windows of the Tent with candles in them. We recently replaced the candles with the "electric' type ones and they are lit before every watch, Friday night and Sunday morning. As Karen stepped up to "light" the first candle, suddenly it came on by itself! She thought that maybe it had been on all along and we didn't notice it. She moved down to the next candle and before she could touch it, it came on by itself. The same happened again. At precisely the time she reached for the candle it lit by itself!. She then stopped and motioned to me to come over to watch this. As we watched, each one of the candles lit as Karen stood in front of it without touching it. The unexpected. As it turned out, the whole watch ended up being about oil being ignited and the fire spreading all over.

Last week was First Fruits for the month of Adar on the Biblical calendar. It is the month when we can find supply in the unexpected places. At our new year's watch, one of the words was that there was going to be a special blessing on those who honor First Fruits this year. As we gave our offerings, many gave it with a sense that there was a Biblical blessing on preparing the way for the month ahead. It is the month to find gold in the fish's mouth. A good month. At the end of the watch, we began to declare that God was saying, "Expect the unexpected!"

Then this week, one of the ladies came to me to talk about the unexpected thing that God did. She had been on unemployment and she had just a few weeks left. She had just been saying to the Lord, that she needed a job right away. When she got home, the phone rang and a woman from a place where she had applied for work months ago was on the line. She is meeting with her this week about a job! An unexpected call from an unexpected source.

The big message from this is, when God speaks and we agree with Him, something always happens. Problem is, many of us miss the new thing that God is doing because we just don't perceive it. He is always speaking, we just need ears to hear and eyes to see. We could have brushed off the candle or the feather experience with a shrug of the shoulder, or we could pull out our antennas to see why God is speaking in such a way. This whole experience told us He is moving in unexpected ways right now. Don't miss it. Mysteries are coming out of the hidden place. The new thing is springing forth. Do you not perceive it?

Season of Light


What an amazing season it is right now! We have just entered Chanukkah, known as the Festival of Lights for the Jews. And this year, a very significant date on the modern calendar,

12-12-12 falls exactly in the middle of Chanuukah. It is also amazing to me that the Christmas season is one that is marked with light. Everywhere you go, there are lights on houses, fliing our hearts with joy. The number twelve speaks of the government of God. The new Jerusalem is filled with the number 12 and it is filled with light! Could it be that God is saying that He is coming in this new season with Glory light?

I always pay attention to the song at our watches that gets ignition. Yesterday we began with "Joy, unspeakable joy, an overflowing well, no tongue can tell..Joy to the World!" As we sang this, even hearts that had come in heavy with circumstance were jumping for joy. There is something about light that lifts. When Christ came, He brought light. When the world was created, the first command was for light. In fact, light was here before the sun and moon were created! Because God Who was vibrating over the waters, is light! He dwells in unapproachable light! So the first thing He did was to bring the essence of Himself to His creation!

God, the blessed and only Ruler, the King of kings and Lord of lords, who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light. I Tim 6: 15, 16

This past October we held a conference with Kari Browning called "Quantum Glory". At that conference she brought a word about signs and wonders and miracles being the next thing on God's radar and it was associated with the Glory realm. Since that conference, it has been our quest to enter more and more into the Glory realm. It is the realm of God! Once again, another song that has had huge ignition since then is a song by the David Crowder band called "All this glory" It goes like this: "All this Glory, all this Glory, in the middle of the night, all this LIGHT, in the middle of the night after all this quiet..Jesus, God with us, Jesus Christ has come and I'm undone" If you want to be blessed look up this song on YouTube. He is coming in the middle of our night with all this LIGHT!

We always hold a New Year's watch on New Year's eve at the Tent and seek the Lord for a word for the following year. We thoroughly believe that no one person has an entire word, so we record what has been said and attempt to sew it together for the word for the year. We take this seriously, so we have been in prayer already concerning this. I always pray as to what prophetic act we need to do during the evening to propel us into what God has for us in the coming year. I also had a strong feeling that Chanukkah this year would be a time of revelation. So this weekend when Chanukkah began, I was in prayer about this. While I was upstairs meditating, I picked up the "Watchmen's Journal" that comes from the Jerusalem House of Prayer for all Nations led by Tom Hess. I always pay attention to what they do because I feel they speak globally. This year, at the end of the Feast of Tabernacles, about the time that we were having our Glory conference, they performed a prophetic act. God told Tom Hess to light torches for every nation on the Mount of Olives and carry them to Caesarea to be launched there at the Gateway to the nations that the Glory of God would be sent to the nations of the earth. They felt this would trigger a new wave of the move of the Glory of God!

Suddenly, I knew what we were to do on New Year's eve! We were to light a torch at the Eastern Gate of the Nation's capital to prophetically receive the Glory light that was lit in Jerusalem on the Feast of Tabernacles. We are then going to light 12 candles, three at the east, south, west and north to proclaim the Glory coming throughout the nation of Canada! I believe with the stand that Canada has taken alongside Israel these last few months that God will honour our prophetic act! Glory is coming to our nation! This is the season of the Shekinah. If you want to be part of this prophetic act on behalf of our nation, please join us on New Year's eve at 8 pm. We have felt so strongly that God is coming. It is almost palpable now. Something triggered on Tabernacles this year that will reverberate in ever increasing measure over the next months. He's coming! And He's coming with miracles!

Tent of Glory

October 25, 2012

Don't you love the prophetic? I do. It brings life to words and hope to those in despair. It charts the way when we sometimes wonder where we are. It is God's way of keeping us on track towards our goal. God is still speaking and in this season of revelation, He is speaking very clearly. It is amazing to me how God has been coming closer in ever increasing Glory over the last several years. It seems as though words and visitations are so prevalent as people seek to press in to the Glory.
A couple of weekends ago, the Tent of David held a conference with Kari Browning called "Quantum Glory". Something happened during those meetings that we are still trying to process. What I love about Kari is that she is a steward of prophetic words. So many times we hear words and we are excited at the time and then we lay them aside and hardly remember what was said. God is intentional when He speaks to us. He wants to chart a course for us that takes us to our destiny.
Before I share the significant prophetic word that Kari came with, I want to remind us of the word that we came from Scotland with in April. I published this in one of our newsletters called "Breath" which is on our website. While we were in a particularly powerful meeting on the Isle of Lewis, this woman stood up and quoted a word that had come forth I believe in the 1930's or 40's that had been held by an old pastor for all these years. Bob Jones told Kathie Walters to ask this man in Wales what the word was. This was the word.


When this lady repeated this word, there was something that caught me. I felt like we needed to "own" that word. And for those of you in Stornoway, you need to "own" it too. In my conversations with Kari, I mentioned this word. The more we thought about it, it seemed like it was for Canada. It seemed like it had meaning for the move of God that was about to take place. It is connected to the harvest. I also mentioned to Kari about how we were so moved by the word she published on the Elijah List called "I hear the train a comin'" There was something on that word that kept bringing Kari Browning to our mind and finally it was so strong that we asked her to come to Canada to minister.
When she got here, we were talking about the word and she said that she had only published part of the word and that there was much more to it. When we called up the entire word, imagine our amazement when we saw that it was a word by Jill Austin for CANADA. I am only going to copy the first part of the word, but we can provide you with the entire thing if you wish. This is the beginning of the word, and when you read it you will know why we want to "own" it as the Tent of David. But you can own it too! The interesting thing was that Kari had come at the end of the Feast of Tabernacles this year and we felt to call the conference "Quantum Glory". God is so precise.


We believe that the next thing that is on the horizon is a revival of creative miracles. Ruth Ward Heflin had a word that first there would come the gold dust, then the jewels then body parts. Kari was part of a whole season where 40 jewels appeared in their church from out of nowhere. Gold dust was very prevalent there as well. We believe she came with the announcement of the next thing. God is about to release creative miracles out of His warehouse that will astound the world! And Canada will be known for this. This revival of creative miracles will bring in the harvest in sweeping proportions. What is so exciting about the word we heard in Scotland is that there would be no ebb to the move of God!
But don't miss the key. The key is the Glory. For those who seek to have God come in Glory, to have Him tabernacle, this promise is available. I said this last week at the Tent. If God does not come in Glory, this country is finished. We NEED the Glory. I believe that is why God situated us at the Eastern Gate with the sole mandate of inviting the King of Glory to the nation. I believe that those situated in the eastern provinces have a mandate to invite the Glory as well. Don't give up! It is at the door!



I don't know about you, but I LOVE the prophetic! So much so, that I am not too sure what we did before we began to see churches walking as prophetic churches. Someone has said "God is speaking all the time. It's just that we don't perceive it. But, oh, when He speaks, it is like rivers of living water. We need to encourage the prophetic in our everyday lives, at work, at home, everywhere. I first came into this realization at the time when I wrote my first book, "Prophetic Prayerwalking". It was as though God opened my eyes to see how He was speaking all around me through colours, nature, still small voice and on and on. I began to see that it was me who shut the prophetic out, not God failing to speak.

So much has happened prophetically since we last wrote which I feel ties into what we are coming into. As many of you know who follow the Hebraic times and seasons, we have just passed through the season of dire straits. This is a season when we must press through the eye of the needle into the large place. It can generally be the most difficult season of the year. Dan & I experienced such a season as we moved from our house on the river to the farm which we are restoring. Several years ago now, Dan bought me license plates that say REVIVAL. We have been carrying these words on our car proclaiming revival over the land. Well, last month, that car, through a malfunction of some wiring in the trunk went on fire and burned up! But the appearance of the REVIVAL plates was so beautiful! They were totally burnt at the top above the word REVIVAL. We saw revival fires coming in that prophetic picture! This plate has a place of honour at the Tent! Then, as we were wondering what we were going to do about a car, we showed the video that we had taken with our phone with the roaring fire over our car at church. During the service, a woman who was visiting came to Dan and asked him to go outside. She showed him her car and said "I am going to give you my car!". Since our squeezing ourselves through the narrow place and refusing to believe anything except that All things work together for good to them who love the Lord, we have also been given a tractor to help us cut grass and clear snow in our laneway. Never in our lives have we been given such gifts. The coming Hebrew year, 5773 is the year of the camel. Camels bring wealth! Camels bring abundance! We have been saying this for a long time at the Tent and now the time has come!!

As we have been pressing through this season, the past couple of weeks have been times of God speaking in a powerful way. At the Tent, we always try to let our worship be God's worship. We put our tuning forks into the air and listen for the sound, and then try to go with that. Two weeks ago, our worship took a turn that we were not expecting. We began to drum (which is not unusual for us) and then Cathy, one of our worship leaders began to pant and travail as in a woman giving birth. This went on for so long I began praying to myself for God to help us come to the conclusion! And suddenly it was over. Then, as is often the case, we know something was done, but we are not quite sure what. Then, last week, Cathy had a dream. In the dream she was the keeper of the insurance policy for the Liberty Bell. People were trying to get it from her and she was able to ensure that they didn't get it. The Liberty Bell is kept in Philadelphia in the US and as Cathy began to think on this, she went to the portion in Revelation 3:8 where God was speaking to the church in Philadelphia and said See, I have place before you an open door that no one can shut. Then, as God would do things, we came across a message that Dutch Sheets published this week talking about his book "DREAM" where he talked about the scripture Isaiah 22:22 I will place on his shoulder the Key to the House of David and what he opens no one can shut and what he shuts no one can open. In this message that Dutch gave, he talked about how he felt that we were coming into the beginning of an AWAKENING in the land.

This season at the Tent we have been seeking the Lord about what to do for Tabernacles, since we feel it is going to be an extremely significant season. So on Rosh Hashana, which has the theme, AWAKEN, we are having John Raymer come to minister at the Tent along with Hilda Chen to blow the silver trumpet. I can't think of anyone in the land of Canada that has been more about revival than John Raymer. I believe that on Sept 14 when he comes something is going to open up over the land of Canada. Come and be part of it! God is about to speak.

Then, as we continued to pray about the season, the name Kari Browning kept coming up. Kari is from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and recently wrote an article on the Elijah List called "I hear the train a comin'" It was so filled with everything we had been pressing in for that we just knew we had to invite her to come to the Tent. Then yesterday I had a long conversation with her and we were so one in the Spirit that I knew God was up to something.. We have booked her for October 12-14 and as I began to ask the Lord, "Why those dates?". See, I do not believe anything happens by chance. As I quieted myself with the Lord yesterday morning, I felt to go look up what the Torah reading for that weekend was. This is when it got exciting. The reading for that weekend is Isaiah 42:5-43:10. I encourage you to read it! It talks about freeing the captives from prison-LIBERTY. It then goes on to say, "See the former things have taken place and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you" Then I got really excited in verse 14 because it talked about being like a woman in childbirth, I cry out, I gasp and pant. Just the thing we had done in worship two weeks ago!

As Kari and I continued to talk, she mentioned the story of Paul Cain's mother who was a powerful prophet who lived to 105 years old. She died on 4/18 at 4:18 and the last thing she said was "Luke 4:18". "The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me because He has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom (some translations say LIBERTY) for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favour". We were like "Wow!". Then, this is how God confirms. I went to give her my credit card number to book her flight and the 3 digit code on the back was 418! And the card was an American Express! I hear a train a comin'!!

I believe we are in a kairos moment in time. God is about to awaken the land. He is coming down. Can you hear the train whistle? A number of years ago, my husband had a vision of a train barrelling down the tracks going east to west and as it passed, a large flag of Canada snapped into place at the back of the train. It's a Liberty train. The cry of freedom will be heard throughout the land. It's all we have dreamed.  



The past few weeks from Passover to Pentecost have been like none other. There is a sense of something building in the air that is like when you are expecting an electrical storm and the magnetic energy is tangible. Something is about to happen! It all began for the Tent of David when we visited the Isle of Lewis in Scotland and just happened to be there for all of the Passover season. While we were there, we experienced such an incredible binding of our hearts together with the people there once again. On Easter Sunday night we told about our service with the New Wine Church in Stornoway and how the prophetic began to flow tremendously over these warriors of God. When we came home, we played the DVD of that service and our attention went to a word that was given after we had been prophesying over the pastor in the church. The word started with "It will come as breath...".

As we played it again at the Tent, I remember feeling such a sense of awe. It seemed as though that word had a different kind of power. The weeks following were a flurry of activity as we hosted Randy Demain for some amazing, amazing meetings. During the last meeting, Randy began to share what the Lord was telling him about the coming year. He said that God told him that the feasts this year were going to be tremendously significant and that we were to watch what happened at Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles. During that meeting with Randy, as our worship team began to sing the song "In the presence of angels, Holy, Holy, Holy" there was such a heavy brooding of God we almost couldn't end the meeting.

Then, last week at Pentecost, our spiritual senses were on high alert. God was in the meeting from the very start. I felt to play the "Pentecost" song that Steve Swanson did on his CD "Ruach" at the start, and then it took off from there. Sometime later, Cathy began to share about how that God had given her an amazing sound on her shofar that was very deep, a low resonating sound. She began to play it and there was such an anointing on it that we began to feel almost drunk in the Spirit. From there, she came down and began to blow that sound over the people as they came forward. Afterwards she said that it was a miracle that she was able to do this because she was only able to play it for a very short time at home and she had gone on for several minutes blowing this sound out of the shofar.

The next day following Pentecost, our friends from Halifax forwarded me a word from Kathie Walters that later was published on the Elijah List. She told of visiting a very old man in Wales some time ago and when she got back, she called the prophet Bob Jones. Before she could say anything, he said, "Tell the man whose house you were just in that he will see the word." When she asked Bob, "What word?" he said, "I don't know but it was given to a group of people in 1930 and this man was one of those people. All the others in the group have died."

Immediately following this she called this man and asked him about the word. This was a word that he carried around in his pocket since 1930. All of his friends have died since the word was given and he is 100 years old! The word was,


When I was reading this, I thought, "This sounds like the word that lady gave on Passover when we were in Scotland". And it was! She was a lady that travelled around with Arthur Burt, the 100 year old man and knew this word verbatim. We heard it on Passover and then again on Pentecost.

As I began to think on this and what had transpired with the meeting at the Tent on Pentecost, I realized that the Rabbis teach that the blowing of the shofar is like the breath of God. This low sound that Cathy was blowing over everyone was agreeing with that word that was coming out at both of these feasts! Also, the CD I played was called "Ruach" which means BREATH. It shall come as breath...

Then, this morning a seer friend of mine called and shared an experience that she had at the Tent when Randy was here. On the Saturday morning, as the worship was going on, she began to see horses prancing everywhere with bells on them. All kinds of bells sounding and the horses would bow and prance as the worship was going on. Behind them she saw many angels and they were singing in a very low tone, "Holy, holy, holy". As they did that, the horses would bow and prance and the bells would ring. It was incredible. That evening, suddenly during the worship we began to ring all kinds of bells Ringing, ringing, ringing. It was as though a new era was coming in. The next morning, the kabod of God was so strong as the girls were singing, Holy, holy, holy, in the presence of angels.

Finally, this week, the news is all about the bells that are going to be ringing all over the world as people join in for the Queen's Jubilee. I also read today that when the earthquake hit Italy this week that bells in the ancient cathedrals all began to ring.

What is God saying? He's ringing out the old and ringing in the new. A new day has come. The bells are ringing. The angels cry holy and we are undone.

Scotland Part II

2012 -04-30

It is always a good thing to take time to process what God was doing at strategic points in your life. Our recent trip to Scotland was such a time. When the nine of us tried to report on all the things that God did while we were on the Isle of Lewis, it seemed to hardly capture the smallest detail of what we all experienced. As the days have gone by, we have had time to reflect a little more. One of the "happenings" was on a day that we all were scheduled to do a prayer journey at points on the Island. When we were planning the trip, a certain place named "Uig" kept coming to mind and as I researched it, it really felt that we needed to go there to pray at that place. Close by was a link to the Isle of Bernera. Bernera was a place that had experienced the move of God as well in 1948 where it was reported that it would have been difficult to find a single person who had not been converted in the revival. So off we went.

Then, as God would have it, our pastor friend on Lewis, Donnie Stewart, said he would like to come with us. That became the pivotal point in the journey because without Donnie we would never have known any of the history of the places we visited. The sands of Uig, a spectacular beach on the west coast of Lewis, was the place where the famous Lewis chessmen were discovered buried in the sands there many years ago. What we did not know was that when we stood at that beach, in the distance was a solitary house. Donnie told us that this house was the manse of one of the pastors that was involved in the Duncan Campbell revival of 48. Then he began to tell us of what happened after that. One of the revivalists of that time, Hugh Black, was credited with bringing Pentecost to the island. As he was visiting the pastor in that house, and speaking to him, his wife and another woman, something incredible happened. The two women who were seated one on each side of the pastor suddenly without warning went out in the Spirit and each fell onto the pastor's lap! These two women apparently spoke in tongues the rest of their lives! Keep in mind that this was a place that knew very little of the gifts of the Spirit. Much of that Holy Spirit encounter was seemingly lost over the years, with only glimpses of it appearing from time to time.

After listening to this story, we felt to release the "thunders and lightnings of God" from Randy Demain's book "Dominion Decrees". I remember saying before we did that, that something always happens when we do this. So we all faced the house off in the distance and released these powerful scriptures over the land. From there we went on to pray over the church in Bernera and several other sites in that area.

It was only this week that more of what happened was revealed to me. I was in Calgary in a hotel in a state between sleeping and waking when I began to see the sands of Uig and that house. Suddenly I heard the voice of the Lord speaking and saying "I am going to finish what I started!" Even as I write this, I am taken away with the power of those words. God is not finished with the move of His Spirit on Lewis. There is coming a time in the near future when what was begun there will be multiplied in a wave of His Spirit that will engulf that part of the world. Since then, God has sent a number of Holy Spirit warriors to that place. Pastor Donnie, who leads a band of sold out maniacs for Jesus, and was miraculously pulled out of a destructive lifestyle and religion to found a church out of nothing, is just one of these who God has placed there for such a time as this. God has sovereignly been calling people to the Isle of Lewis over the last few months. A prayer house has been established there and a sense of momentum being felt.

When we were visiting with some of the people who were part of the revival in 48, one of the older gentlemen that spoke said over and over that the next move of God would likely not be like the last one but would be different that what they expected. He seemed to have a sense that something was coming that they could not comprehend. And one of the older ladies that has never lost her desire to experience God we learned was the daughter of the pastor and his wife in that manse at Uig!

While I was on the Isle of Lewis, I felt that the scripture I was to focus on was the book of Ezekiel. Throughout the time we were there we kept declaring that the time was NOW for the island and that there would be no more delay. As I have continued in Ezekiel, a couple of days ago the scripture leaped out at me. Ezekiel 12:28 says to the Isle of Lewis and to all of us: Therefore say to them: 'Thus says the Lord God: there shall none of My words be deferred (or delayed) anymore; but the word which I have spoken shall be performed says the Lord God'.

Lewis, the time is NOW for a visitation of the Holy Spirit that will rock the island. He never leaves things unfinished. What was begun more than 60 years ago is about to be completed. Are there things that you feel have never come to pass in your life that you have longed to see come to fruition? The word of the Lord right now is that He is going to finish what He started. There were things in the Spirit that were begun in Canada that have been in a holding pattern for some time now. We say that NOW is the time. Let God arise!

Tent of David's Glory Journey to the Isle of Lewis


Having just returned from our journey to the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, our team is still trying to process all the occurred. Have you ever heard someone say, "Raise your banner and the tribes will come"? Well we did just that and we found our tribes in an island very far from Canada, but so like us in every way! We had advertised this prayer journey as probably being very contemplative and quiet. Instead, it ended up being totally the opposite!

We began the trip with an overnight stay in the Columba Hotel in Inverness in the north of Scotland. If any of you have read the books on the life of Columba, an early saint who walked in miracles, signs and wonders about 500 years after Christ had walked the earth, you will know why we wanted to follow his footsteps on the land. The next day as we crossed the North Sea by ferry to Lewis, we took some time to go over some of the amazing things that Columba was known for and asking the Lord for that kind of anointing on us! Upon arriving in Lewis, we settled into our cottages and prepared for the next six days on the island where we intended to visit many of the sites known to us as the "Lewis Awakening" where God came down in such a mighty way that it was said that it was rare to find someone untouched by the revival that hit them in 1948. We came to pray that God would stir up those wells again and seek to understand the elements that brought such a mighty move of God.

Twelve years ago, the Lord sovereignly spoke to Dan & Dale to leave Canada and travel to an island we had never heard of before. God so honoured our obedience that almost instantly we knit our hearts with the wonderful people of Lewis. This journey led to two more on successive years, and then with the establishment of the Tent of David, the moving of our focus to Israel, we put those journeys on the back burner. Then, in 2011, God began speaking again about Lewis, the result being our assembling a team of 9 people to visit Scotland once again. During our New Years' watch, the prophetic word came that this was the time for Scotland. Since then, a number of prophetic people that we know have been feeling led to visit that land this year. For some reason, God has Scotland on His timetable. Even dear friends of ours, Arron and Brenda Mackenzie, who we met in Israel, have moved to Scotland to begin a ministry there. By the way, if any of you are interested in going on an unforgettable "out of the box" tour of ancient revival wells, please visit their site at http://www.wix.com/ancientpathways/tour

But get ready for a ride you never expected!

So, what happened when we got there? The short answer is that we found our tribes. On our first journey to Lewis in 2000, we attended a prayer meeting in a charismatic church in Stornoway, the only town on the island. We instantly bonded with the pastor and his wife, Donnie and Catriona Stewart. This led to our staying connected with them and their church over the past twelve years. So, in a way, going back to Lewis was like going home. And although the rest of our team had never been there, they all came away feeling like they had been with family. We began the first full day we were there by hosting a Passover Seder meal in our cottage with some of the people from the island. That night some of us rushed off to the Stornoway town hall to take part in an outreach with Donnie's church. It was so incredibly lovely to see the young people of that church on a Saturday night proclaiming the salvation of our God to the people of that town. The next day was Easter Sunday and we all gathered to worship with the New Wine Church and enjoy the island hospitality. That night, the Tent of David was invited to take the service and run it like a watch that we do in Canada every week. The result was a bomb blast in the Spirit. The tribes came together and God came down! We began to proclaim prosperity over those people and it so ignited in the Spirit, that we knew that this was God's plan for them. We then came back on the Wednesday night and continued where we left off. We were totally one with each other.

The interesting thing was that the following Friday night at the Tent in Canada, the people gathered there experienced something amazingly different! As they gathered for communion, as is normal at the end of the watch, someone noticed something in the communion cups. The cups held large flakes of gold floating in the communion juice! As we thought about this, we began to see the link in the Spirit to what we had been doing on Lewis. We were pronouncing prosperity over those people and gold was appearing in the cup of the new covenant, the new wine! New Wine Church, get ready for blessing that comes from the hand of Almighty God! I don't think God could speak any clearer than that.

What blessed us immensely was to see our worship team go to a very high place in the Spirit as they ministered to the Lord there on Lewis. And, the people there went with us! It was Psalm 133 being demonstrated once again. How good and pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity! It is like precious oil, poured on the head..." Last week on the Isle of Lewis precious oil was poured out. Not to mention fire...

We so bless the beautiful people of Scotland. God is coming to you once again. The voice of Elijah is going to be heard in the land and the whole world will be listening.

For those of you who are able, please remember that we have an exciting weekend with Randy Demain on May 11-13. Randy will be speaking on the Nephilim Agenda and the Fourth Kingdom.

The Cooing of the Doves

2012 - 03 - 05

My beloved spoke and said to me, "Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me. See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land. Song of Solomon 2: 10-12

Who are these who fly like a cloud and like the doves to their lattices? "Surely the coastlands will wait for Me; and the ships of Tarshish will come first, to bring your sons from afar, their silver and their gold with them, for the name of the LORD your God, and for the Holy One of Israel because He has glorified you. Isaiah 60: 8,9

Over the past few weeks at the Tent we have been experiencing a fundamental shift in our "Knowing" that God is so devastatingly powerful and that He is about to make a major shift in blessing over His people. It began with Firstfruits. We have been celebrating the wonderful beginning of the new months in the Biblical calendar for several years now. There is something about honouring God with our firstfruits at the time in the calendar that He has ordained. We have seen God bless us over and over financially and spiritually with this simple act of acknowledging that He comes first.

Firstfruits is linked with the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph. What we discovered is that Aleph has several meanings. The first is that of the Father as our source. When we began to declare that through our firstfruits offering we were determining that God the Father was our source, not the government, not our jobs, not our family, there was such a faith that rose up! The second thing about the meaning of Aleph is that of a"pulsating unbridled force". So when we acknowledge that God is our source we release that pulsating unbridled force to work on our behalf! What a concept!!

It was then that we began to have faith for the blessings of God to come and overtake us as in Deuteronomy 28. This weekend was all about declaring those blessings over our lives, our families and the nation of Canada. We could hardly stop! There is something so wonderful about declaring blessing and not cursing.

As we were doing that, Ina began a song in the Spirit and suddenly I felt Spring come in! It was as though birds were singing, the winter had passed and we were in a totally new season. Now, we live in Ottawa, and if you look outside, it is really not looking springtime at the moment. But God had said the spring had come! Yesterday the scripture in Song of Solomon kept coming to me."the winter is past...the season of singing has come...the cooing of doves is heard in our land". I did a search for the scripture and found to my amazement, the scripture also in Isaiah 60 in which doves are associated with silver and gold coming to the people of God. We have always known that the great move of God that was coming was going to have His blessing associated with it. God is coming with the complete package.

As usual, we have noticed that when we put our antennas up into the Spirit realm, we are hearing what many prophetic voices are saying. This understanding that God is about to bless the people who put Him absolutely first in their lives and lay everything down to see His Kingdom come is being spoken all over.

We are coming up to one of the two "first months" in the Biblical calendar. The Hebrew calendar year begins in the fall when the next year begins. This year is 5772. However, when the Israelites crossed through the Red Sea in the month of Nisan, the Lord declared that this would be the first of the months for them! The month of Nisan is when we celebrate Passover. He was saying prophetically that this was going to be the Alephs of all Alephs. Not only was that pulsating unbridled force unleashed to split the Red Sea for millions of people, it would be the time when His Son went into the grave knowing that the Father was His source. Then that pulsating, unbridled force took Him out of the grave and raised Him back to life and a firstfruits of all who would come after!!

We are coming into that season again. There is something new in the air. Can you hearing the cooing of the doves? It's time for God to arise.

The Tent is Alive...With the Sound of Music



David, together with the commanders of the army, set apart some of the sons of Asaph for the ministry of prophesying, accompanied by harps, lyres and cymbals...Jeduthun, who prophesied, using the harp in thanking and praising the Lord.....All these men were under the supervision of their fathers for the music of the temple of the Lord, with cymbals, lyres and harps for the ministry of the house of God

I Chron 25: 1-6

Have you ever had a prophetic dream that you didn’t quite understand at the time and wondered how the essence of the dream would ever come to pass? Almost six years ago when we were opening the Tent of David I had such a dream. During that period, it seemed that we were having many, many prophetic dreams. God was speaking about things to come related to the Tent, but it was all we could do to try to record them and live in the nearness of God as He affirmed what we were doing.

This particular dream came to me the night before we were going to have our opening of the Tent. We had invited Clara Whalen, from Newfoundland to come to lead worship, because at that time we didn’t have a worship team. Can you imagine opening a worship house with no worship team? But we had seen it in the Spirit, so we knew that we were going to raise up our banner and the tribes would come. So in this particular dream, I was going around the Tent on opening night very worried and concerned that the worship leader was not there. Karen, in the meantime was dusting all around the sanctuary and when I told her my concerns, she replied, “That’s OK. We will just use the hidden instruments”. Then, as I turned to look at the platform, the wall behind it suddenly disappeared and the platform became larger and larger and all these children were milling around on it. The dream ended.

You must understand that for the first several years of our operation at the Tent we had absolutely no children. People would turn up from time to time with kids but because we had no children’s programs, they went on. We knew we had a mandate from God to be a worship and prayer house, so we stuck to it. It has always been our philosophy that any children that would come, would be treated as equals in worship and prayer and not sent off somewhere else to a program. Over time, the Lord has sent us a few families that have seen what we wanted to do, and without fail, their kids have LOVED the Tent. They worship with us, they serve communion, they are learning to do prophetic art in the watches etc. So that was the preparation ground.

Along with this, came a fellow who was born in Africa but educated here in Canada with a PhD in musicology who has led children’s orchestras for several years. He has been attending the Tent for more than a year playing a few instruments but not much more. Then a few months ago we had a couple of young families come with their children (who also loved the Tent) and suddenly we have a group of children! And Karen, who was a children’s pastor and Christian School principal, put all the dots together. Music teacher, children.

What happened last week was truly incredible. After Sunday watch our David’s Tent’s orchestra took shape. We had children and adults all in music lessons together! The Tent had purchased recorders for everyone so that they all could learn to read music together. Then, out of nowhere appeared violins that people had, and a mandolin. With much more to come!! It’s as if God had been setting this thing up. We are finding out so many people can play instruments. And the adults and the kids are doing it together. The hidden instruments and the kids in my dream! And this is just the beginning! More and more are saying they want to join up. This will not be a little children’s group who plays a “special” once in a while. We fully intend on training them to play with worship and to get in the prophetic flow. Kids do not have a junior Holy Spirit. They just need to be trained up as David’s worshippers were. So many left the Tent last week saying “Now this was church!”

When God said that in the last days He was going to raise up the Tent of David that was fallen down, He didn’t intend that anyone would be left out. The full expression of the Tent back then is still what it is today. Instruments and singers flowing as one. Prophesying. How big is our God!

A number of prophetic voices have been saying that this is the year when many of the prophetic words that have been spoken over many years will come to pass. We take great encouragement in this fulfillment of a prophetic dream that was given almost 6 years ago has come to pass before our very eyes. Have you had a word that you wonder will ever happen? Remember, that when God speaks, it is eternal. What He says, He surely will do.

Canada: The Oil is Flowing


What an incredible weekend we had in Mackenzie in Northern British Columbia last weekend! I was ministering on the Issachar Anointing, and truly this is a season for Issachar! If ever there was a time to understand how to “see” what God is doing, it is now. I always like to take a prophetic gift wherever I go to give to the leaders to demonstrate what God is saying. Over the weeks as I was praying about this event, I had in my mind to take an hourglass because it speaks of Issachar and has been a recurring theme at the Tent. So when I went out to look for them, they were nowhere to be seen in the stores. On one of my trips, my eyes fell on a pair of crystal cut perfume flasks, so I picked them up as a “back-up”gift. This back-up gift ended up being what God intended in the first place.

Included in my bags was a number of bottles of my One Eleven anointing oil that I had prepared for the conference with Randy Demain that were still around. When I got there and was unpacking my bags, I went to pull out the anointing oils which I had wisely double bagged. To my surprise, one of the bottles had opened a bit and oil was everywhere inside the bag. There was no evidence that I had lost oil in the bottles, but everything was covered in oil. When I brought them out, I became covered in oil as well. I thought this was probably a good time to put some of that oil in the gift flasks that I had brought, but when I tried to do that, I got oil everywhere! My room filled with the fragrance of oil poured out.

We had planned a Shabbat meal on the Friday night with the leadership to get to know each other and when they asked me what I thought was going to happen that weekend, I said that I wasn’t sure, but there was something about oil being poured out. I told them of my experience with the oil, leaving out the flask part. At that time, we were reminded of a prophesy that was given years ago that we had heard of when we were up north in Rankin Inlet. Some years ago, Kayy Gordon, an apostolic leader who opened up the Arctic to the gospel in the early days had been asked by a leader from South America, Hector Jiminez, to take him to the most northern part of Canada because he had a word from God. Kayy flew him to Cambridge Bay because it was as far as they could go. He got out of the plane and read Psalm 133: How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard, running down on Aaron’s beard, down upon the collar of his robes...He began to prophesy that oil was going to be poured out from the north, the head would represent Canada, the beard, the United States and the robes would be Central and South America. After he gave this word, he got in the plane and flew back to South America.

Then as God is always up to surprising us, when I woke up in the morning there was a message on my Blackberry with a prophecy from Chuck Pierce. At the end of this prophesy about revival being released he said this: Canada is an anointing flask poured out. We knew God was telling us something big about Canada. We decided that at every meeting we would declare Psalm 133 at the beginning. The amazing thing was that one of the leaders up there was from Brazil, in South America! So we had her declare it in her South American accent. We kept saying, “What are the chances that we would have someone from South America up here at a time when this was all happening??” No chance. We were declaring from the North once again that Canada was an anointing flask poured out. The meetings were great, and the people just soaked up the word that was given, but you know sometimes when God chooses to demonstrate what He is saying, it becomes bigger than that.

It is also incredible that it is only recently that I have felt compelled to begin to produce anointing oils. I bought the oil essences and produced the first oil for our Shatter! Conference with Steve Swanson and then the next set for our Shatter! 2 Conference with Randy Demain. This was the oil that went to Mackenzie. One Eleven speaks to me of Joshua One Eleven where God said “Get ready, for in three days you are going to cross over this Jordan and take possession of the land I am giving you!”

Beams of Light

On the final service in Mackenzie, as we were preparing for the meeting, our friend from South America came running to me to tell me to come outside. She kept saying that they had been praying for a sign, and here it was. When we got outside, there was the most incredible display going on. I have never seen anything like this. The ordinary lights on the buildings were shining up like huge beams of light into the sky and they were shimmering like diamonds! They appeared almost like the Star Trek “beam me up” lights. Everywhere all over Mackenzie were these beams of light glittering and dancing straight as an arrow up into the sky. I tried to take a picture of it but my camera couldn’t pick it up in the darkness of the night. As I am writing this, I recall an experience I had when I was in Scotland in the Hebrides. I was sitting in my friend’s living room talking to a man about the 48 revival. As we were talking, a beam of light came upon him and I felt like the two of us were about to be beamed up! This happening in Mackenzie is the only time that I have ever seen anything close to that. Amazing that Mackenzie is a Scottish name!

We all came away with a sense that we had been given an appointment with God. God is up to something big in Canada. We are about oil in this country. And the oil is about to be poured out in a flask that is being prepared. It’s going to be messy, but it is going to be wonderful. The fragrance is going to fill the air and people from all around are going to come to see the light of the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I have asked the group in Mackenzie to write up what they experienced on the weekend and we will be sharing that in another newsletter. God is on the move. Let the oil flow.

What’s With 11-11-11?

November 7, 2011

Over the past year, there has been so much come out about the number 11. People have been waking up at 1:11, and 11 after most other hours, and seeing the number 11 everywhere. This coming week there are significant meetings taking place on 11-11-11, including The Call, Detroit and a global worship movement that will have people from every nation worshipping God at a set time in their time zone. Eleven is the number of chaos or transition which signals a move to the governmental number of 12 and there is a growing sense that something big is on the horizon globally.

Last year, in the 11th month of the Gregorian calendar used in North America, a group of prophetic harpists including Dan from the Tent of David did something really big. They went to the 12 gates of Jerusalem and released the sound of the harp (not heard for thousands of years like that) through these gates and prophetically pulled the nations of the world through the “right time” gate into a global awakening. One of the things about this that only God could orchestrate is that unknowing to them until a few days before they went, they had scheduled to do this on 3/11 in the Hebrew calendar (the 11th day of the 3rd month). Three elevens!! The wonderful thing about this was that there were representatives from several nations of the world doing this act. Jerusalem was speaking.
Several years ago Dan & I had probably one of the most significant periods of our lives, which represented a shift in our lives and ministry. We made a series of trips to the Isle of Lewis in Scotland on a word from God. We had never heard of this place nor anything about it and God spoke directly to us and told us to go there on a specific mission. He told us to “Rekindle the fires of Revival, the Duncan Campbell revival”. We ended up having such God encounters on those visits that we were never the same. Last summer when I was swimming in our pool, the Lord asked me a question. He said “How long ago was it that I spoke to you to go to the Isle of Lewis. Think! Think!” So I began to think. I realized that it was 11 years ago on 11-11. I had no idea what it meant but it stayed with me.

Then yesterday I was meditating on this 11-11-11 phenomenon and the thought came to me, “I wonder what date on the Hebrew calendar that 11-11 falls on?” I discovered that it was Chesvan 14. This meant nothing to me so I went to the internet to look up what happened on Chesvan 14. To my utter amazement, I discovered that Chesvan 14 was the day that the Balfour Declaration was released in November 1917! This declaration begins with these words. “His Majesty's government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people..” Arthur James Balfour was the Foreign Secretary of Britain and was a Scottish politician!

When I read this, I was so overcome with how big God is. I believe that in this heightened prophetic time, that God has His eye on the nation of Scotland. He has not forgotten this one act by a Scottish politician that set a course for the establishment of the Nation of Israel. We all have read about revivals around the world that occurred around 1948 after Israel became a nation. The Duncan Campbell revival on the Isle of Lewis was an awakening that happened at that time. But could it be, that God has a very special time reserved for a people whose spokesman opened the door for the Jews to return home and become the nation of Israel.

The other amazing thing to us is that over the last month or so the Tent has been planning a trip to Scotland. We had talked about it over a few years, but suddenly it seemed to catch fire. Dan & I and a group of 7 others will be returning to the Isle of Lewis in April of next year. What does God have for that small island in the north of Scotland? I don’t really know, but I do know that He took two people out of a Fire conference in Ottawa and sent them over 5000 miles to tell them that God had heard their prayers. I have long stopped trying to put a timetable on God. I only know that He does nothing by accident.

The other incredible thing is that I received a call from my Scottish aunt this week to say that she was leaving for a life-long dream trip to Israel. She left today and will be in the land on 11-11. Scotland, you are coming into your time. Just as you released favour to the Jewish people on Chesvan 14, so the favour of God is about to be poured upon you.

As we move through the period of transition into an unprecidented era for the church there has been a sense that there will be a greater unveiling of Jesus as never before. Yesterday I was meditating on how God always announces things in a big way. On Mount Sinai when he ushered in the law, he came with a loud shofar blast and a dense cloud. When Jesus appeared to John on the Isle of Patmos, his voice was that of a shofar blast, and He talked about coming in clouds. As I was thinking on this era of the unveiling of Jesus, suddenly on a clear day a dense cloud began to roll up the river in front of our house. It became so thick that we couldn’t see the other side of the river. It rolled past us for several minutes and then it was gone. One of the signature sermons of Duncan Campbell in the Lewis awakening was taken from Isaiah 64: “Oh that you would rend the heavens and come down..for when You did awesome things that we did not expect, You came down and the mountains trembled before You. Since ancient times, no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides You, Who acts on behalf of those Who wait for Him”. He’s coming. His timetable is perfect. And when He comes, we will see an unveiling of the majestic Saviour in greater splendour and glory than ever before. Just as Moses walked into the dense cloud and heard things he did not know, and just as John was wrapt in the Spirit and was taken through a door to see an ascended Saviour, so He is coming to a waiting people to do things we could not expect.

In the Gospel

October 30, 2011

What a tremendous weekend we had last weekend with Randy Demain! There were so many reports of people being blessed, healed, and taken to a new level of understanding of the Kingdom of God. Randy is one of those people who leaves you with so many truths that you have to let them brew in you and become part of you. Each meeting stood on its own with incredible authority and anointing.

The first evening was about Randy's visitation concerning the menorah and how we were to become the menorah. In Randy's experience a large menorah was put inside his chest. This particular message was so real to me I had a visitation of the menorah early one morning at the Tent (see Sept 25 newsletter). The week after this, we heard Randy speak about his menorah experience on Paul Keith Davis' site. I believe that this is a now word for the church. WE are the lampstand! He wants to invade us and cause the Glory to shine forth. The meeting concluded with a powerful time of impartation of the authority of the menorah. Something shifted.

The second message on Awake, Arise, Overcome and Occupy was probably the highlight message of the weekend and as usual, it came on Saturday morning when the really hungry people come out! He also had an amazing word for the Tent out of Matthew 11 that we will be unpacking for a long time. It's time not only to overcome, but to occupy! The revelation that we are the capstone generation is still resounding in many people's hearts. In that meeting he announced that he was not just going to have a healing meeting at night, but rather he was going to be releasing the Kingdom of God.

The Saturday night meeting was a fantastic night where so many sick were prayed for. We have had reports of people totally healed out of that meeting of things like fibromyalgia, hearing loss, major back problems, etc. The message from this night was the one that carried me away. He used the scripture "Believe in the gospel" and said that the truth of this one phrase changed his life. The Lord just shifted the emphasis of the words from believe to in the gospel. When we begin operating IN the gospel, inside the gospel, anything is possible. This truth has been reverberating in my spirit all week. When I light the menorah in the morning and pray for the Tent, I say, "Let us be in the gospel, let us operate today in the gospel. Let us understand what it means to be in the gospel". Then, this Friday night, we had a tremendous time when heaven opened up and we began to join with the sounds of heaven for an extended period of time. No next song, just heavenly music. As this was happening, I could feel myself stepping into the realm of the gospel. It was like a swirling sea all around me that was so wonderful that words are difficult to describe it.

When we were on our trip to Israel, I had some time alone with the Lord one morning and I asked the Lord where we were as a body at the Tent. I heard Him say, "You are in the book of Mark". At the time I thought, "Wow, the Book of Mark is all about what Jesus did!" And this is true. However, with this revelation out of the weekend, I realized that the book of Mark starts with the words "The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God". We are at the beginning of being in the Gospel! Let God come and invade you with this truth. Oh, to be living and breathing in the gospel. He is coming with a new understanding of His power, authority and Father consciousness.

Then on Sunday morning Randy spoke on end time apostolic mandates, and left us hungering for more. So we are happy to let you know that Randy will be coming back in the spring for the weekend of May 11-13. Mark it on your calendars now.

What did God do this weekend? I mentioned on Saturday morning that we have been contending for a well of healing to open up at the Tent. We have seen people healed, yes, but not to the degree that we see in the Spirit and desire for the Eastern Gate of Ottawa. I also said that we did not decide just to have a good conference where people went away feeling like they had a nice time. The reason we brought Randy Demain to the city is because he is known as a man of authority that carries a breakthrough anointing. This weekend we saw a crack in that artesian well. We felt an increase in the realms of authority over ancient strongholds that have held this region back. It is time to Awaken, Arise, Overcome and Occupy.

Let fresh revelation come to you. It is the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. How we desire to be in the gospel. Step in. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

For Such a Time as This

September 25th 2011

I am always amazed at how God seems to speak the same thing in many different places and through different means. The picture above was taken in Jerusalem and sent out by Martin Sarvis in an Israel prayer letter this past week. Just prior to this, I had been at the Tent in the morning and had an amazing spiritual experience. As I was kneeling down at the front of the sanctuary looking towards the back door and worshipping God, I suddenly began to see several menorahs in the air. Following this, I saw a thick red coloured cloud cover the back part of the sanctuary at the entry way. Off to the left, I saw a rainbow at the window. There was such a sense of the heavy presence of God that I couldn’t move. Although I was on my way to work, I didn’t want to leave. I just wanted to stay in this “Presence”. After a while, the red cloud began to dissipate and I slowly made my way out the door and into my day, the sense of the experience still lingering.

This was on a Wednesday morning, and the following weekend, a man from the Tent who comes in before me in the mornings to light the menorah came running to say that on Thursday morning when he came in very early, as soon as he walked through the entry doors there was such a presence of God that overtook him. He said, “I didn’t want to leave!” But what did it mean? Menorahs appearing, a red cloud, a rainbow...

Not long after, Paul Keith Davis had as a guest on his monthly School of the Spirit broadcast, Randy Demain. Randy is coming to be with us on the weekend of October 21-23. Randy began to speak about Psalm 111 and how it is known as the Menorah psalm and it is the Psalm for this year. If I wasn’t paying attention, I am now! In this teaching, Randy began to tell of an experience that he had while he was in Jerusalem where he saw a large menorah and it slowly got closer and closer to him until it went inside of him. He felt like the Lord was saying that we are to become the menorah. The menorah represents the seven Spirits of God in a particular order. The middle branch represents the Spirit of the Lord Jesus and then from left to right, the others speak of the Spirits of God as outlined in Isaiah 11. They also represent the colours of the rainbow as light is broken down into its primary colours. So the branch on the left would start with red, next orange, yellow and so on. Randy also taught that the seven Psalms beginning with Psalm 111 are the menorah Psalms and represent the next seven years. Each year would have a focus on one of the aspects of the seven Spirits beginning with Wisdom for 2011.

As I listened to this, suddenly my vision in the Tent was making sense. Menorahs, the red cloud, the rainbow. Red is the first colour of the rainbow! The sense of the Presence of God being so strong in the building that day told me that this infilling of the menorah into us is going to be so glorious. God wants us not only to exhibit these things, He wants us to become these things! Martin’s picture out of Israel was simply, as always, Israel prophesying what is about to be ours. I find the picture so compelling as it seems that the menorah is drawing you into it. And the rainbow shape over the top is just too amazing to be a coincidence!

Through all of this experience, I felt that God was putting His seal on having Randy come to the Tent at this time. We have such a strong sense that this Tabernacles is going to be like no other. Paul Keith Davis teaches that the one Feast that has not been fulfilled is Tabernacles and that before Christ returns there is going to be a time when God comes and makes His habitation with men and then the time of the great Harvest will be upon us. Could it be that we are entering into such a time? Up to now, we have had wonderful seasons of refreshing from God, but, oh, for Him to tabernacle! This is what our hearts have been longing for.

When Steve Swanson was here, I mentioned that I felt that Steve and Randy were bringing a one-two punch to Ottawa, as in 2 Chronicles 20. Steve represented the worshippers going first and then Randy was coming in to take the spoil. There is a sense that we are on the threshold of Heaven on Earth. Do you feel it? Let Heaven invade your space and position yourself for what is about to take us all into new dimensions of God. For such a time as this!

Preaching the gospel for over 25 years, Randy has served as pastor, teacher, and church planter. For the past several years, he has travelled full time as an Apostolic Revivalist. Randy regularly conducts harvest and healing crusades, training events, and speaks at conferences worldwide. His heart is to see the body of Chris operate, not just in word only, but in demonstrations of the Spirit and power. Randy is the author of books such as Dominion Surges and the Nephilim Agenda and operates in a powerful seer prophetic anointing.

If you would like to hear a little of what Randy is like, click on the following link: http://www.whitedoveministries.org/
Randy appears in the “Word for the Moment” found on the top right of the website with Paul Keith Davis.

Fire In My Bones

August 30th 2011

There's a revival that's burning in me....it's a fire, it's a fire, it's a fire in my bones...gotta let it out!
(song by Steve Swanson)

This weekend's Shatter! conference with Steve Swanson at the Tent of David began and ended with the song quoted above. From beginning to end, there was a declaration going out over the nation of Canada that the time was NOW for FIRE to be released in our nation's capital and across the land. From the opening night we were a force announcing change in the nation. On Friday night, the theme went to a Glory train sounding its bell as it moved across the land. Then, on Saturday morning, the most beautiful glory came in as we positioned the Canadian flag at the front of the sanctuary and had the fans blowing across it. As the flag fluttered and danced to the tempo of the worship, it was as though an anthem was going out over Canada. Steve had written a most beautiful song entitled "Great and Marvellous are Your works, Lord God Almighty!" and as we sang that song it was as though we were announcing by faith all the glorious and marvellous things that God was about to do in the land. People began to position themselves under the flowing flag and declare the glories of God. It was the most incredible sight.

Previous to this on our recent trip to Israel in April, we had been on the Golan Heights looking down from the heights of the north to the Galilee and beyond. From this beautiful vantage point Steve's song "Great and Marvellous" just burst out of me!! I couldn't help it!! Since then, it has become part of me, so when he began to lead us in it on Saturday morning, it was as though God had given it wings. This is our song for Canada! There was such a sense of God's hovering presence over our nation. Then on the Saturday night, things went up another level. A number of the group had just come from The Cry on Parliament Hill, including Steve who had gone up with Dan to be part of what was going on there. When Steve got there, he was invited to play on the steps of Parliament along with the group at the Cry. Then, in our evening meeting, as the worship progressed, Steve began to prophesy that the people in the north land were going to declare what they see. We then began to spontaneously release decrees out over the land. Many, many in the audience came forward to release powerful prophetic decrees concerning what God was about to do in Canada.

During the weekend, we had a number of children participating in the worship. One of the little girls ended up lying down on one of the pews at the back. Someone went to her and asked her if she was tired. She said, "No, I am just lying here listening to the angels". There was an incredible sense of angelic activity in the building all weekend. Her ears were opened to it! Steve has often remarked that there seems to be way more people in the Tent than those who are actually seen. This has been told us many, many times. One of Steve's observations about the people who came out to the meetings were that we seemed to have more of a heart for the land than in most places he goes. He said, "You people are part of the dirt. You feel a love for the land that is different. " And there was such a love for the nation that was almost palpable that kept coming forth.

We ended the weekend with the “Fire in my Bones” song. Then on Monday morning, the front page of Ottawa Citizen was filled with pictures of the sky that looked like fire that came with the sunset on Sunday night. One of the declarations we made over the Ottawa region was a release of unleashed fire! Just prior to Steve coming, we had ordered some flags and had one especially made similar to the flag of Ottawa and the designers of the flag called it “unleashed fire". I believe the heavens were declaring the glory of God and coming into agreement with our declarations!

Canada, there is a fire in your bones. The time has come to let it out. The heavens are declaring the fiery ones have descended upon this region!

Becoming a Prophetic Church

July 25th 2011

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? Isa 43:19

Just this weekend, the Tent of David did something we rarely do. We closed our Friday night watch and attended a “Glory School” at Peace Tower Church with Joshua Mills and Steve Swanson. You can always tell who is hungry in a city. It was the hottest weekend of the year and the church had no air conditioning. It had to be in the high 40’s in the building and yet the place was full. There was a revival spirit in the air. During the course of the weekend, Joshua said many profound things, but this one thing really stuck with me. He said, “God is speaking all the time, but many times, we just don’t perceive it”. God can be speaking in things all around us, and we just pass by and don’t stop to consider.

What does it mean to become a prophetic church? It means that our levels of perception rise. Over the course of the last number of years, we have been training ourselves to perceive. When the eyes of your perception are open, it is truly amazing what God reveals. Often, He speaks in fragments of truth that will propel you to search out the thing He is trying to convey. Often one person will receive a portion of the mosaic, but it is only when the body comes together that you begin to see the fine portrait that He is painting.

This newsletter will be a collage of what God has been putting together for us at the Tent to point to the times and seasons we are in. Perhaps it will confirm some things that God has been speaking to you.

The Hummingbird:

On Sunday morning, after we had been thrilled with the prophetic words over Canada through Joshua Mills and Steve Swanson, I was sitting on my deck crying out to God saying, “I don’t want to be on the outside looking in when you do this great thing in our nation. I don’t want to be just happy that it is happening somewhere else. I want to be part of what you are doing.” It was a deep cry. Suddenly, my eyes caught sight of something in the garden. At first I thought it was a butterfly, and then I realized it was a tiny hummingbird. I took note of it because Karen had told me recently of a time on her holidays when she was crying out to meet with God and a hummingbird came by and just stayed near her. So, when I came in, I looked up “hummingbird” on the computer. What I found out was so amazing. The hummingbird does not have regular coloured feathers like other birds. The feathers actually contain prisms of light in them! When they turn one way or another, the light passing through them suddenly turns the bird from an ordinary grey to a brilliant green, or red or other amazing colour! They are reflectors of light! They also move extremely fast when they fly, but because their wings move so quickly, they must come into rest for extended periods. In fact, they spent 75% of their time in rest and only 25% moving. But when they move, it is spectacular!! How like what we have been trying to build at the Tent of David. Learning how to move in abiding rest and being reflectors of His light. I felt God was saying to me, through the little hummingbird that we are not to be concerned. When He turns us on, we will move with lightning speed. We just need to know that the most important thing is knowing how to rest in Him. A really good part about this story is that we had a good friend in the meeting on Sunday as I shared this and she said that she had the same experience in her garden and had gone in to look up hummingbirds and knew exactly what I was going to say! The tapestry was being woven.

The point about this is that I had to stop and perceive. God was speaking but I had to see that He was speaking.

Ezekiel and the Wheel within the Wheel:

This is a theme that the Lord has opened up to us over the past several months. It began with my visiting our friends, Alex and Rosetta Florence in Edmonton. I was at a prophetic conference and during the worship at one of the meetings, I felt to lie down on the floor face down. As I did this, I saw the word, “Ezekiel” in black letters float by my face. I had no clue what it meant at that point in time. But it was such a different thing that had never happened to me before (it has happened since then), that I kept it in my heart. Then we were holding a teaching session on seeing into the heavenlies with Sadhu Sundar Selveredge from India and he said he had one scripture that he was going to use for his entire series. It was Ezekiel 1:1! “..The heavens were opened, and I saw visions of God”. So I started to get excited about Ezekiel. What was God saying to the church at this time? Then Cathy, one of our worship leaders started to have visions of rainbows forming a wheel within a wheel as in Ezekiel. Pieces, fragments. Then, this weekend. As we were worshipping, Joshua Mills began to prophesy about revival coming to Canada and he began to see the wheel within the wheel. He kept declaring this vision as he began to walk through the entire nation of Canada province by province. Steve Swanson also had an experience as he was on Parliament Hill watching the changing of the guard. He began to weep and weep, so much so that people were looking at him. He had to leave and go around to the back of Parliament where the weeping continued. He told us with such certainty, “You mark my words, within 6 months something big is going to happen in Canada that will change everything”. Since then others have reported to us of seeing the wheel within the wheel. The picture is becoming clearer, but we are still in perceiving mode to see what Ezekiel has to do with the nation of Canada. We have had other things related to this coming to us at the Tent but we are still processing some of it. He’s doing a new thing! Do you not perceive it?

The strange goings on in the garden:

I have said for some time that our house is a prophetic house. There is so much that happens here that I could write a book. Last week Dan & I were out walking near our garden and suddenly we noticed something growing out of our beautiful almond bush. When we looked closer we saw that it was raspberries!! Then, as we looked again, we noticed a small tomato plant growing where we had not planted any tomatoes. Then we went further and on our deck we have big pots of pansies and out of one of the pots was growing a big canna lily plant! We had never planted any of these things! We were just sitting thinking about all of this asking, “What does this mean?” , when we got an e-mail from a good friend who was asking about some strange things going on in her garden. Her hosta garden that she had for around 10 years had begun to change. The plants that had stripes were now plain and some had two types of colourings in the same plant! I told her what had happened in our garden and she immediately e-mailed her friend in Chuck Pierce’s church in Texas. They have been planting an Israel garden representing the twelve tribes and in the Benjamin section they noticed basil growing where they had not planted basil. The Lord spoke to them and said “You are going to reap where you have not sown!” These plants are speaking of what is coming to Canada. Steve had been declaring “It will all change by 6 months from now” and Ruth’s plants were all changing colours. We were reaping where we had not sown! A harvest is coming! Everything is about to change! He’s about to do a new thing, do you not perceive it?

I do not understand fully why God has chosen Canada. I know our Prime Minister has taken a strong stand for Israel and that is part of it. But somewhere God has in His wisdom set aside a glorious future for this nation. Time is almost up. What you have been desiring is about to be displayed in such Glory that we will not recognize ourselves. It will all change. We will become the prisms of His light and we will enter into a time of His habitation in this land. Let God open the eyes of your perception. Let Him show you the new thing He is about to do. It may not come packaged in the way you thought. Yet He is speaking all the time.

The Hourglass of Time

June 23, 2011

 For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end; it will not deceive or disappoint.  Though it tarry, wait earnestly for it, because it will surely come; it will not be behindhand on its appointed day. 

Habakkuk 2:3 AMP

In the weeks between Passover and leading up to Pentecost there has been a indescribable quickening in our spirits at the Tent of David.  As each week progressed, the watches have become more alive and filled with His Glory.  Coupled with the understanding that at Pentecost, there is an opening of the heavens, we began to hold some teaching sessions after the Sunday watch on Seeing into the Heavenlies with Sadhu Sundar Selveredge.  Two weeks ago as he was teaching on how true worship opens up the heavens there was a Glory that came into the meeting. At the end, when I was attempting to close the session, all I could do was lie face down on the carpet and cry out in worship.  To my surprise, when I looked up, most of the Tent was doing the same.  We could do nothing but prostrate ourselves before the King of Kings.  During the week, we have had reports of people spending hours in the presence of God before starting their day. God is up to something!

Everywhere we read, there seems to be a momentum that is building.  This Sunday we are having Bill Carruthers come to speak about the Revelation or Apocalypse (unveiling) of Jesus.  Then this week an e-mail came from some friends in the US who are participating in a huge prayer gathering on July 1 at the battlefields of the Civil War to call out for an awakening in America.  The hymn that they quoted was The Battle Hymn of the Republic.  “Glory, Glory Hallelujah, His truth is marching on!”  Last year, on July 1, Cathy and Priscilla from our worship team felt to go to the Tent to have a watch themselves.  The song they spontaneously began to sing was the Battle Hymn of the Republic.   The title of the e-mail sent from the US was Apocalypse of Glory.  The unveiling of Jesus in His Glory as begun.  July 1 is Canada Day.  Let there be an unveiling of Jesus beginning in Ottawa!

On June 15 Dan & I were privileged to attend the convocation for our son at the University of Western Ontario to see him receive his PhD in Economics.  After the ceremony we were putting in some time before the reception which was being held in the department, so we wandered into the book store.  Jonathan wanted to pick up a memento of Western, so we were looking around at the items with the Western logo on them.  Suddenly we spied in a glass case a beautiful hour glass and I just knew we had to get that for him.  We brought it home for him to take at a later date, but there was something compelling about that hour glass.  During the worship at the following Friday night watch there was a lot of Glory.  I began to see that hour glass and felt the Spirit of the Lord declare that Now is the time!  The sands of time have run out and the time is now for Canada! 

Following the watch, we encouraged the people to tune in on line to a gathering that was happening in Alabama at Kent Mattox’s church.  Dan & I began watching it on Saturday night and Kent got up to introduce Chuck Pierce.  When he came up to the stage, he said I just saw Jesus and He was holding an hour glass in His hand and saying Now is the time!!”

On the Father’s Day Sunday morning watch we had everyone hold that hour glass to declare that the time is now.  The time is now for healing to flow over this land.  The time is now for salvations to spring up from the ground.  The time is now for an awakening in Canada!  The time is now for an Apocalypse of Jesus!

For many years the Habakkuk 2 scripture above has been foundational for Dan and me.  We received this scripture in the year 2000 before our first trip to the Hebrides Islands, the place of the 1948/49 awakening.  Since then and recently the word “Time” has been used over and over again prophetically.  There is an appointed time.  But God is saying that although He has tarried, there is now no more delay.  It has been delay with a purpose.  Are you hungry?  Are you desperate for the apocalypse of Jesus in a way that this nation has never seen Him before?  If you are, He’s coming!  He’s at the door.  The sands of time in the hourglass have almost run out.  And we say, “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

The Time Gate

May 23, 2011

Have you ever felt like you have so much to say that you don’t know where to begin?  This is what I feel today.  I just got back from speaking at a conference in Halifax and the significance of what God said and did out there is still reverberating.  My connection with Halifax began last year on April 19 when I was staying in a hotel on the harbour and the Lord wakened me in the night and said “Release the warrior spirit!”  When I looked at the clock, it was 3:11.  At the same time, our friends who had been ministering in Israel e-mailed us that they had been on the Isle of Arran in Scotland releasing the warrior spirit!  Here I was in “New Scotland” doing the same thing as someone in Scotland.  Since then, 3:11 has become a major prophetic theme out of the Tent of David and if you look back on our website to previous newsletters you can read all about that.  The other theme was “Shatter”.  The Lord spoke this word to us one Sunday morning at the Tent and then the week following we discovered that Chuck Pierce had prophesied that we were to pay attention to where glass shattered because it would be significant.  Following this, we experienced glass shattering at very significant times and places.  The biggest one was when my husband was in Israel last November and on 3:11 in the Biblical calendar they took 12 harps and released the sound of the harp out of the 12 gates of Jerusalem and pulled the nations of the world through the “right time” gate into a global awakening.  As Dan was coming back from his assignment there, a car suddenly drove past him in the parking lot and suddenly the whole back window of the car shattered in a thousand pieces before his eyes.

Then on March 11 this year (3/11) imagine our shock when the Japan earthquake and tsunami tore through that nation!  The papers the next day had a huge headline, Japan Shattered. 

My connection with Halifax continued as Dan & I went to Israel for a  40th anniversary trip.  One of the things that someone from the Tent told us we needed to do when we were up at Nimrod’s castle in the North looking at the Syrian border was to take a whistle and blow the whistle on the enemy.  So we took a whistle and on April 15 did just that.  We had just come from  a profound encounter at the Crossing the day before.  This is the place where the Israelites crossed over with Joshua, where Jesus was baptised by John and where Elijah threw off his mantle to Elisha.  When Dan & I got to that place, we were not sure if it would be open because it is a place that had been barricaded off by the IDF with large fences topped with barbed wire.  When we got there, we discovered the gate open and so we drove down to the spot.  We were not prepared for the sense of awe that we experienced in that place.  We could hardly move.  It was total Glory.  There are times when you step into a place where Location and Time come together.  This was what happened.  We knew that we had crossed over.  The fact that it was our 40th anniversary year and God ordained that we be at that place right then was so significant to us.  That evening we joined our friends from the US and drove up to the Golan Heights to Nimrod’s Castle to do some prophetic surges in the Spirit from that place.  The sense of Glory there was also palpable.  I just burst into song from those heights singing Steve Swanson’s “Great and Marvellous are Your works, O Lord Almighty!”.  Then, when we left the place when Dan & I were in the car we blew the whistle!  Little did we know that in a place called Halifax, Nova Scotia, Rosetta Florence was blowing a whistle on that very day at a conference there with our friends Lynn and Earl Wambolt.  The whistle was from Signal Hill in Newfoundland.  If any of you know Rosetta, she is a powerful prophet who originates from Scotland. 

By now, something was stirring in my spirit about Halifax.  Lynn and I had talked about me coming to do a Gates Conference there for a few months but the timing seemed to be hard to nail down.  Then, one day we had a big wind storm here in our area and one of the glass panels on our deck blew out.  I was out that morning looking down on all this shattered glass on the ground and came into the house with the phone ringing.  It was Lynn asking me how soon I could come to Halifax. We felt that it had to be right away so we booked the long weekend in May.  Because the conference was about Gates, the first couple of sessions were about Location Gates.  What did it mean to be on the Eastern Gate of the nation?  We talked about how the Eastern tribes announce the new thing.  They also understand Time.  After the first session I was absolutely stunned to discover that the name of the church we were in was called Gateway Church!  Lynn had said previously that this church opening up was a miracle because she had been denied any kind of association with them by the pastor.  Recently the leadership had changed in that church and suddenly the Gateway Church had opened up to them! 

The final session was about the Time Gate. I told them the story about Halifax and me and how I felt that we were on the precipice of a huge time gate where when time and location come together, we are catapulted into a new dimension.  I talked about the word, “Shatter” and how it is very significant.  The final evening we made a beautiful Glory gate out of Glory fabric and the posts of the gate were two young people holding it up.  We also brought an old Jerusalem gate key and gave it to Earl and Lynn.  They then declared the gate open!  The first group that went through were the worship team because worship had to lead the way.  Then one by one people went through the gate opening everything you can imagine!  It was absolutely incredible.  Prior to setting up the gate a member of the Gateway Church came up and asked if she could say something.  She held in her hand a wrinkled red flag.  This flag was the El Gibbor flag that the Watchmen had taken across the nation and gifted to representative churches in selected cities.  El Gibbor stands for Mighty God.  The scripture on the flag was Psalm 24:  Lift up your heads O ye Gates...Who is this King of Glory?  the Lord mighty in battle.  She said that this flag was given to the church those years ago and had been left in a box somewhere.  She prayed and asked the Lord to show her where it was and in the bottom of the box the Lord led her to, was this crumpled up flag. It was as though the Lord was establishing the gate.  We put that flag on top of the Glory Gate and people came through under that declaration. Everyone was represented there.  All the generations, a historian, a university teacher, young people, a worship leader who goes to the university to hold outreaches.  It went on and on.  We knew we had done something very significant to prepare the way for Halifax to enter into a gigantic explosion of God’s power. 

That evening after the meeting, we were still overwhelmed with what God had just done.  Our conversation went to the Halifax explosion that had happened in 1917 where a munitions ship blew up in the harbour and flattened most of downtown Halifax.  There was so much shattered glass flying around that many many people were blinded if they were not killed.  The next morning, Lynn presented me with a gift.  She went out and bought the book about this explosion and the title of it was “Shattered City”.  We were stunned.  There is such a sense that whatever God is about to do in Halifax that it is going to come an explosion of power.  El Gibbor is about to show up and come through the time gate. 

I returned home to the Tent for the Sunday morning service and we walked through the gate there as well in alignment with what had been done in Halifax.  On our property we have a beautiful almond bush and right now it is in full bloom.  Jeremiah saw and almond tree and God said “You have seen well, Jeremiah, for I am watching over my word to perform it”.  At the Tent we scattered the petals of the almond tree on the ground and we walked through the gate into his promised word.  It was very good. 

If you know anything about Dan and I you know that we have made several trips to Scotland to the Hebrides Islands, the place of an awakening in 1948, the year of Israel’s birth.  Now I was in New Scotland declaring the new thing coming.  God is about to move in an explosion of power.  When I think about it now, the song I sang on top of the Golan Heights was to the Lord God Almighty, El Gibbor.  Incredible.  With all that is within me, I know we are at the Time Gate.  We will be catapulted through into something we can’t even describe.  In the story of the explosion of Halifax, people just woke up to an entirely new reality. 

Recently there were a number of tornadoes that tore through the southern part of the United States.  Those tornadoes started in a place called Edom, Texas.  Isaiah 63 says “Who is this who comes from Edom with his garments stained with Blood.  Who is this so splendidly robed marching in the greatness of His might?  It is I, announcing vindication, MIGHTY TO SAVE.

He’s coming!  El Gibbor is marching and a wave of power and salvation will suddenly be upon us!!

3:11 and the China Plate

March 13, 2011

Son of man, the Israelites are saying, "The vision he sees is for many years from now, and he prophesies about the distant future." Therefore say to them, "This is what the Sovereign LORD says: None of my words will be delayed any longer; whatever I say will be fulfilled, declares the Sovereign LORD." Ezekiel 12: 27, 28

A few weeks ago, I attended a conference in Edmonton organized by my dear friend, Rosetta Florence. At some point during the worship I felt compelled to lie prostrate on my face before the Lord. As I did this, as clear as anything, I saw the word Ezekiel pass before my eyes in bold black and white. I had no clue what it meant, but over time through various means the Lord has made known the scripture above found in Ezekiel. At the Tent of David, we have been living this. A week or so ago we published a newsletter called "No more delay". This is the season we are in right now. As we have been on a journey of discovery in the prophetic, we have been finding that as we press more and more into Him that the words that we hear from God are happening in an accelerated fashion. 

If you have been following our prophetic words that we publish every New Years, you will remember that the word for 2011 started with the heading 3:11. We talked about 3:11 being very significant for this year. Some of what we said was this: 

3:11 has become very significant. This last November, Dan attended a prophetic harp school in Jerusalem and as part of the course, Michael Moon had planned to have all 12 harpists go to the 12 gates of Jerusalem and release the sound of the harp into the atmosphere and out of the 12 gates. The interesting thing was that they were only able to man 11 gates then, they all moved to the 12th Gate, the Eastern Gate. 11 moving to 12. We also discovered that they were at those gates on 3:11 in the Biblical calendar. So at precisely 11 o'clock on 3:11, they released the sounds of the harps and pulled the nations of the world through the time gate into what we believe to be the beginning of a world-wide awakening.... Also watch for 3:11's to pop up that will be significant. 

The second word we had was around the word Shatter. There was a prophetic word to watch carefully where glass is shattering because it would be a pointer to something significant happening. And since then we have been experiencing glass shattering all over the place. The most recent thing was when a friend of ours, Ruth Cullen e-mailed us to tell us of her very unusual happening in her home around glass shattering. She had opened up her china cabinet to retrieve a glass and noticed something very interesting. She had inherited 6 china plates from her parent's wedding set and had carefully stacked them one on top of the other in this out of the way cabinet. When she looked at them the top plate was cut into two pieces (one shaped like a C) and the C portion was lying on top of the rest of the plate. Impossible in the natural. Knowing that we had been talking about glass shattering, she brought it to the Tent last Friday, to share the experience with us and to leave it as a gift for us. Immediately we thought of the significance to Ruth who had just come back from a high profile trip to China with some politicians. The resistance over China was shattering. 

Then this 3:11 happened and we realized that when God speaks prophetically it can have several layers. Imagine our shock when the huge earthquake and tsunami wave struck Japan on 3:11! Then yesterday I opened up the Ottawa Citizen and the headlines screamed, Japan Shattered. As I was thinking about this, my mind went to Ruth's China Plate and realized that the broken pieces of plate one lying on top of the other is a perfect picture of the tectonic plates that ruptured near China.

Then this morning in worship the Lord began to reveal to me what we were to do with this. Another portion of the word we got on New Years was about one of the principalities that sits over that portion of the world. This is what we said:

Today, we were watching a short Chuck Pierce clip and there was a lady that had been in China that was given a boxed gift of the 5 gods of Mammon in the Chinese culture. When she went to the Post Office to pick it up, the glass in the box had completely shattered!! Mammon is the principality over finances.... Just as the glass was shattered over the gods of Mammon, so the way has been made to go in to possess in the area of finances. Joseph was the 11th son. This is a Joseph year. 

This is what we are to do. The kingdoms are clashing right now over Japan and the Far East. The time has come while the enemy is in disarray to go in and possess. We must occupy! Today we released Japan into her destiny in the world. We pulled her through the right time gate to the awakening that God has prepared for her. This whole thing is centred around power right now. Will the nuclear power plants blow up? Will they have enough power? We release the power of God into Japan right now and displace the enemy! We occupy! Not only that, we take back all that Mammon has been holding up for the kingdom of God! We pull it through the Gate!! The time is NOW to take advantage in the Spirit realm. 

These are stunning days. We encourage you to take note of the 11th day of every month this year. Something is happening that is speaking loud and clear if we have ears to hear. Also be on the lookout on June 13. That is the second 3:11 in the Biblical Calendar. We are in a season of seeking out the deeper mysteries of God. He encourages us to do this. 

Dan had an interesting experience this week, the day before the earthquake. He was sitting working at his desk in his office with his watch lying on the table in front of him. All of a sudden the watch began to vibrate strongly all on its own. Nothing else was moving on the desk. The message from heaven is "Time's up!" There is no more delay. What God speaks in these days He is bringing to pass quickly! When we see kingdoms clashing, we must go in and possess. It's 3:11. Watch for the shattering! He's coming in power.

No More Delay

February 28, 2011

'Then the angel whom I saw standing on the sea and the land raised his right hand to heaven and swore by him who lives forever and ever, who created heaven and what is in it, the earth and what is in it, and the sea and what is in it; "There will be no more delay"...Then they said to me, "You must prophesy again about many peoples, and nations and languages and kings". Rev. 10: 6..11

Recently Dan and I had the privilege of going on a Caribbean cruise/conference with Paul Keith Davis, Randy Demain, Steve Swanson and Joanne McFatter. If sailing on the beautiful Caribbean Sea wasn't enough, I have discovered more and more that God is speaking all the time in all kinds of ways. We started out this year knowing that the number 111 was significant. It seemed that everywhere we went the number 11 was popping up. The cruise was no different. When we got there, we discovered that there were 111 of us in this conference! Then, when they seated us at our table for dinner, the one next to us was 111 and we were at 112! 

For some time now I have seen the clock ticking and the hands moving from 11 to 12 with a click, and locking into place at 12, the number of divine government. There is a strong sense that God is bringing us to the fullness of time. Last night, the movie, the King's Speech won at the Oscars. I am told that this movie begins with the Queen saying "Tick Tock!" This has been a recurring theme at the Tent since New Years. Tick Tock. 

Then, at I think the very first meeting, Steve began to sing a song called "No more delay" that he had written recently. As he and Joanne began to sing this, I suddenly began to see the words "No more delay" in a banner like when an airplane pulls a message behind it. These words came flying to me, passed through my right ear, across my brain and out my left ear. As I thought on this, I felt that God wanted to burn in my brain that all the things that we had been pressing in for all these years had come to the fullness of time and that now was the time of no more delay. 

11 years ago when God sent us to the Hebrides Islands in Scotland to look at first hand a place that had a genuine awakening, He sent us with a scripture. That scripture was Habakkuk 2:3: For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it, because it will surely come, it will not tarry. The meaning of "tarry" here means "delay with a purpose". This summer when I was swimming in our pool, the Lord asked me a question. He said "How long ago was it that you got that word about going to the Hebrides?" As I began to think, I realized that it was 11 years ago on 11/11! We have become so convinced that we are moving into a fullness of time season where the words and dreams that God has put into our hearts are coming forth with no more delay!

What does an awakening look like? The only thing that we know is that God comes in such a tangible way that He leaves even His imprint on the land. People cannot escape the sense of His presence. If you visit the Isle of Lewis where the Awakening happened, you can see a visible golden glow still present on the land. The weekend before we left on the cruise, I was in Edmonton at Rosetta and Alex Florence's prophetic conference. At that conference there was a sense that something was being shifted over the nation of Canada and we were about to enter into something like what God wanted to do in the Lakeland outpouring only so much bigger and more widespread across our nation. Dale Mast, the prophet who was there declared that God was not giving us just a set of keys, but a master key to open up any door. Then when we were on the cruise, during worship Steve began to see that God was giving us all access cards (like you get on a ship) that gives you access to anything that God had available. This is Kingdom talk! 

It is so amazing that God is putting in the hearts of so many an overwhelming excitement that God is about to do something so very huge that our minds cannot even conceive it. We are entering into an Isaiah 60 season right now. Sure, there is deep darkness in the world at the moment, but that is the very time that God shows up and shines upon us! It makes no sense in the natural, but we are in a fullness of time moment right now and it is very good! 

This weekend at the Tent we continued what we began on New Years, to speak forth our God destinies. When I was in Edmonton, Dale Mast said something very profound. He said, "If you can't say it, you can't have it". It is very important to articulate what God has put in your heart as His dream for you. We have been doing this over the course of the past couple of months and people are getting more and more bold to speak forth what God has given them. There is something very powerful in declaring God sized dreams over your own life. It awakens your spirit. 

Arise and shine! We have come to a point of No more delay. God is coming to Canada. He will visit the remnant first who have kept their lamps burning; He will harvest the harvesters and then He will come as a great light to a people who sit in darkness. Tick tock. Can you see the fullness of time as it comes to this nation? We can.

It's at the Door!

December 11, 2010

I love the way the Kingdom of God is so contrary to the mind of man. In today's world, there is so much to be discouraged about. When we look at the world's condition, the circumstances surrounding us sometimes and even the apathy concerning the things of God in our own nation, we could begin to wonder if the church is making any headway at all. But somehow, as the weeks have progressed at the Tent of David, there has been a growing anticipation and expectancy in the air. It's absolutely supernatural. We know that God is about to do something HUGE. So many have had divine encounters in the last while which speak of God about to break out. 

The other day was such a day for me. It was a day in Ottawa when we had a huge downpour of rain. It seemed the rain would never stop. As I was leaving the house I noticed that the floor in our little adjoining shed at the back door was wet with water. I called Dan to have a look at it and we discovered that we had a leak in the roof, leaving this wet puddle in the middle of the shed. This has never happened before. Then I went to the Tent, as is my custom in the mornings. I go there to light the menorah to welcome the Holy Spirit into our day and to command the favour of God on those we pray for. When I opened the door into the vestibule of the Tent I immediately saw a huge pile of water all over the floor. The roof was leaking there and even more than at our house! 

As I went through the entry doors into the Tent, the seeming coincidence of the water at the front of both of these buildings struck me. I began to ask the Lord as I lit the menorah, "What does this mean?" Then as I sat there in God's presence I heard His voice say, "It's at the door!". The flood of God's presence is at the door. That reality hit my spirit so hard that morning. Just when you thought that God was in a long delay pattern, suddenly He shows up! He comes! He wants the friends of the Bridegroom to know that their waiting has not been in vain. He's at the door! 

That same week Karen had an encounter with God where His presence came in so strong that it sucked the air out of the room. It seemed as though there was no breath in her. Friends, that is what is at the door. For those who look for Him, He will appear. Make no mistake. When He delays, it is delay with a purpose. He wants to see if we have kept our lamps full of oil. Are we in anticipation mode, or have we grown weary in the waiting? It's at the door. Rouse yourself! Just when you thought everything was going on as usual, He comes suddenly with a flood.

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