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December 9, 2019

The War over Momentum

Having just returned from Israel during the last few days, I have been reflecting on what God has been saying related to the season we are entering into. Those of you who have spent any time in the Land of Israel will know that if you have eyes to see and ears to hear, God speaks very clearly through that nation. I have learned that if we pay attention, much can be discerned as to where we are at in time.

Situated where we are at the far north in Israel very close to the Lebanon border, we are very aware of the tenuous nature of the apparent peace that is in the Land. Most days we would see military aircraft flying overhead towards the border and there were many reports of strikes into Syria and also Iraq. Israel carries out regular exercises to simulate real war situations to ready their forces for combat. The expectation is that at any moment they could be at war. The interesting thing about this is the names they connect to the military.

Many will know that they depend heavily on purchases of military equipment from the US. The new F35 aircraft is one of these that have been adapted for Israeli purposes. The F35I has been given a name "Gibbor" or "Mighty Ones". They form a squadron called "Golden Eagles". The term El Gibbor was used once in scripture to refer to God. 'For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God (El Gibbor), Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.'   Isaiah 9:6

 Mighty ones can also refer to heavenly hosts or mighty angels. The name for the squadron, Golden Eagles is also interesting. The Golden Eagle is one of the two fastest birds of prey in the world and can dive at speeds over 300 km per hour! The prophetic picture of eagles in the sky is also incredible. So the picture of mighty angels preparing for war, releasing prophetic anointing at great speed is a message to His church!

Then the most recent exercise that the Israeli military have carried out in Cyprus to prepare for a possible ground war in the north was called Game of Thrones. Another prophetic picture of where we are right now. Thrones have been established in the earth and there is going to be a showdown!

While in Israel I had the privilege to take a tour of the Knesset. There are many prophetic pictures that we can draw from that place and the way that it is set up. Most will know that Israel has been stalled for many months, having gone through two elections and probably looking at a third because no party has been able to form a government.   During this period, no legislation has been able to be moved forward including one to fund the military. Because of the tense situation regarding possible war both in the north and south, the military have been asking for an increase in budget and they have called the proposal "Momentum". During these months, "Momentum" has been stalled because no one has been able to reach an agreement as to who should form the next government. The overwhelming call has been for Unity.

We see this being played out in the nations of the earth. Whether it is Brexit, the call for impeachment in the United States, or the resistance to a pipeline which brings prosperity to Alberta and Canada, all are about stalled momentum. The enemy's plans are being carried out in the natural world, but it is but a reflection of what is happening in the heavenlies concerning the government of God coming to earth in a greater measure as we enter this new era.  The good news is that God has released His mighty ones to assist us in this war and we will win! A couple of years ago, Tim Sheets heard God say, "This time I am bringing more of the angel armies". In the next season we will see more and more angelic activity as we gird ourselves for war. Things are about to be accelerated and lightning speed prophetic arrows are going to be released. It is time for God's army to unite, to cooperate with the Mighty Ones, the angelic host, to see His Kingdom come in greater measure on the earth.

Friday, May 31, 2019

The Preakness, a Town called Unity and Revival in Canada

I have just returned from the Battle for Canada held in Edmonton, Alberta. This was a follow-on gathering from the first Battle for Canada held in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, held 70 years after the Latter Rain Outpouring that sprang up there and had impact around the world. One of the things that resulted from that move of God that began in 1948, was that it spread from North Battleford to Edmonton where Charles S Price held miracle meetings. These meetings resulted in so many miracles that people climbed the roof of the building where they were being held and tore holes in the roof to beg for seats to get in. They actually threw money down for people to give up their seats for them!

While I was in Edmonton for the Battle for Canada meetings a very interesting thing took place. It was during that time that the second leg of the Triple Crown Race, or the Preakness, was run. Something very unusual happened during that race which spoke to me about revival in Canada. At the beginning of the race, as the horses were in the stalls waiting for the bell to ring to begin the race, the handler of one of the horses did something that startled the horse and when the gate opened, the horse bolted and the jockey fell off! The horse then began to run the race without a rider and looked like it was trying to win! When the race was completed, the riderless horse continued on the track and began to circle around again at top speed. Race officials had to rush in to stop the horse, for fear that it would injure or kill itself from exertion. This was such an unusual visual that I felt that there was a message in it. First of all, the horse had no jockey. With this move of God that is upon us, I feel the Lord is saying that there can be no "jockeying" for position. Whenever there is competition, God steps aside. The next part of the visual was that there was no rider on the horse. The only "rider" that God has for Canada is the one on the white horse Who is named, Faithful and True. When He is not on the horse, we will run, but we cannot win the race.   Such a run is doomed for failure. Canada is destined for a distinct move of God that results in an entire nation becoming a resting place for God. It is not about jockeying to see who comes out on top but rather to have our eyes fixed on the rider on the white horse.

While I was flying to Edmonton for the meetings, I had a God encounter on the plane. I had just finished watching a movie when I began to feel an unusual presence of God come over me. I decided to switch on the map to see where we were and to find out how much longer we had until landing. As I did this, the presence of God became so strong on me that I was almost overcome. I looked on the map and we were flying directly over North Battleford! A little further to the left was a town called "Unity". That alone was unusual because I had never heard of such a town. Immediately what came to mind was Bob Jones' prophecy about the next move of God which would be marked by Psalm 133 unity.

As I was taking this all in and the strong presence of God on me, I looked again and the map said "North Battleford, 48" indicating the number of miles we were away from it and "Unity, 24" Since the Latter Rain Revival began in North Battleford in 1948, I waited for the Lord to speak about Unity 24. Immediately I thought of Psalm 24. "Lift up your heads, O ye gates and be ye lifted up you everlasting doors, that the King of Glory may come in. Who is the King of Glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord, mighty in battle". The Lord was saying that as we come together in unity, He will lead the battle for Canada. The rider on the horse. It was amazing that a First Nations lady opened the Battle for Canada meetings with Psalm 24, the very scripture God gave me on the plane.

When I got home and was telling the story about the town called Unity, one of our ladies asked if I had looked up the town to see what it was about. When I did, I discovered that Unity is an intersection town. It sits at the intersection of Highways 14 and 21 in Saskatchewan and it is also located at the intersection of the CN and CP railways. When we visited Shanghai, China several years ago we went to an acrobatic show entitled "ERA, an intersection of time". Many prophets are saying that we are entering into a new ERA. We have come to an intersection of time for Canada. We are entering into a destiny moment. God is clearly speaking to Canada that as we come into unity as the remnant church, as we look to the King of Glory to come to find a resting place here, as we lay down our need to lead, He will take His place to truly make Canada glorious and free. 

It's Time! 

Saturday, March 30,  2019

It all started with the feathers. I was sitting at the kitchen table and my husband, Dan, said "What is that on your arm? When I looked down, my left arm had a large feather intertwined in the fabric of my sweater! Then, a little later, a smaller one appeared. I took a picture of it and sent it to a friend who told me that I must watch a live stream of Tim Sheets speaking at a conference in Western Canada. On that recording Tim begins to tell of some supernatural experiences that he had recently where suddenly he saw a brigade of angels appear coming from the north, south, east and west. After days of seeking the Lord about who they were he began to see the word Revivall (spelt that way) appear on road signs everywhere. Revive all. Angels. Feathers.

That Sunday, I was telling our church about this plus an experience I had that week. During the last several months I have been hampered with severe pain in my right knee. One day I was lying in bed and the pain was radiating down my leg from the knee down to the ankle. I thought to myself that this felt like growing pains. I then booked a session with a sports medicine clinic and the chiropractor told me that this was not muscular and that it likely was arthritis and that I needed an x-ray. A couple of days later we were with one of the couples in the Tent and I was telling them this. My husband suddenly said, "Don't put arthritis on yourself Dale". The very next day a word from Australia came on the Elijah List from Nate Johnson entitled "Experiencing Growing Pains?"   So I began to read out to the group at the Tent this portion:

Have you been feeling the overwhelming discomfort? Recently the Lord said to me, "Tell them it's just growing pains." The stretching, the pulling, the PURGING is where God has been excavating your heart and life to prepare you for the MORE being added to you. Yes, it's painful when you are being stretched and growing but it's where you SEE your promises come to pass. Just like new muscles are built by the stretching and tearing of your old ones, God is building our muscles and adding to us.

As I was praying further into this, I then heard the Lord say, "Don't misdiagnose the growing pains as arthritis." I don't believe He meant a physical arthritis but a spiritual arthritis. Just as growing pains are the sign of a young body growing and developing into maturity, arthritis is the sign of body degradation and slowing down.

Right now many are looking at the signs of their season and only seeing degradation, and assuming that things are slowing down and coming to a halt. God wants you to know that this is not the wind down, but the wind up.

That morning at the Tent, I had brought my phone up with me to read the word to the people but every time I said the word "Revival" my phone would beep! I remarked on this and began to read Nate Johnson's word. When I got to the part about arthritis, someone said out loud "You can't make this up!" To which I replied "No I can't make these things up!" As soon as the words came out my mouth, out of my phone came a voice saying, "No you can't, can you!". Everyone heard it and suddenly God came down! We all began to laugh and laugh as God swept us away. I couldn't continue for quite a while. It was so precious and showed us that it isn't anyone's anointing that is going to make things happen. It is going to be God coming supernaturally!

I have written previously about our latest prophetic journey in Israel but as a short reminder, on November 17, as I was putting wine glasses away in our apartment in Nahariya , the shelf suddenly gave way and 9 glasses fell to the ground and shattered. I suddenly saw the face of a man and an owl. When I told about this, Kari Browning wrote to me saying that when she had a Breakthrough Revival conference with Randy Demain, a woman painted a picture of an owl with a clock almost striking midnight. What I found out later was that November 17, the day the wine glasses broke,was the anniversary of the death of John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard movement.

The following day, we went to Habakkuk's tomb that we call the "Time Gate" because of Habakkuk 2:3. "The vision is yet for an appointed time. In the end, it will speak and not lie. Though it tarry, wait for it. It will surely come, it will not tarry (or be behind time on its appointed day). As we began to declare that the time is NOW, one of our group began to go into deep travail and our prophet leader saw a baby brought forth. During this time, the gate opened three times.

A while later, after we got home, the same lady had a dream about throwing a frisbee made out of exotic wood and each time she threw it (3x) it morphed into an owl and flew away. I immediately thought of Lonnie Frisbee and the Jesus people movement. Lonnie Frisbee was responsible for an outbreak of the Holy Spirit on Mother's Day, 1980 (May 11) in John Wimber's church. We knew that God was about to break out in power evangelism and a Jesus people type movement once again where thousands were added to the church each week with great manifestations of the Spirit's power.

This May, Danny Steyne is holding a "Greatest Awakening" conference ending on May 11, the date of the outbreak in the Vineyard. Randy Demain is one of the speakers. Danny was part of all that move of God in the beginning and has had several prophecies about him carrying a baby. A few years ago, he was given a pocket watch with the words, "It is time" engraved on the back. Because we were at the Time Gate in Israel and a baby came forth as we declared the Time is Now, we have a spirit connection with this conference. We have found that the prophetic things we walk out in Israel, manifest in the earth.

Recently I heard Chuck Pierce talk about the four winds and two of the winds are the North which brings awakening, and the West which brings revival. We recently moved our house from the Galilee to the far North West of Israel! We had no idea about this teaching. My husband and I own two cars. The first one has a license plate reading "Revival" and the second one reads "Wakening". God is coming with the North and West winds and as Bob Jones left a word with Danny Steyne "It's coming hard and fast!" Bob also had a word about revival to Mike Bickle that when the revival would come, it would not be one day late. Be expecting! It is time! 


Brexit and a Prophetic Message in the Voting Number

Friday, March 15,  2019

During the last few days there have been some momentous signs related to Brexit. As you may remember, on January 15 this year, Theresa May suffered the largest defeat in British history when her Brexit plan came to a vote. On 1/11 a few days before, the Lord spoke to me to look for a sign related to Brexit. On that day, there were 523 lightning strikes in Israel, also a record number. I felt prompted to look up the number in Strong's concordance and to my surprise the Hebrew word related to the number 523 was "Mother of a nation" and the Greek word was translated "ask again"! I felt the Lord was saying that Theresa May as the mother of the nation was to ask again.

On January 15 voting day, Theresa May suffered her defeat with a vote of 432-202. A loss of 230 votes. During this process, the Lord spoke to me that He was going to teach me about 3's in this process. She was given 3 days to come up with a compromise, and if this fails, she would be given 3 weeks to come up with a "Plan B". Two threes. 230 votes.

Since then, there have been several votes on Brexit. The first vote was considering Theresa May's second iteration of the plan in hopes to satisfy some in Parliament. Once again, she lost in a tally of 391 to 242, a difference of 149 votes. When I saw this, I went to the Lord to ask Him what was happening and to tell Him, "Well she asked again and it didn't work!" To that He said to me, "Look again". With that I began to look to see what message, if any, the vote tallies meant in terms of Strong's numbers. This is what I found and what I believe God is saying through these signs.

I revisited the original vote of 432 to 202, a difference of 230 votes. The Hebrew related to 403 and 202 means "I am consumed" and "a burning stick". The Greek was "withdraw/leave". The difference in the vote 230 means "to anoint" and "mourning". The reference to a burning stick is found in Zechariah 3, in reference to Joshua the High Priest. When Satan came to accuse him, the Lord said "Is not this man a burning stick, snatched from the fire?" I believe there is a clear call for intercession on this vote, for the anointed priesthood of believers to stand as a burning stick before the Lord in relation to the "leave" vote in Britain.

The second vote, of 391 to 242 is interesting in Strong's. 391 translates as Elon and "to be renewed". I was shocked at this because the Lord had taken me. without knowing this to looking at Elon Moreh when we do our next prophetic journey in Israel. Elon Moreh is the first place where Abram entered the Land of Promise and where the Lord first appeared to him and gave him the promise of the land before him. It was also his first altar unto the Lord on the mountains of Israel. The Greek for these numbers refers to "Urim" and "surely". Once again, a high priestly role in decision making for the destiny of a people for the promise to be renewed. The Urim was one of the stones held within the priest's garments, along with the Thummim, that would light up for "Yes" when a question would be brought before the Lord for a decision. I believe that there is a call for strong intercession and with it the "Yes" of Brexit will surely be renewed.

There is much to be said of the other votes. The vote on March 13 on whether to leave the EU without a deal was defeated 321 to 278. The message in those numbers 321 and 278 speak overwhelmingly of the call for the British to come together with words like, "My brother is pleasant", "trustworthy", "Kinsmen/countrymen" and "never fading". The difference in the vote (43) showed the warfare season that we are in. "My father is King or Molech" and "holiness." Molech was a Baal structure god coming against the spirit of holiness. Dark and light.

In the vote to delay Brexit, the number 202 appears again, which speaks of the "burning stick" and the priestly call.

What does this all say? I believe the overwhelming thread of the message in these votes is a call to priestly intercession for the destiny of the United Kingdom. There is a call from the heart of God for brothers to come together in trust and covenant. The spiritual atmosphere over the nation is of intense warfare because of the unique anointing on the nation. No other nation that I know of has experienced so many profound revivals in its history. Its arms reach around the world with the Commonwealth of countries. Years ago the Lord spoke to me and told me that because of the revival history of the UK, the nations in the commonwealth can claim it as their inheritance.

Next week, Theresa May is expected to bring to a vote for the third time her plan for exiting the EU. This past week three women have written to say that they woke up at 3:03. Last year, Charlie Shamp had this word about Theresa May: "May will bloom in the month of May. I have given her grace to run her race. She is a diamond in the royal crown. She has been sent and set in her place by me to help the Queen and the United Kingdom. Her legacy has been set in stone, she will not be moved or removed. In June she will shine bright for the world to see!" 

Right now, she is seeking an extension to Brexit until possibly the end of June if she receives acceptance of her Brexit plan next week.  The shining stone speaks to me of the "Yes" Urim stone which lit up , related to decision making. Much warfare is happening in the spirit realm because the promise over the United Kingdom is great. But there is a "Yes" over this nation! God is calling his body to stand in the gap for the UK as a holy priesthood. He is coming in great power. The Zechariah 3 scripture holds an amazing promise. "I will remove the sin of this land in one day. In that day each of you will invite his neighbor to sit under his vine and fig tree declares the Lord Almighty". The United Kingdom is destined to come into the Kingdom. The Lion will roar once again over that land. 

Paul Cain's Passing and a Personal Experience

Monday, February 25, 2019

On February 12 Paul Cain, the last remaining prophetic voice out of the Latter Rain Revival passed away of heart and lung issues. When a prophet of this magnitude passes, there are many corroborating signs. We have heard reports of snow in unusual areas on that day like in Hawaii, and then Arizona and California on Feb 22, the day of his funeral.

Many know that I am a follower of important dates and this particular event had many signs associated with it. I am going to relate a personal experience that happened throughout the period which speaks to the larger picture of what God is about to do.

February is a month of many important people passing and in our 2019 word we mentioned that February is mantles month because of the number of important religious giants who died during the month. I remember saying at our watch on New Year's eve to watch who dies in February because it will be important. 

Throughout the time of Paul Cain's passing and funeral, I was having a personal experience that was pointing to the coming move of God on the earth, and in particular in Canada. As we mentioned, Paul Cain died on February 12 which is the anniversary of the Latter Rain Revival outpouring in North Battleford, Saskatchewan that affected the world. On February 12, my sister took ill on a cruise ship in Europe with the same issues that Paul Cain died of on that same day.

On February 14, the day that Bob Jones died, we received a call that on their way home on the plane, my sister went into severe respiratory failure and needed 9 bottles of oxygen to keep her alive until she landed in New York City. She was taken by ambulance to a hospital and put on a respirator. A couple of days later she was moved to a large hospital and put on basically life support with a machine to put oxygen in her lungs outside of her body. She was put on a paralytic drug and deeply sedated. They said she would possibly be on the machine for two weeks before they could wake her up. Her son said she looked like a corpse because there was no sign of her breathing or any life. Just a machine working.

On February 20, the anniversary of Kathryn Kuhlman's death, I was praying and releasing more of Kathryn's healing mantle on the earth. Suddenly I began to feel so thankful in my heart and began to walk about my kitchen thanking God and not particularly thinking about my sister. I looked at the clock and it was 11:11. A couple of minutes later, I received a text from my niece saying that they took my sister off the machine to see where she was at and her oxygen levels stayed up! A friend texted me with the scripture, John 11:11. Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep, but I am going there to wake him up!

That day, Judy opened her eyes for the first time. The doctors were amazed at this miracle and remarked that we had someone working for us to see this turnaround.

Judy had been "asleep" for 4 days on the machine. The Lazarus factor. Her voice is slowly coming back today.

The next day, February 21, the anniversary of Billy Graham's death, Judy was taken off the life support machine. The following day, February 22 at 2 pm, Paul Cain's funeral was held and there was snow in California and Arizona.

What is all this saying? I believe my sister's experience was a sign since it so closely tracked with Paul Cain and the other greats who died in this month. I believe the Lord is saying that the voice of the Latter Rain Revival that has been asleep for 70 years is about to be awakened out of a deep sleep. The prophetic move that started in Canada is being awakened in this hour. It has been on life support for all this time, but the Lord is saying "I am coming to wake you up!"

Because this period was also pointing to a healing giant, the greatest evangelist of our time, and two of the greatest prophets of this era, these anointings are being stirred and will begin to take life NOW. There is no other time to look for. It is here.

Another Sign in the Year of Signs

Friday, February 22, 2019

February 21 was an interesting day. Two important things happened which spoke profoundly. First, an Israeli spacecraft was launched, set on a course to land on the moon on April 11. This spacecraft was named Beresheet, the Hebrew word for "In the beginning". It is the first word written in the Torah, the Jewish people's oldest and most precious possession. and refers to God creating the heavens and the earth.

On the spacecraft was, among other things, the complete Hebrew Bible, engraved on a small disc the size of a 5 shekel coin, using nano technology. As I was thinking on this, I remember one of our ministry friends saying that the first thing that they always try to do is refute God as creator, because if they can do that, all of the rest of the Bible is up for question. This also brought to mind a morning when I was wakened up from sleep with these words ringing in my spirit: "The answer to every question is found in the book of Genesis". This was so intriguing to me, that it left me on a quest to understand the meaning of this.

The second thing that happened on February 21 was that a Japanese spacecraft landed on a meteorite in space with the goal of collecting samples to determine if within this particular meteorite, the building blocks of life were present. In their minds, if discovered, this would explain how life as we know it evolved on earth. The name of the spacecraft is Hayabusa meaning bird of prey.

Two messages on the same day-one from the Bible and one from humanistic thought. I love what was written in the Israel Times today about this:

In the beginning of time, there was darkness, and then there was light. Tonight, there will be one more light above us, one more star adorned with the flag of Israel, shining and glistening in the beautiful heavens, the same heavens which Abraham once looked upon with hope and wonder.

These two happenings are demonstrating the clash of kingdoms that is going on around us even today. One of light, and one of darkness. The beautiful thing about that first chapter of Genesis is that we know that light expels the darkness wherever it shines. The Jewish people have been the caretakers of the word of God for millennia. The Book of Genesis is the foundation for everything we believe. The Beresheet spacecraft will soon sit on the moon declaring the eternal word of God. No darkness will ever overcome this truth. The number five connected to the Israeli 5 shekel coin speaks of the grace of God shouting over the earth.

Creation is only a fringe of God's ways, more samples of His power, the faintest whisper of His voice. Whatever would we do if He really raised His voice! Job 26:14

Come Lord! Raise your voice over the earth!

Super Bowl 53 and What it Means Prophetically

Monday, February 4, 2019

First of all, may I say that when those with an Issachar anointing look at signs, they see through their own life lenses. No doubt, there will be others who will see what God is saying through the Super Bowl as it relates to the United States where it is played.

Many prophetic people who see prophetic messages through numbers have over the years seen God speaking through the Super Bowl, since it has one of the largest audiences for a sports event in the world.

Yesterday on 2/3 (Feb 3), the New England Patriots overcame the Los Angeles Rams in a grueling defensive battle by a score of 13-3. The ages of the head coaches of these two teams were interesting. The Patriots' head coach was 66 years old. and the Rams' coach, 33 years old. Sixty six is of course double thirty three. And, there were two threes in the score.

One of the jokes going around the internet before the game was a scripture of all things: Jeremiah 51:40. I will bring them down like lambs to the slaughter, like rams together with he-goats. Funny, yet ended up being true as far as the outcome was concerned.

I began to think about this, and how that this was Super Bowl 53. Isaiah 53 is all about the Lamb of God being the suffering servant who died so that we could be saved, healed and delivered. It clearly describes how He would be exalted after His death and take away our sin.

If you have spent any time in Israel and are acquainted with the Torah readings that are read every week, Isaiah 53 does not appear anywhere in the readings that are done in the synagogues. It is never read, including high holy days. It is this scripture that many Messianic believers use in Israel to point their fellow countrymen to Yeshua the Messiah when they evangelize.  The Jeremiah passage and the 53 number were signs pointing to something happening this year for the Jews.

Next, the MVP this year was not, as expected, the quarterback, Tom Brady, Instead it was number 11 (which speaks of transition), Julian Edleman, a Jew. The interesting thing about him is that he only began to recognize and follow his Jewish heritage in 2013, the year when he came out of obscurity to be a major player on the Patriots team.  The owner of the Patriots is also Jewish.

I believe the double threes speak of the double portion that is given to the first born. Israel has always been God's first born and His inheritance. God is coming to the Jews! This year, the harvest is coming to Israel in increasing measure as this portion of the bride takes her place in God's harvest field.

The amazing thing as I began to think about this is, that this past November on 11/11 we began our prophetic bridal company journey in Israel to call in the different people groups there who would make up his end time bridal company. Julian Edelman's number. The number three that appears everywhere in this game speaks of the Trinity. This is the year many more Jews are coming into an understanding of the Trinity and how that there is a Son who died for them (Isaiah 53) and a Holy Spirit who wants to come in power to Jerusalem once again.

The day before the game on 2/2 there were a number of us who were together for a Time Gates teaching and we began to align ourselves with the double to call in the double portion over our lives. I believe that the First Born of God (the Jews) were part of that call and we didn't recognize it at that moment. God clearly has His eye on His inheritance.

Since we began our plans to uproot from our home in the Galilee to move to the northwest of Israel, we knew it was all about aligning with the harvest season that God is about to bring in to Israel. That is why the Bridal Company journey was the first one we did in our new home in Nahariya.

Someone once said, "When the promise is approaching, something happens in the hearts of the people". There is a stirring in Israel right now. Let the stirring erupt into harvest. The time is right!  

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