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Right Time, Right Place, Right Word

Saturday, December 8, 2018

A few days ago, a prophetic team returned from a journey in Israel with many profound things taking place during that time. 

Upon taking some time to process what God was saying through this, I feel that it is time to recount one significant thing that happened along the way. 

It has always been our purpose on these prophetic journeys to seek the Lord as to what we can do in the Land of Israel, which will have impact not only in Israel, but on the earth, and in particular, our own nation, Canada. 

The focus of the prophetic journey was on the "Emerging Bridal Company" being released on the earth in this hour.  The entire theme was the Bride and as we travelled to strategic spots in Israel, to call in the bridal company from the people groups represented there.  Everywhere along the journey, God confirmed our steps in increasing magnitude.

One of the things that I brought along to pray into was a prophetic word by Charlie Shamp that was given about a year ago, and amazingly enough, re-released days before we left for Israel.  The essence of the word was that there was a new prophetic "bird" that was being released in the earth which represented three prophetic streams:  the Seer Prophet (like the prophet Bob Jones and represented by the eagle), the healing/deliverance prophet (like Kenneth Hagin. represented by a dove) and what I call the revival/worship prophet (Leonard Ravenhill represented by the owl).  Charlie prophesied that these three streams were going to come together to produce a new swan-like "bird" which would be known as "the Emerging Bridal Company". 

Since this word was so closely aligned with what we had planned to do in Israel, I felt to bring it along, to release it in Israel.  In the makeup of our group, I could readily identify those coming who fit the first two categories.  However, Charlie described the Ravenhill stream as one of wisdom, and although it was good, it was not resonating as a clear picture of what that meant. 

So we began our journey.  One of the highlights of these prophetic journeys is the Shabbat banquet on the Friday night.  This time the theme was of course, the Bride.  Everything was decorated with beautiful bridal tones.  People came dressed in white.  It was lovely.  One of the gifts I bought for the occasion were beautiful wine glasses for each participant with gold speckles in them.  It was to depict in Song of Songs, "He brought me to His House of Wine and His banner over me is love".  The table was set and everything was perfect. 

One of the things that has followed the Tent of David when anything significant is taking place is the sudden shattering of glass.  The next morning, I was carefully storing the wine glasses in a storage cupboard and suddenly, the whole shelf gave way and the glasses fell to the floor and shattered into a thousand pieces all over the room.  The immediate thought was Mazel Tov where the wine glass is shattered after a Jewish wedding.  One of the girls began to look up the meaning of this and amazingly she found an ancient meaning that we had not run into before.  The breaking of the wine glass was said to mean, "right time, right place, right word".    We had not heard of that before, but it greatly encouraged us that we were on a mission from the Lord. 

After the glass shattering, I began to shake inside and then a deep chabod came over me.  I have had these feelings happen to me when God was about to speak a life changing word to me.  It happens very rarely, so I felt to leave the group and lie down on my bed in the room where the glass shattered.  Suddenly I began to see a large owl in front of me and then a picture of a kindly man's face. I remembered Charlie's word and went to check who the owl represented.  After being reminded that it was Leonard Ravenhill, I decided to look him up on the internet.  Leonard Ravenhill was a writer who wrote books on revival and was the mentor to Keith Green, the great worship leader.  They were so close that they were buried together.  Not only that, Ravenhill was born on June 18, my birthday and died on November 27, the day we were leaving Israel!  God was certainly highlighting to us about this man and his ministry.  Since revival and worship have been the themes for the Tent of David since its birth, I now knew where we fit into this prophetic company.

The last day of our journey, we visited the area of Habakkuk's tomb to declare that the appointed time had come and that the time gate had opened (Habakku 2:3)  As we did this, one of the group went into deep travail and Rosetta, our guest leader saw a baby come forth.  It was an incredible moment as we watched the gate in  front of us open up 3 times. The right time, the right place, the right word. 

The Tent of David has recently relocated in Israel to Nahariya, in the north near the Lebanon border.  The name, Nahariya, means "River of God".  The main street of the town has a river that runs through it.  During the dry season it becomes a trickle, but when the rains come, the river begins to flow.  On one of the last days we were there, I took a picture of the flowing river.  When I got home and looked at it, to my amazement, there is an image of a large owl in the flowing river!  Revival!  One of the themes that we had was the song "Open up the doors, let the music play, let the streets resound with singing".  Everywhere we went, we released our song.  Revival and worship. 

The river that runs through Nahariya has tall eucalyptus trees on either side of it.  It speaks of Revelation 22:2 .  It talks about a river flowing through the middle of the city with the tree of life on either side of its banks, "and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations".  The very prophetic word over the nation of Canada because of our flag. 

As Canadians as we walked this prophetic journey through the Land of Israel, God was giving us incredible signposts along the way that the destiny of Canada is about to be fulfilled.  God has a special place for this nation as part of the emerging bridal company.  Canada will see her revival and a  worship canopy will be established in our land.  The time gate has been activated.  As the river in Nahariya started to flow with the rains, the Latter Rain revival of 70 years ago is going to pick up where it left off and the river is about to overflow its banks.    

If you wish to follow more of our Israel journey (as well as postings from the Tent)  go to the Tent of David Facebook page and like it.  There are videos and regular updates from the Tent of David there.

Bridal Company

 A Word for Rosh Hashana 5779

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

This year Tent of David celebrated the New Year on Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets - the day sages claim the world was made, which is the first day of year 5779. As a result, our annual New Year's Eve prophetic watch will give testimony of what God has done since Rosh Hashanah as well as provide additional insights to what is sensed will happen in calendar year 2019. Taken together, the words spoken and declared will form the Annual Tent of David Prophetic Word for 2019.

 We believe that 5779, will the year of Acceleration and Abundance or what we are calling Abundance Acceleration. In the fullness of times God sent his son: Jesus - the Saviour of the world - Fullness of times means that a change is coming - we are at an intersection of time: a new era is dawning - things are about to change! We perceive that God is doing a new thing!

 We see the world is being changed and transformed in many ways, especially by technology. For example, in 2007 the first Smartphone was introduced. At the beginning of 2018, globally there were 4.68 billion cell phone users of which over 50% were Smartphones! The Smartphone, which we now see as indispensable and perfectly normal, has forever changed the way we understand our lives and do business.

 The magnitude of change brought about by the Smartphone is seen in the emergence of new industries [Amazon], new products [Selfie Sticks] and of course a new means of communications via Social Media platforms. The speed of change has been also remarkable for in just one decade the Smartphone went from zero to over 50% marketshare.

 But that is not all: Overlaying these changes that are taking place we have what we call

ACCELERATION. We see the pace quicken, we experience a gain in momentum, we see an increase in the speed of the change. Interconnection enables the access and integration of information: knowledge is exploding. We see this as collaborative global research accelerates change as new ideas are brought to fruition more quickly.

 Spiritually, we are in a fullness of time moment, a NOW moment: a time for the breakthrough which we have been in preparation has come. In 5779 we will experience a spiritual acceleration in the things of God. The Glory of the Lord is rising upon you. Isaiah declares "Get out of bed!Wake up. Put your face in the sunlight.God's bright glory has risen for you.The whole earth is wrapped in darkness,all people sunk in deep darkness,But God rises on you,his sunrise glory breaks over you. [Isaiah 60:1 - 2 (TMSG)] We have entered into the fullness of time, the period Isaiah declared the Lord would 'hasten it in its time'. [Isaiah 60:22 (KJV)]

 We are ready, the time of preparation is over, we have set our sights on things above, we now operate from our place alongside the God of Glory. The Psalmist puts it well, "LORD, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? who shall dwell in thy holy hill? [Who presumes the privilege of being close to you, living next to you in your shining place of glory?]

He that walks uprightly, and works righteousness, and speaks the truth in his heart." [Psalm 15:1-2]. The motto of the Canadian Navy is "Ready, Aye Ready" - let that be our posture as we enter into this new era: this time of accelerated change.

 At Cana of Galilee, Mary once and for all time addressed Jesus statement that 'my time has not yet come'. The time had come and her spiritual perception knew it. She acknowledged who Jesus was by stating the issue and then making the bold faith declaration: "Whatever he says to you do it!". Jesus response marked the beginning of miracles and the manifestation of His Glory. The shift was from the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand to 'God with Us'. The miracle was not just provision in turning water into wine. But the miracle was a miracle of abundance. The mother in acknowledging who she knew her son to be released Abundance Glory. Even in the act of creating the heaven and the earth, we see that the very nature of God our Creator is to be abundant and, the son is no different. Jesus came to give us abundant life and there is always wine in abundance in the presence of the king.

 5779 is the year in which we move from old covenant thinking of provision to a new covenant mindset of abundance, the kind that is above all we could ask or think. The Glory of abundance that will provoke the world to jealously. We will see an acceleration in the brilliance of Glory upon us that will bring forth much fruit, the kind that will remain.

 Israel Speaks!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Having just returned from the Land of Israel, and in light of the momentous days that are upon us over the next week, I have been praying over some of the things that occurred in the last few months that I was there. We are in the days leading up to next week when the US Embassy in Jerusalem will officially open to coincide with Israel's 70th birthday as a nation.

In Israel, it is impossible to miss the spiritual warfare that is taking place in the heavenlies right now. We are truly in an intersection of time. Enemies from the north and within Israel are gathering and threatening on every side.

When I was there, I experienced some things that speak to this. The most compelling thing that happened was the passing through of a major storm over our house on April 26 at 3:33 in the afternoon. I heard later that this storm was the worst that Israel had ever experienced. I was standing in the house when suddenly everything became dark like night. I ran to look out toward the north and everything was in blackness as a dense storm cloud quickly moved in. As it moved over the house, a tremendous wind came in and ripped off the permanent canopy over our deck and began to blow about everything on the deck, tables, chairs, plants etc. Then suddenly the rain came from the east and came against our glass doors and windows facing the Sea of Galilee. The water was like a torrential river and began to seep in under the threshold of the door. I looked up and water began to pour down the stairs from the second floor. All in seconds. Coupled with that, large hailstones began to fall and cover the upstairs balcony and downstairs deck. After it passed, there was total chaos everywhere. Flower pots overturned and broken, lawn furniture demolished and the debris of a large storm. Later it was learned that flash floods in the south caused the death of 10 Israeli students. Jerusalem streets became a flowing river. Something was happening in Israel.

As I began to think about this, the Lord took me back to the visuals that I had experienced during the storm. We are in the process of leaving our house in the Galilee and moving to Nahariya on the western coast. I was reminded that on the very first day that we came to our present house that there was a hail storm! Then as we are leaving, another only larger hailstorm covered our deck once again. Hail in the Bible speaks of God dealing with His enemies. In Exodus, hail shows up when God is dealing with the Egyptians to release the Israeli slaves. In the Book of Joshua, God sent hail as Israel was battling her enemies, so much so that more died from the hail than from the sword. (Joshua 10:11) Psalm 18:13 speaks of God saving His people with hailstones and flashes of fire. I feel like God was demonstrating through this amazing display of the storm that He has set His face against the enemies of Israel! For us personally, I feel like He was saying that He is dealing with the spiritual forces against us as we plan this move. We are going to an area that is on the border of Lebanon with over 100,000 Hezbollah rockets aimed at us. We are also directly across from the newly discovered gas fields in the Mediterranean that will bring major prosperity to Israel in the coming years. Iran and Hezbollah have set their sights on that area as well. Make no mistake. There is war in the heavenlies right now.

Then there was the visual of the torrential river seeping into our house under the eastern door threshold and flooding every room with rain. Ezekiel 47 speaks of water coming under the threshold of the temple facing east. It speaks of a river getting deeper and deeper until no man could cross it running down the Jordan valley to the Dead Sea. Exactly what happened with this storm! It says that wherever the river would go there was life and that there was a great number of fish. Everything will live wherever the river goes! The visual of the streets of Jerusalem flowing like a vast river is burned in my mind. Next week, when Israel enters into its 71st year, God is shouting! The elements are speaking! He is sending hailstones on His enemies!   A harvest is coming! The Lord is speaking everywhere to put in the sickle and reap! Everywhere the river goes, there will be life. If there is anything that I have learned since being in Israel these last four plus years it is that God speaks through His Land and HIs people to the nations of the earth.

When I first got to Israel in late February of this year, I felt to take a drive to the site of Habakkuk's tomb. Habakkuk 2:3 has been a life scripture for me for many years and I wanted to go there to declare it. There is something about being in a strategic place in the Land that amplifies a prophetic act. When I drove to the village I suddenly saw that it was a gated community where you need a code to open the gate to get in. There was a roundabout close by to the entrance so I parked at the side on the roundabout and got out to declare this scripture.

For the vision is yet for an appointed time. In the end, it will speak and not lie. Though it tarry, wait for it. It will surely come, it will not tarry.

Standing next to the gate into that community, I began to declare that the time gate is opened and that the time is NOW for God to come in harvest and world-wide revival. As I did this, I looked over and the gate had opened up!

I believe that we have entered into an intersection in time, when the time portal has opened up. It is time to go in and possess. It is time to put in the sickle and reap!  We are in a NOW season.  It is not the time to hesitate.  God is opening doors that no man can shut.  We only miss it if we fail to go in.

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