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A Joseph Season: The Years of Confinement are Over


As we have been preparing for our Elisha School of the Prophets in Israel this fall, it has become apparent to us that this trip is all about releasing the Joseph anointing over Canada through Israel. Many people have been seeing the number 11:11 everywhere. Eleven is the great transition number, but as I was thinking about this, I suddenly became aware that Joseph was the 11th son of Jacob! This is a Joseph season. We will be going in the month of Manasseh, the son of Joseph. Ever since the beginning of the year I have been seeing the number 22 everywhere. Double 11. Manasseh was the eldest son of Joseph and had the right to the inherit the blessing of the elder son, the double portion. You remember the story. Jacob crossed his arms and gave the blessing to Ephraim instead of Manasseh. As I was researching this, I suddenly began to realize that even though Ephraim got the double blessing, in the end, it was Manasseh who got the double portion of land! He got the land that is now in the Golan Heights, plus all the land along the Jordan Valley!. God had not forgotten Manasseh! His double portion had been reserved for him.

Then recently a dear friend of our passed on to Glory at a very precise time. It was 10:10 on July 20 (7/20). The numbers seemed so significant that I could not get away from them. Then I began to realize that Joseph was sold for 20 pieces of silver and went into confinement. The number 7 speaks of completion. I believe the Lord is saying to many that your years of confinement are over. As we began to declare this on Sunday morning, people began to see butterflies released all around us! The butterfly is in a long process of confinement in the cocoon. But there comes a day when suddenly it breaks free to fly. When Joseph came out of confinement it was sudden.   The Genesis 41 account says that he was brought hastily out of the prison. And suddenly he was promoted to second in command in the nation of Egypt with a governmental authority.

I believe many have been in a hot dark place of confinement but the Lord is declaring that your season of victory and favour is here. It has a double portion blessing attached to it. We are stepping into a season of governmental authority with an Isaiah 22:22 mandate. For those who have been faithful to God and allowing Him to forge His character in the secret place, a sudden thrusting forth is upon you.

The nation of Canada is about to see some shifts that will see her come into her destiny as a Joseph nation. Her motto, "Peace, Order and Good Government" is about to be displayed with a governmental authority being placed on the church for such a time as this. Let the remnant rise up to begin to legislate in the heavenlies the will of God on the earth.

111 and the Coming Great Awakening


In the past while, numbers have been taking on greater and greater significance. People everywhere are seeing specific number sets, and God is speaking through them. Recently, one of the young women in our ladies watch sent me a number snapshot. She had been watching a movie and paused it for a break. Suddenly she noticed that the elapsed time in the movie was stopped at 1:11:11. She had been seeing 111 everywhere.

1:11 is the great transition number. It signifies moving from one significant era to another.

Joshua 1:11 is such a scripture. Pass through the camp and command the people. Prepare your provisions, for within three days you shall pass over this Jordan to go in to take possession of the land which the Lord your God is giving you to possess.

When we were in Israel last March during our Supernatural Week with Randy Demain, this scripture kept coming up over and over. There was a sense that a new era was before us. Just as the era of Moses had ended and a completely new time had come under Joshua, so we were coming into such a transition.

This year is a very significant year. It is the 111th anniversary of the coming of the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles which saw a harvest of over 600 million people coming into the Pentecostal experience. It is the 500th anniversary of the Great Reformation and the 50th anniversary of the restoration of the city of Jerusalem into Israeli hands. 50 years ago the Jesus People movement swept many of today's current church leaders into the kingdom. It is also the year 5777 on the Biblical calendar which signifies completion or perfection.

In the past few weeks, 111 has come to many of us in a variety of ways. Transition into something new. What does it mean?

Just this past Thursday as I was preparing for our ladies watch, I was walking out in our garden, as is my usual habit first thing in the morning. At the entry to our garden we have planted two ornamental almond trees. These trees are lovely in the spring, but are not the type that produce almonds. We have had them for about 4 or 5 years and I always watch to see the blossoms appear. This year, they were loaded with blossoms, but when the leaves started to appear, they seemed to be full of green leaves on one side of each tree and slower to come out on the other side of both of the trees. That morning, I went to take a closer look at what was happening and I was startled to see for the very first time, almonds! The trees are covered in almonds!

Moreover, the word of the Lord came to me saying, Jeremiah what do you see? And I said, I see a branch of an almond tree. Then said the Lord to me, You have seen well, for I am watching over my word to perform it. Jeremiah 1: 11,12   Jeremiah 1:11!

What is this transition about? It's about harvest! We are moving into the harvest God has promised. This harvest is going to come from unexpected places. Just as the last thing I expected to see on my ornamental trees were almonds, so this new era that we are coming into will take many of us by surprise. It will spring up! If we are not careful we will miss what is beginning to happen before our very eyes. Because of the 111 number associated with the Azusa Street outpouring, and many prophesies about it coming again in greater measure, there is a sense that something huge is upon us.

As we were sharing this at our ladies group, someone felt to look up John 11:11.

These things He said, and after that He said to them, "Our friend Lazarus sleeps, but I go that I may wake him up".

Our friend is asleep, but I am going to wake him up. The sleeping giant is about to be awakened. God is shouting 11 everywhere. The transition to awakening is before us. Get ready because we are about to cross over this Jordan and possess the land.

Next month we will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of Canada as a nation. Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the Latter Rain Revival which released a prophetic, healing movement out of northern Canada. Last Sunday as we were worshipping, I heard the words, "Prairie grass fire". A prairie fire is unstoppable. It goes where it wills and with wind, travels at great speeds. Duncan Campbell, of the Hebrides Awakening in Scotland saw Canada ablaze from sea to sea. It's 111. The almond trees are producing fruit. Canada, come into your awakening.

The Elijah Legacy

2017-05-08 (Monday)

Our hearts are heavy as we heard yesterday of the passing of a spiritual giant in Israel, David Davis.  David was the lead pastor of the HaCarmel congregation on Mount Carmel in Israel. 

When we first visited Israel to secure our house of prayer in the Galilee, we were privileged to have lunch with David and Karen, his wife.  We had been in their service earlier and had met to talk about our fledgling plans for setting up the Tent of David in Poriya.  At lunch, David began to share of a powerful vision that he had experienced when he first got to Israel many years before.  In that vision, he saw a cloud of Glory stretching from Carmel across the Galilee region and the Lord said to him, "When I can find a people who will cherish my Glory, I am going to pour out my Spirit on the Galilee".  I was shocked because during the service earlier, I had been taken up in a vision where I was suspended over a large white cloud.  I kept saying to myself, "What is this?  Where am I?".  David's story told me the rest.  From that time on, we knew our mandate in the Galilee.  Cherish His Glory.  Don't deviate from that. 

For the past 3 1/2 years, this is what we have endeavoured to do at our house sitting above the Sea of Galilee.  We have connected with the prayer watches in Carmel and the Galilee and stood together to see that vision accomplished. 

The last time I was in Israel, I felt to bring home David Davis's books.  Since then I have been reading again "The Elijah Legacy".  I have felt connected to that book more than when we received it from David in the beginning.  I was about half way through when we got the news from Israel yesterday.

In the Elijah Legacy, he talks about what was passed on to Elisha and the Schools of the Prophets that were set up.  Those schools were more than people learning how to prophesy.  Among other things, they were prophetic worshippers who lived together in community.  It is interesting because since we have been in Israel, we have seen these types of "schools" spring up in the Galilee.  They take on their own flavour, but they are truly in the spirit of the schools of the prophets.  An Elijah legacy. 

We knew nothing of this when we planned our Elisha School of the Prophets which will take place in Israel this coming November 5-12.  Everything that we are doing is so similar to what I have been reading about the early biblical schools.  We will be meeting as a small cohesive group, staying together in our house, travelling strategically about the land to prophetic portals, doing prophetic acts and worshipping together.  The schools of the prophets had a mentor, whether it was Samuel, Elijah or Elisha.  We are privileged to have Rosetta Florence mentor our group as we come together to hear what God is saying and to walk this out in a prophetic way in Israel.   Many of the places we will visit are off the beaten track and are locations where the prophets lived together and ministered. We will also be joining together with other prophetic voices in the north to hear what the Lord is saying for this hour.  Cost is $1000 plus airfare.  Deadline is July 15 and registration is limited.  Check out our website at www.tentofdavid.ca for details or e-mail us at tentofdavidisrael@gmail.com

As I thought about David Davis this morning I realized that in a very real sense an Elijah has passed from our midst.  Whenever he would stand up to speak, the atmosphere would change.  The beautiful thing is that Elisha and schools of the prophets remained and flourished after Elijah was gone.  The God of Elijah has yet to fulfil a vision he gave to a man many years ago.  We see the beginnings of it rising up.  The fullness of time has come.

When we began our work in Israel, we had a word from God that whatever happened there would happen in Canada.  We have held on to that promise.  When I saw the Glory cloud the first weekend we were in Israel, I knew that this was also our destiny in Canada.  All He is looking for is a people who will cherish His Glory.  I also believe that the prophetic voice in Canada is about to become louder and more clear.  It will be new.  It will be fresh and it will be accompanied with signs following.

222 and the Key of 14

2017-04-17 (Monday)

Keuy of DavidKey of David


Blowing the shofar at Gilgal

Declarations using the Key of David at Mount Carmel

Tent of David Israel overlooking the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret)

Someone said once, "God is speaking all the time, It's just that we don't perceive it". Sometimes He speaks in a whirlwind, or fire or an earthquake. Sometimes it is a still small whisper. The Lord often speaks to me in numbers. I am sure many of you have experienced seeing the same number sequence over and over in a short period of time. When we left for Israel this spring this happened to me. In the weeks leading up to our Supernatural Week with Randy Demain, I kept seeing the numbers 222.

Usually when God speaks to me, I initially have no idea what He means. My journey with God has always been that He tells me some mystery and I am left to search out the meaning. So, on the third week of February, when our grand daughter was born on 2-22 (three weeks early), I thought that this was probably why I was seeing the numbers. But somehow, I felt there was more. Then at the beginning of our Supernatural Week, Randy Demain arrived with a gift for Dan and me-a beautiful key of David! We then used that key to open up portals in significant places across the north of Israel as in Isaiah 22:22. Twos again!

I then learned that a sequence of three twos can mean (among other things) Key of David; supernatural wisdom and understanding; blueprints; revelation of the deep and hidden things Daniel 2:22.

All of this was wonderful and helped us to understand some of the reasons why we were in Israel at that time. One of the most impacting places we visited was Gilgal and what struck us was that they celebrated Passover for the first time in 40 years there and that God had rolled back the reproach of Egypt off the people there on the day they crossed over.

A few days after returning from Israel, I was awakened by these words in my spirit, "The Key of 14". Once again, I had no idea what that meant! The first thing that came to mind was to look up Joshua 14 since we were experiencing that story while we were on our journey in Israel. To my shock, Joshua 14 tells the story of Caleb, at Gilgal, asking for his inheritance. Give me this mountain!

I also realized that Passover was on the 14th of Nisan. Another part of the puzzle. While we were in Israel, the Lord spoke to us about knowing the appointed time. The feasts are known as appointed times.

Suddenly, the number 14 began to be an obsession with me. I knew there was more, but I couldn't seem to figure it out. So I turned to Dan, my husband who always seems to come through in these areas. He looked it up and discovered that, as we know, Hebrew letters also correspond to numbers. The number 14 is the Hebraic equivalent of David. The key of 14 was the key of David! The hidden thing had been revealed.

Through this, I began to understand that God was saying this was an appointed time. Through the key of 14, we needed to understand that there are mysteries that are about to be revealed, of the deep and hidden things of God. This Passover activated something in the Spirit that is available to those who seek it out.

This was reinforced to me on April 14 when a blog came out from Paul Keith Davis telling some stories about Bob Jones. What got my attention  is that Bob and Paul Keith wrote "The Shepherd's Rod", each year for 14 years. The Shepherd's Rod was a high level prophetic word for the coming year that was released after Yom Kippur. I felt like the Lord was reinforcing the word that deeper level prophetic insights are about to be increasing in the coming days.

The story of Gilgal is being played out at the moment. There has been a season of the circumcision of the heart and God is rolling back reproach off the church. Israel crossed over to Gilgal on Nisan 10 and they declared that the reproach of Egypt had rolled off.

This was astoundingly played out in the natural on exactly Nisan 10 this year. On that very day, Donald Trump shot 59 missiles into Syria and the reproach of Egypt came off the United States! That reproach had been on them since Barack Obama stood up in Cairo and opened the door for the Muslim Brotherhood to take power there. After that, no one respected the United States. That ended on Nisan 10 when that one act allowed the Americans to stand up again.

To me, this was a pointer that this is where we are in the times and seasons of God. After the Passover at Gilgal, the people began to eat the food from the land of Canaan and the manna stopped. We are entering into a season of abundance and leaving the season of just enough!

The key of David represents a release of increased Kingdom authority in the coming season. For me, the number 14 is showing up everywhere now! The Azusa Street Revival broke out on 4/14!

Passover this year activated a return of authority to the church that will play out in power. The hidden mysteries of God are about to be unsealed for a marked generation. The Church of God will have her inheritance. It's time to declare, "Give me this mountain"!

I feel that the next season will see us advance to take ground from a prolonged time of wilderness preparation.  The Angel of the Lord of Hosts is standing on the horizon.   This time we win.

A Supernatural Week in Israel

2017-04-03 (Monday)


On March 5-12 this year, we hosted an amazing week with Randy Demain in Israel. As we have processed all that went on, it has become clear that so much more was done in the Spirit realm than even we imagined when we put it together.

I hesitate to call it a tour because it was much more than that. Although we called it a "Supernatural Week", the theme was "portals". A group of 12, along with a couple of Israelis, visited several geographical portals in the north of Israel with the mind to re-open them, to see what happened there begin again on the earth. Portals are heavenly doorways that can be reactivated in the Spirit. The places we visited were the "Miracles portal" (Capernaum, Chorazim and Migdol) where most of the miracles of Yeshua were experienced, the "Glory Portal", (Mount Hermon) where many believe the Transfiguration took place, the "Angels Portal" (Mahanaim, the Crossing, and Gilgal), where angels showed up over and over, the Fire Portal (Mount Carmel), where Elijah called down fire, and the Revival Portal (Rosh Pina), where God came down in a powerful indigenous revival in the 1970's.

As the week began to unfold, it became apparent to us that God was leading us very specifically to a crescendo. Randy Demain is a very gifted apostolic leader who at every point led us in strategic decrees to open these places of visitation once again. Prior to us beginning our week, we had done some exploring of the areas to sense where God wanted to have us stop. We had never been to Gilgal before so we drove up there to look around. As I was driving into the area, suddenly I felt myself turn left onto an old gravel road that looked like it had not been used for some time. We climbed with ever increasing difficulty up this track and suddenly we were there! God had led us to an abandoned synagogue in the West Bank. Below were the entire plains of Jordan where the Israelites would have camped after crossing over. We found out later that the words in Hebrew on the synagogue said "the people came up out of the Jordan and camped at Gilgal". We had found Gilgal!

The day that we went to the angels portal was a very special day. It began at a place near the Jordan river that was across from where Mahanaim would be located in current Jordan. It was here that Jacob crossed over to come back into the promised land and where he met the camps of angels. You can still sense a large spiritual gateway there. As Randy began to teach at this site, 12 eagles began to fly overhead! Next, we went down to the Crossing, a portal of portals. It was at this place that Joshua and all of the Israelites crossed over, Elijah went up in the whirlwind, and Yeshua was baptised by John. The portal opened over and over in this spot. You can still feel it today. At this place, we each took up twelve stones, as they had done with Joshua and carried them to Gilgal. When we got to Gilgal, we named each one of the twelve tribes and built an altar there just as it was done thousands of years before. Suddenly a presence of God swept in. Dan began to experience the reproach of Egypt being lifted off. It was like God was removing the reproach off of the church!

The next day when we visited the Fire Portal at Mount Carmel, as we were making decrees there, and calling for the acts of Elijah to be seen on the earth again, a flock of storks began to swirl over us. Jeremiah 8 says "Even the storks know their appointed time". Somehow God was saying that this was an appointed time!

The following day we had an Esther banquet at the Tent of David in Poriya and had invited some guests from Rosh Pina to do some worship for us. We were scheduled to visit Rosh Pina the next day to break open the revival portal there. All week we had been wondering when to have Randy release the thunders and lightnings of God from his Dominion Decrees book. It had been decided that  Rosh Pina day would be the day. That evening before, as we began to celebrate our Shabbat meal, suddenly the sky lit up with thunder and lightning and the lights went out for a short time! Now that was a sign. (We also had a major outbreak of the Holy Spirit as we worshipped). The next day, as we had lunch in one of the restaurants in Rosh Pina, thunder and lightning again! We then went up to a high place there to release the thunders and lightnings of God. That evening, there was thunder and lightning again in Rosh Pina! That morning, as we prepared to leave for Rosh Pina to open the revival portal, Randy began to get e-mails from all over the world to tell him that this was March 11, 2017, the very day that Bob Jones prophesied would be the end of a wilderness period where the Glory of God would return. In 1977 Bob Jones prophesied that the Lord had written Ichabod over the church in America and the Glory would not return for 40 years, the time in the wilderness. And although we had not planned this, this was the very day that we were standing at the revival portal in Israel to declare it open once again! A few days ago, we read on the Elijah List that Jon and Jolene Hamill were now in Israel, but before they left, on March 11 they attended a meeting with Bonnie Jones where Bonnie saw the word "Ichabod" being erased from the church in America! Jon Hamill went to Israel with the scripture, Isaiah 22:22. "I will give to him the key of David and what he shuts no one can open and what he opens no one can shut". At the beginning of our trip, Randy came with a key of David that he had for many years, as a gift for us. We used this key to open and shut doors at every portal. Also, after we returned from this trip, a word came out about portals being opened over cities all over the world!  Jon Hamill went to Israel immediately after us to trace the journey of the Ark back to Jerusalem through worship. 

As we have been processing all that happened during that special Supernatural Week in Israel, we have determined that when you align yourselves with a time portal and a geographical portal in Israel, things happen that affect not only Israel, but  the entire planet. God is a God who moves in cycles. When we move with Him, supernatural things always happen. We believe that we are in momentous times. God is being very strategic right now. Something has opened up in the Spirit realm that is going to carry us beyond our wildest imaginations. Get ready!

We feel that there is something special about this Passover.  They celebrated Passover for the first time at Gilgal after 40 years of being in the Wilderness.  God is aligning His times and seasons. 

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