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A Word about the American Election

Thursday, 2016-11-10

Suddenly there came a sound from heaven  Acts 2:2

It all began in Jerusalem the night before the American election.  A large global gathering was being held led by David Damien.  All of the Americans present in the building were asked to step forward and the thousands that were there began to cry out to God for the United States and their election.  It was not a cry, it was a roar.  You could feel the sound resonate in the heavens, breaking the sound barrier between heaven and the earth.  Something was released from Jerusalem that spread across the globe. 

The next day was election day in the US.  I personally have never witnessed so many people gathering together to pray all over the world.  There was a sense that destiny was hanging in the balance for this great country. 

I had the privilege with several others to join in the prayer for the election with the National House of Prayer in Ottawa.  Throughout the week, and for several months, there had been such a war in the heavenlies that you had to know that the outcome of this election was of absolute importance. 

Even that morning, many of us felt the lingering turmoil in the spirit.  But as we prayed and the morning wore on, something shifted in the atmosphere.  We all suddenly began to feel an absolute peace come over us.  God had this thing in control.  He was about to shift things

Many of you were witness to that shift.  At the beginning of the evening, everything was going one way, and suddenly it began to drastically change.  Almost unbelievably.  A roar from heaven.  The bowls had been tipped. 

One of the things that we sensed at NHOP was that it was very important that the church would not stop praying on November 9th.  This was confirmed by a word from Bobby Connor today when he talked about the head of the snake being cut off, but to remember that there is still plenty of venom in the head to do damage in the next few months.  We must heed this warning!  And what happens to the United States affects us all. 

There was such a sense that we were not only talking about an election here, but also about a revival that is about to explode in the earth. I believe that the roar out of Jerusalem dispatched angels of breakthrough in every area.  The first head of state that Donald Trump invited to his White House was Benjamin Netanyahu.  Jerusalem is being heard!  Just as it was in the beginning where a relatively small group of people released a sound from heaven that engulfed the entire world, so that roar from Jerusalem on November 7 has released the sound of revival that will reverberate across the earth. The Lord has roared from Zion!

Miracles are happening in Israel!

Saturday, 2016-10-29

We are so excited to report what is happening in Israel!  

Before we opened the house that we have in the Galilee almost 3 years ago, we made a bold statement.  We said that we not only wanted to establish a house of worship and prayer, but we wanted to press in to see the miracles of Jesus once again returning to the Galilee!  At that time, we had not heard of many miracles where we were.  So we did our bit to provide our little piece of the puzzle where we were planted.  

On the night of our dedication on March 8, 2014, God sent us a sign.  After the celebration was over, our landlord, who had suffered from a severe neck problem for many years was instantly healed! Following that, we continued along with the folks in the local congregation to press in for more and more manifestations of His healing glory.  In our house, we taught on healing and the gifts of the spirit and went to various places to pray for the sick.  

This past September, we had a dear friend in Israel who suffers from cancer come and tell of two angels showing up as he was having an MRI and then the Lord Himself laying hands on him!  There was electricity in the air as he shared this in our house there.

Now, suddenly, after this, God is beginning to show up!  Several people in the small congregation in Poriya have begun moving in miracles.  Recently, they set up a "healing room" for people to go after the congregational meeting to receive prayer for healing. 

Then, last week,  20 people were healed in one meeting of all kinds of diseases!  The next week, we heard of people going out two by two to pray for people on the street!  In Israel!  And people are being healed. 

Then this morning, I read of Sid Roth in Tel Aviv.  He advertised a meeting to talk about miracles and 1800 Jews showed up! When he asked how many were healed at the end of the meeting 1000 stood up!  Then, at the altar call, almost 100% of them responded to receive Yeshua as Messiah!  Something is happening in Israel!  God is beginning to pour out His Spirit!

We are believing that the Galilee will be filled with miracles as in the days of Yeshua.  Israel is  sign to the rest of the world. 

We are so excited to be leading a team for a Supernatural Week from March 5-12, 2017, with Randy Demain.  We had no idea when we planned this, that all of this would be happening in Israel. God has been clearly speaking that the year 5777 was going to bring in the restoration of things lost to the church. The Galilee is still resonating with the miracles of the Messiah.  One of the people on our tour just came back from Africa and saw a baby raised from the dead as they prayed for it. The tide has turned.  The cloud of Glory is descending on the Galilee. 

For those of you who have invested in our house there, this is the return.  And we are believing for so much more!

A Table is Being Prepared

Monday, 2016-08-22 

Recently we have had the privilege of being in three "revival glory" meetings in Ontario, two in Hamilton and one in Ottawa.  All three are seeing a heightened awareness of the presence of God with signs and wonders regularly in the meetings.  All are continuing and it is wonderful!

 As I was in one of the gatherings in Hamilton in very high worship, suddenly I saw a very large table being set up before us.  The table had a very rich ornate tablecloth with  knotted ropes and tassels around the edges of what appeared to me like a huge communion table.  As I looked at this scene, I asked the Lord what this meant.  He impressed on me that this table was being prepared in Canada for the ark of His Presence to come and rest. 

 As I thought on this, I heard the Lord say, "Do you not know that I sit above the mercy seat?"  At these words, suddenly I saw a wave of God's mercy being prepared to flow over the nation of Canada.  This wave of mercy will wash over the forgotten, the outcast, the orphan and the dispossessed.  God is about to go into the highways and byways and compel them to come to this glorious table!  This table is not confined to one locale, group, or meetings. It is all about Presence! 

 My husband and I have travelled to the Hebrides Islands several times since the year 2000.  Through these visits we have come to understand in a small way the effect of an awakening such as the one that occurred on the Isle of Lewis in 1949.  Awakenings certainly come because people cry out for them.  However, there is an element of sovereignty in them in that they transcend anything that man can do to make it happen.  People can do what they can to get something started, but then there is an element that takes it beyond human effort. Suddenly God comes to an area, and the awareness of the presence of God permeates the atmosphere.  It quickly moves out beyond church walls and beyond our natural reasoning.  It also can offend the religious mindset of the day. 

 When I heard the Lord say "Do you not know that I sit above the mercy seat?", I had a strong sense that He was about to move in mercy to people we wouldn't normally want to be part of our "church circles".  God always moves in ways to confound our natural thinking.  Just when we think we have Him figured out, He does the exact opposite to what we expected!

 There is a table being prepared through the hearts of worshipping people throughout the nation.  The ark of His Presence is in the wings. When it is in place, a flood of God's mercy is coming to Canada.  We don't deserve it, but that is what mercy is all about.


Monday 2016-09-01 

Hello friends!

The last season at the Tent of David has seemed to fly by.  We are greatly anticipating our tenth anniversary of the Tent of David to be celebrated on October 14, 2016.  

However, leading up to this, we have hosted our favourite worship leader, Steve Swanson who always seems to prepare the way of the Lord for us.  This time was no exception.

When seeking the Lord in my little oasis that Dan prepared for me in our back yard, I asked the question, "What are you going to do, Lord, when Steve comes?"  His answer was "It's a surprise".  And, of course the entire weekend held surprises for us.  On the beginning night we were surprised with a wonderful prophetic painting for the Tent.  That led to other surprises as well.  The first night, Steve's worship was one continual prophetic song, mostly about the breath of God coming.  This caught my attention because I am in the process of writing a book called "Breath", a study of the Ruach, or breath of God.  It was an incredible night where God took us into the heavenly realms.  The following morning, I was out in my oasis seeking the Lord for the coming day when suddenly I began to look around.  We have been teaching our people that God is speaking all the time, it's just that we don't perceive it.  Often things will be right before our eyes and we just do not look to see what God is saying. 

 There in my little spot I began to notice that there were many large branches down on the ground as if a strong north wind came in and snapped them off.  I then saw that one of the deck chairs that we had on the patio was lying on the ground behind a big heavy fire pit that was on the patio.  From where the chair had originally been located, it was impossible for it to have landed there unless there was some type of wind that swept it from in front of the fire pit  to directly behind it.  There was no physical way that could have happened unless there was a whirlwind! 

 One of the times "Ruach" is used in the Bible is in Ezekiel 1 when Ezekiel had his first encounter with God which appeared as a whirlwind out of the north.  It began as a Ruach or breath of God.  My little oasis was confirming the word that came forth the night before!  The whole message of the evening was an Ezekiel message of God coming with breath and breathing on the dry bones. 

 The entire weekend with Steve was an incredible prophetic journey in worship.  Then the day after he left, I opened up Elijah List and there was a prophetic word published that day that chronicled the entire weekend that we had just had!  When I looked at who wrote it, the lady was from Surprise, Arizona!  God had confirmed our prophetic weekend with a "Surprise".  And Steve is from Arizona!

 In the few days leading up to the conference, the Lord spoke to me in my oasis saying that the word for this year is "Now!"  I feel this is related to the coming Rosh Hashana when we enter into the year 5777.  A triple seven.  I believe God is about to bring to conclusion the prophetic words that God has been speaking over us, for those who have been in the birth canal for a long time.  The season of transition is over.  The NOW has come.  I have been doing a study of the book of Isaiah over the last several weeks and this morning I read the last chapter.  The Lord says in Isaiah 66:9 "Shall I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?"  Of course not!  We declare over you that your season is Now!  God is coming with His breath.  He is about to turn some things upside down.  He is about to surprise you as to how quickly He brings to pass those things you have been waiting for!  A few months back we had a word about the Ottawa Valley and how God was coming in great power there.  We say the season is now! 

 This past weekend, we were privileged to have Eric and Terry Morey with us from Israel.  Eric's life message is about God bringing the Jews back to Israel and the breathing on the dry bones to restore them spiritually.  God was shouting once again that He is coming with His breath.  He's coming to Israel and He is coming here!

 This season, it is all about His breath, and the time for Him to breathe  is NOW!

Thunder in the Distance


I can hear that thunder in the distance, like a train on the edge of the town.  I can feel the brooding of Your Spirit; Lay your burdens down.   (from Revival, Robin Mark) 

For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end (fulfillment); it will not deceive or disappoint.  Though it tarry, wait (earnestly) for it, because it will surely come; it will not be behindhand on its appointed day.  Habakkuk 2:3 (Scripture given to us in 2000 on a prophetic journey to the Hebrides Islands) 

This is a highly prophetic time.  When things are happening rapidly, it is a good thing to stop and think about the pieces that God is putting together and how that it affects the time we are in.  

Recently we have been drawn back to a couple of seasons.  One was 2008 and the other was 2012.  A number of prophets have been declaring that words that were given in both those timeframes are coming to pass now.  A word given at the Tent in the beginning of this year was that this was the year of fulfillment.  

Just this morning Doug Addison published on the Elijah List that spoke of words that were given in 2012:  "There are many things that were supposed to happen in 2012 that, for various reasons, did not come about or fully develop.  the timing of many of these prophetic words is coming now". 

For the Tent of David, both 2008 and 2012 were very significant.  In 2008 we made our first journey to Israel as a group and a significant thing happened then.  The new gate in the old city of Jerusalem had just opened up and we were some of the first to walk through it.  We prophetically walked through as a group and declared that a new gate had opened in the Spirit.  Although it was very far from our minds at the time, since then we have opened up a house of prayer in Israel and have been sowing into the Galilee since 2014.  We know that we have not fully come into what God has for that house but feel that now is the time for the next steps to be revealed.  

In 2012 we travelled as a group from the Tent to the Hebrides Islands to minister there.  It had been 12 years since Dan and I had first heard God say to go to the Isle of Lewis on a prophetic journey.  The fullness of time.  We had an amazing time with the New Wine church there and many things were prophesied.  For us, we came home with a word we were not aware of before.  It was the "There shall be no ebb" word by 101 year old Arthur Burt from Wales.  This word so impacted us that we have memorized it and gave it out whenever we could.  It speaks of the end time revival that will never end.  

Two weeks ago, Dan and I felt to go to the Gathering of the Clans in Halifax Nova Scotia.  This was an incredible time of understanding the Celtic heritage of the land and how it will form part of the DNA of what God is about to do in Canada.  At that time, an Irish worship leader began to sing Robin Mark's song "Revival" and something ignited in the Spirit.  I can hear that thunder in the distance like a train on the edge of the town.... 

Something about the train was arresting.  It reminded me of the dream that Dan had in 2002.  He saw a steam locomotive coming very fast from east to west and as it passed him, suddenly the flag of Canada snapped up into view on the caboose.  Dan has drawn a picture of that train which I have copied on the side panel.  We knew it was the revival train..the glory train rushing across our nation.  

Then this past weekend we had Kari Browning at the Tent speaking of the prophetic words that have spoken of the end time revival.  Throughout that weekend, the theme of the train kept coming.  At the lunch on Saturday I felt to make a train out of vegetables for the guests.  Then on Sunday, the worship was all about the train coming.  It was amazing.  Kari then brought out an article that she wrote in 2012 about the fullness of time and the Glory Train.  She mentioned that everyone thought that revival was going to happen in 2012, but somehow it has been delayed.  She also said that Bob Jones said that when it came, it would not be one minute late.  (Habakkuk 2:3)  

At this meeting, we felt to give to Kari, a piece of a puzzle that was given to us in Halifax at the Gathering of the Clans, representing the fact that we were all now part of a bigger puzzle that was to be revealed. 

Right on the heels of that comes the Doug Addison word today.  As I have been going back in my journals to 2008 and 2012, so many things that have been said or done are right out of the pages of what was written back then.  

One of the words that I had at the end of 2008 speaks of an appointed time, some of which is this: 

  • This is the year of crossing over says the Lord.  You will cross over in my time into the green verdant pasture that I have been preparing for you for some time.  When you cross, you will take twelve stones and these stones of remembrance will mark the way of crossing over.  It will be into a season of no more manna, but the pure provision of God.  
  • A gateway will open up in the Spirit which was not seen until this time.  It will be an ancient gate leading to an ancient path that none have tread for many generations.  There will be a coming in, a coming into a fullness of time.
  • The time has been waiting until all things are fulfilled. 
  • The pieces of the puzzle will snap together and suddenly the whole panorama of what I have been building will be seen. 
  • There are links in the Spirit which I have been forming .  Some of those links are still yet to be seen in the natural, but they are ready in the Spirit realm. 
  • Pieces of a puzzle, pointing to the fullness of time. 

The last significant thing that points to now is something that happened when Bob Jones died.  When he was on his deathbed, the clock in his room suddenly began to speed forward and stopped for several minutes at 8.  Following this, it went rapidly forward and stopped at 12.  I feel that this pointing to 2008 and 2012.  The things that were prophesied then have reached the fullness of time.  It is our appointed time for the Ottawa Valley.  Get ready; there's a train a comin'.

Aslan Is On The Move


See!  The winter is past; the rains are over and gone.  Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land.   Song of Songs 2:11, 12

After watching the AzusaNOW gathering that took place in Los Angeles on April 9 and feeling the wave of momentum that came with that event, there is a sense that something was triggered that will continue to produce more and more fruit as time goes on.  There is a new sense of expectation and a "knowing" that something tremendously huge is about to spring forth. AzusaNOW was held on Nisan 1 on the Biblical calendar.  The first day of the first month.  God makes no mistakes in His timing.

Immediately following that experience, Dan and I were on a plane to visit our friends, Apostles Alex and Rosetta Florence in Edmonton.  We had to leave very early in the morning and as I watched the weather, the forecast was not promising.  It seemed that a big snowstorm was scheduled to hit us with warnings of freezing rain and all that means for travel.  The Tent of David prayed earnestly for us that this would hold off until we left, but to no avail.  As we were driving to the airport, there was a blizzard with very little road maintenance going on.  We made it there, but feeling like we were once again in the dead of winter in Ottawa.

Whenever prayers like this are not answered, I look for what God is speaking through this "suddenly" that comes upon us.  Immediately after we left, spring weather came in and when we got home there was no sign of the winter we experienced just a few days before.  Buds were appearing on the trees and life was beginning to spring forth.

When we were out in Edmonton, Rosetta felt that we were to watch the Chronicles of Narnia.  How appropriate.  Narnia was a place where it was always winter, never Christmas.  Until.  Something happened that changed the frozen landscape forever.  Aslan, the lion, began to move about.  Aslan was on the move! 

Our trip seemed to be a picture of what is happening here in the spiritual realm.  Just when it seemed that winter would never end, there was a shift in the atmosphere and everything that was frozen began to quickly thaw and new life began to appear everywhere! Something has shifted because Aslan is once again on the move.  Where He moves, things suddenly change.  Life appears where there was nothing but death.  Flowers appear on the earth and the sound of the birds can be heard once again. 

We are in the beginnings of such a season.  There is a stirring in the heavenly realm.  The breath of God is being felt blowing on the dying embers.  Yesterday I decided to burn some  the grass on our property to make room for new growth.  It was amazing how quickly I had a huge fire from a pile of dead grass.  When God breathes, those things we thought were dead to us, will suddenly become a raging fire.  Canada is destined for such a fire.  The lion is on the move and where He moves, everything changes.

Ottawa Valley, it's your time!


For as the rain and snow come down from heaven, and do not return there without watering the earth, making it bear and sprout, and providing seed to the sower and bread to the eater, so will my Word be which goes out of My mouth; it will not return to Me void, without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.  

Instead of the thorn bush the cypress tree with grow, and instead of the nettle, the myrtle tree will grow; and it will be a memorial to the Lord, for an everlasting sign which will not be cut off.

Isaiah 55: 10, 11, 13

Someone once said "God is speaking all the time, it's just that we don't perceive it".  Do you ever have some mornings where you wake up, and suddenly you realize that God has been speaking through signs around you, and you just have not been aware of it?  That happened to me today as I was walking around our property here in Israel.  We have a large plot of land here that has been mostly overgrown for several years.  Without water during the dry season, a number of bushes and plants have simply died.  

So, next on our agenda for our house here has been to begin to clear the land.  As we have done it, we have made some amazing discoveries.  I have been longing to have citrus trees planted here so that we can have our own fresh lemons and oranges.  After some work in the back, we discovered that there are no less than 5 citrus trees there that still live!  All they need is a bit of water and fertilizer and we will be in business.  We also found two pomegranate trees  that show evidence of life! Then, yesterday, the fellow clearing the land brought me out there to show me a lovely almond tree in bloom!  Another thing on my wish list.  

The almond tree speaks of being active and alert in the Spirit and is referenced in Jeremiah 1 where God asks Jeremiah what he sees and he replies, "A branch of an almond tree".  God then said, "You have seen well, Jeremiah, because I am watching (active and alert) over my Word to perform it".  

We have also been parked in Joel 2 over this last season, where God promises that He is going to restore the years that the locust has eaten.  This is the year of Jubilee!  God is certainly in the restoration business!

Now to a word for Ottawa and the Ottawa valley.  Yesterday, Ottawa received 50 cm of snow.  A record.  With it came some freezing rain and a lot of pain for people there.  As I thought about this, I was reminded of the scripture in Isaiah 55 that points to the promise of the almond tree.  Ottawa, he is now bringing you into a time of Jubilee, a time of restoration of the revival days that you experienced following the Azusa Street outpouring.  God is about to send you a refreshing that will eclipse that which others experienced 100 years ago.  He is going to fulfill His promises to you!    Instead of the thorn bush, the cypress tree will grow! 

As we have been cutting away all the thorns here on the land in Israel, we have seen emerge the fruit trees of the Land!  The Lord is saying to you, Ottawa, that you have an inheritance that is so rich, and it is about to spring forth as fruit all down the Ottawa valley.  

The Lord showed me a few years ago that we are destined to experience the sounds of heaven in Ottawa.  This has been our heritage since the days of Maria Woodworth Etter, when heavenly music was heard in meetings in Ottawa.  We are going to experience this again.  

50 is the number of Jubilee.  The 50 cm of snow was a sign that God has got His eye on Ottawa.  This is the season of Glory.  A greater measure of His Glory is about to shine up and down the Ottawa valley.

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