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Tent of David Prophetic Word for 2019

Every year, the Tent of David holds a prophetic watch on New Year's Eve to discern what God is saying for the coming year. This is a compilation of the words given this year. It's going to be a good year!

 A Year of Signs, Wonders and Miracles:

The emphasis this year will be on Signs. There will signs in the heavens and on the earth which speak powerfully into what God is doing and where we are on God's time clock. It will be a Daniel year where God reveals hidden mysteries that were in plain view in scripture, but not seen until now. "He reveals the deep and secret things; He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him. (Daniel 2:22)

God began to show us this late in 2018 on our Bridal Company prophetic journey in Israel. From beginning to end, the trip was filled with signs. At one point when we were there, a cloud appeared in the sky clearly in the shape of the Hebrew letter Chet. The letter Chet is the number 8, and is a picture of a doorway, speaking of transition into the new. As that letter formed in the sky, a dark cloud began to appear and the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea where we were staying became very starkly visible. We kept saying "Look at the horizon!". When I got home, I felt compelled to look in several years of my journals and as I did I came across a word that the Lord gave me years ago. "When you see the cloud, you will know that the shift is upon you. It is on the horizon". The Lord, through this sign is clearly saying, the shift is here. The appointed time has come! We are coming into a new ERA or intersection of time.

The next sign came when we were walking along the pier at the waterfront and an Arab fisherman began to repeat the word "Enigma" while looking at us. The word enigma means "puzzle". Daniel 5:12 says "Inasmuch as an excellent spirit, knowledge, understanding, interpreting dreams, solving riddles and explaining enigmas were found in this Daniel, whom the king named Belteshazzar, now let Daniel be called and he will give the interpretation." These enigmas, or hidden mysteries will begin to be revealed this year as those with an excellent spirit and Issachar anointing devote themselves to understanding what has been masked until this point in time. It is a year when people are exhorted to "Ask the Lord for a sign" for what you are pressing for. He will give you one if your eyes are open to see.

A new understanding of time:

This year is the 40th anniversary of Bob Jones' Sands of Time vision. In the vision, Bob saw biblical characters like prophets and apostles reach into sand and come up with nothing. When Bob asked what this was, God told him it was the Sands of Time. He was then asked to reach into the Sands of Time and when he did, he pulled out an envelope which said, "Congratulations, you have been conscripted into the army of God". The number 40 speaks of the end of a wilderness season, and now at this intersection of time, we are going to come into a fresh understanding of deep mysteries as they relate to time. We will begin to move in time and understand that when we intersect time, things accelerate. One of the profound words that we got in Israel when we prayed at the Habakkuk time gate (Habakkuk 2:3) was "Right time, right place, right word". This year there will be a revelation of how to move in this and accelerate things on the earth. This is a year of extreme acceleration.T

 Prophecies Related to Time:

January 20 is an important date this year. It is the third anniversary of Donald Trump's inauguration. Donald Trump will continue to be a prophetic voice as to what God is doing on the earth. It is also the anniversary of the beginning of the Toronto Blessing. What happens this year with Donald Trump is linked to the release of revival. This year on January 20 there will be a Super Blood Moon. This moon is also known as a Wolf Moon. Just before Christmas, Geoff saw two wolves along the highway as he travelled to Toronto. He felt it was a call for the church to stand up for our nation and Israel to prevent the wolves coming in to steal what God wants to do in this hour. This will also be a year when the wolves continue to circle around the United States president. Much prayer will be required in 2019.

January 21 is the anniversary of when Roland Buck was given the scroll by the angel while he was in the throne room. The scroll physically manifested and stayed on his desk for several days before disintegrating. This is the year of unusual manifestations of the heavenly realm as heaven draws near earth. These things will begin to happen in the early months of 2019.

April 9 is another important date. Israel will hold her elections then and it is the anniversary of the Asuza Street Revival in Los Angeles. This intersection of time, like January 20, is pointing to an unusual outpouring in North America in 2019. When we pray on these dates, we are moving with time and accelerating what is happening in the spirit. Whenever Israel intersects with a significant date in time, watch for it to manifest in the earth.

 A year of the new wine:

Much has been pointing to an outpouring of the wine of the spirit this year. The last day of our Bridal Company journey we were given 3 bottles of wine from our Israeli host. He said "In my opinion, this is the finest wine in all of Israel". During our journey we visited Cana of Galilee where the best wine was reserved for last. We believe we are in that season. Many have been going through the narrow place in 2018. This squeezing of the grapes, as it were is about to release the finest of new wines over our nation. Joel 2:19 I am sending you grain, new wine and olive oil, enough to satisfy you fully; never again will I make you an object of scorn to the nations.

Wine speaks of provision and God's favour, and harvest! All of this is ours in 2019. Joel 3:13 Swing the sickle, for the harvest is ripe. Come, trample the grapes, for the winepress is full and the vats overflow.

 A time of strategic fasting:

As we learn to agree with appointed times, there will be great power in strategic fasting. Fasts will be given according to appointed times and they will achieve great results. There will come a fresh understanding of the "Atomic Power of Prayer and Fasting".

Signs will also be linked to displays of God's miracle working power combined with the preaching of the gospel of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom of God is not in word, but in power. The message of Christ crucified will result in harvest and miracles. The power of the Gospel will be seen on the earth in 2019! Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh; and declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead. This is the Gospel that the Holy Spirit confirms with signs following. It is this Gospel that releases the thunder and lightnings of God. It is this Gospel that translates people from the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of God. The Gospel preached will be followed with a host of miracles this year. We will see healings on a scale that had only been seen through a few individuals. The church will begin to see this manifested in ordinary places, through ordinary people who have set themselves to run after the kingdom with all their strength. This is not a time to shrink back. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

2018: the Year of the New

When reviewing the words that came out of our New Year's watch this year, it became apparent that the key word was NEW: new beginnings, new provision for the journey, new songs, and new lands to possess.

One of the things that Israel had to do to go in and possess the Land after they crossed over was to forget. Forget those things that were behind them, past hurts, disappointments, failings.

This is what the Lord says-He who made a way through the sea, a path through the mighty waters, "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?" Isaiah 43: 16, 18, 19 NIV

We are entering into a new ERA, an intersection of time.

 The life of Joseph is an example of where we are now. Prophetic words were given over his life by God but seemed to be suspended in time. He had to languish in Egypt and Pharaoh had to have a dream before suddenly his destiny proclaimed by the prophetic word catapulted him into his destiny. There are many prophetic words over lives and nations that have been in suspension until this moment in time. We declare to you today that the time is NOW! The intersection of time is here for these things to be fulfilled. Take out those words that you have held dear and proclaim them into the heavenlies and see God act. This year, we will see new inventions, and old dreams that were packed away and forgotten in a box come forth with fresh life. Entrepreneurs will arise with innovative ideas, new books will be written, and new prophetic artists will emerge. We declare that provision for the advancement of the Kingdom is at hand!  The time to speak these things is now! The time to declare the acceptable year of the Lord is now! Stand fast in your faith and your prophetic words will see fulfillment, for the declaration of the prophetic word brings into play all of the resources of the Kingdom of Heaven to achieve what was spoken.

We see all this taking place this year in a time of great acceleration. When the prophet Darren Canning came to the Tent at the end of 2017, we seized on one of his paintings called "The Angel of Acceleration" and put it up at the front of the sanctuary. Ever since then time has speeded up! Look to see fulfilment of the things you have waited for happen quickly this year. Two people in two different cities saw a key turning in a lock very easily. The time has come for the open door.

This is the year of alignment of nations to begin to manifest.

Just as last year was the year of the Cyrus decree, so it happened that a modern day Cyrus made a decree over Jerusalem. When Donald Trump announced the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the plans to move the embassy there, the building of the wall around Jerusalem began. As in Nehemiah's day, one by one they will begin to align together to build the wall. Expect to hear the word "wall" in the news headlines in the US over and over this year as a prophetic sign that God is aligning nations around the city of Jerusalem. Watch the nations that have already sided with the US on this to begin to see a flood of Glory and prosperity manifest in their midst. It was interesting that the South Sea Islands made up the majority of the nations voting against the UN resolution to castigate the US for this monumental step. These were the very nations who in November of this year held a conference in Jerusalem to welcome the King of Glory there. There is no doubt that this meeting was heard in the heavenlies and opened the way for what happened in December. Many nations hang in the balance over this issue as God begins to identify the sheep nations of the world, including the nation of Canada. Much prayer is required of the church in Canada to see us firmly shift on the side of righteousness. It is time for the church in Canada to raise its voice! This year we expect even to see nations who currently are voicing opposition to the US declaration to change their opinion as more and more nations begin to build the wall.  

Because of this, a wave of Glory will hit the United States in ever increasing measure as they continue to take a courageous stand with Israel. This will open the door for other nations to follow. The harvest is at hand!

The year of the sword.

If you read the book of Nehemiah, the wall was not built without much struggle. This will be a year where we build the Kingdom and enter into the new with a sword in one hand as we build with the other. This will be a year of deception, lies and plots against the people of God. In Israel, if Nehemiah continues to be the blueprint, the enemies they face are from within. Other nations may look on, but the unrest will continue to be within their borders. However, the good news is that the word of the Lord will prevail. Expect to see evil actions done in secret revealed, sin secretly committed behind closed doors and considered hidden shown for all to see. It will be a year when corruption at the highest levels will be made manifest. God is about to deal first with Israel and then nations whose governments are ungodly. Watch this begin to unfold in a greater way as God prepares the nations of the world for His harvest.

These changes will come about and be called into being by the speaking out of the prophetic word. This year we will see a rise in the development of schools of the prophets and a greater level of the prophetic voice being heard. For those who are prepared to stand in belief that God is able, God will show you new things from this time forth, even hidden things kept in reserve which you have not known.  The image of the cloud by day keeping us concealed in the hidden place and the fire by night bringing warmth, light, revelation and a healthy fear of the Lord, will manifest over His church as we advance.

Near the end of 2017 we heard the Lord say that the war horses have been released. Expect more of the angel armies working in tandem with the church this year. Together we will take much ground.

We are also living in a time where righteousness is viewed as evil in our society and sin is exalted. Barring an awakening in our nation, a slide towards persecution of Godly values will continue. We call for the voice of Elijah to be heard in the nation of Canada! Now is the time for the prophetic church to arise. The time is now to decree a shift in the heavenlies that will manifest in the earth. Prior to the end of the year there was a vision of swishing skirts of the Angel of Dominion at the Tent. God has the Dominion of Canada in His sights. In this year of the intersection of time, the angel of Dominion is loosed! We declare that He WILL have dominion from sea to sea in our land.

It is the year of Hosea's Bride Revival

The book of Hosea paints a picture of a bride who was unfaithful and made herself unworthy of her groom. But God in His tender mercy brought her back and restored her. This is the year when God is going to begin to woo His unfaithful bride who has left her first love and sullied herself with the world. He is about to bring her back into His chamber and restore her to a place of honour once again. We will begin to see our sons and daughters returning into their God given destinies. Hope is now springing forth and our hearts will swell with joy as we see them running back to the radiant one to be embraced by Him once again.

Go ahead--sing your new song to the Lord! Let everyone in every language sing Him a new song. Don't stop! Keep on singing! Make His name famous! Psalm 96:1,2 (Passion translation)

2018 is the Year of the New Song.

New songs come out of victory and overcoming. Expect to sing these new songs in the marketplace, in the home and wherever you go. Songs of rebuilding are going to be released in 2018 as harvest hopes are realized. These songs will be fresh songs as lives are restored, communities rebuilt and nations brought into alignment.

The season for singing and pruning the vines has arrived. I hear the cooing of doves in our land, filling the air with songs to awaken you and guide you forth. Can you not discern this new day of destiny breaking forth around you? The early signs of my purposes and plans are bursting forth. The budding vines of new life are now blooming everywhere. The fragrance of their flowers whispers, "There is change in the air". Song of Songs 2: 12, 13 (Passion translation)

It is the year of the Song of Songs, the song of the returning bride. Can you hear it? Its melodies are wafting over the land. It is the song of awakening. It is the song of hope restored. It is the song of destiny and dreams fulfilled. It is a new song because He makes all things new.

2017: The Cyrus Year

It has been our habit over the last few years to first review the prophetic word that we had for the previous year. When we get a word, we often see in part and when we allow time to put some perspective on it, things become more clear. The word that stood out for 2016 was "Double". 2016 was going to be the year of the double. At the time, we were thinking, "double portion" or things along those lines. Then as the year unfolded, the fuller meaning of "double" began to emerge. A few days into 2016, doubles began to appear. First, twins were born in San Diego, one on Dec 31, 2015 and the other on Jan 1, 2016. Then, there appeared a headline in one of the news feeds saying, "53 year old billionaire gives birth to twins"! Right after that, doubles were everywhere. Then, in March, 2016 we were in Israel when a very significant thing happened. 50 Iranians (Persians) arrived declaring that they were assigned to release the Cyrus decree over the land of Israel. As we began to think about this and do some research, we found out that Israel had released a postage stamp that year with the Cyrus decree on it! What does this have to do with double? Isaiah 45 declares that a Cyrus was going to arise who would "subdue nations before him and strip kings of their armor, to open the double doors before him, so that gates will not be shut" 150 years after Isaiah prophesied this, Cyrus, a Persian king made decrees on behalf of Israel to allow them to come back into their land and lay the foundation for the temple.

Following this, prophets began to declare that the 45th President of the United States would be a Cyrus and that Donald Trump would be that one. The past season has been very significant in that we have experienced three very important years. It began with 2014/15 (5775) that was the Shemitah year and the final of the blood moons, followed by 2015/16 (5776) which was the 70th Jubilee year. This year, 2016/17 (5777) is a very significant time. It is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the 100th anniversary of the Balfour declaration that declared that Israel had a right to their own homeland, the 70th anniversary of the UN granting the Jews the right to a Jewish state, and the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. These triplet years have been working together to culminate in what is about to be a year like none other! Suddenly, the headline "53 year old billionaire gives birth to twins" began to become clear. Three Jubilees (50), or years of rest, would see a billionaire bring in the double. Then, this New Years amazingly enough, three sets of twins were born in the US, one baby in 2016 and one baby in 2017. Once again San Diego astonishingly gave birth to one of these sets of twins just as they did last year! A triplet of twins born in the US on New Year's eve! Watch for 222 to appear as a sign everywhere.

2017 is a Cyrus year, the year of the double doors. On January 20, a Cyrus will become the 45th President of the United States. On the Hebrew calendar, that day is Tevet 22 and the sunset is at 4:22. The double doors are about to be flung open. In the year 5777, Donald Trump will be 70 years old, 7 months and 7 days. He won the election by 77 electoral votes. What does this mean? One only needs to read the book of Ezra to understand what happens when Cyrus comes. Cyrus decreed that the Jews could settle in their land, and at that time, they laid the foundation for the temple in Jerusalem. It is no surprise that the recent UN resolution was about settlements and Jerusalem. During Ezra's time, there was much deception and warfare with Israel's enemies trying to stop what was decreed. The enemies of God pretended to be friends wanting to help, all the while working with deceit. Sound familiar? This year, the focus will be on Settlements and Jerusalem. There will be much warfare in the spirit realm but Israel will prevail. It is no mistake that this modern day Cyrus has chosen a Secretary of State who favours settlements and an undivided Jerusalem. The moving of the embassy to Jerusalem will open the doors for other nations to do the same.

It is a year of breaking and breakthrough. With the coming in of a Cyrus, we will begin to see tremendous breakthroughs this year. This will be a year of spiritual warfare as 5777 is the year of the clashing of swords. However, we will prevail because the breaker is with us! One who breaks open the way will go up before them; they will break through the gate and go out. Their King will pass through before them, the Lord at their head (Micah 2:13). The war over Jerusalem will be fierce, but it will be won. This will be a year of the alignment of nations. Much intercession is needed for the United States and for Canada in this hour. Canada will benefit from the Cyrus anointing crossing our border from the US.

It will also be a year of the church breaking out of old mindsets that have kept her in bondage to tradition. Jeremiah 33:3 is a verse for this year. "Call to me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you do not know". Through the Cyrus anointing, the "treasures of darkness" or things hidden in scripture will become clear as we cultivate the presence of the Lord.

It is a year of contrast between light and darkness. There will be no more grey areas, but people and nations will be given the choice to choose light. The time for sitting on the fence is over. God is going to have his Church arise and shine in this hour. (Isaiah 60:1)

This is a year of Dominion. In this year of the clashing of kingdoms, the Kingdom is coming! This is the year of the Lord's favour. People will begin to rise up in the spirit of Isaiah 61:1, the Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed me.Over and over, we heard the word "arise". This is a destiny year. The year of the double doors will open to doubles of blessings, doubles of wholeness, doubles of rest, doubles of anointing, doubles of revelation. Double speaks of expansion and the Kingdom of God is ever expanding especially in this year of Dominion. This is the year of the favour of the Lord upon His people. Expect to experience favour in every area. The mighty force of favour will bring deliverance and reconciliation in 2017, especially in families. Expect to see salvation for household members.

This is Canada's year to arise prophetically. Canada will begin to reap some of the benefits of Stephen Harper's steadfast loyalty to Israel this year. This year is our 150th anniversary (a triplet of 50's) and something significant happened in Ottawa on New Year's eve. We have never done this before, but we had two sets of fireworks, one at 8:17 and one at midnight. Canada was announcing the year of the double! Also for the first time, prophets from Canada have been invited to the inauguration of the President of the United States. It was also Canadians who hosted the Iranians last year to release the Cyrus decree in Israel. Issachars are about to arise in Canada who will discern the times and know what to do. This year, prophets in many nations, including Canada, will stand before kings and reverse evil decrees as in the days of Esther.

This is a year that will put great emphasis on the Word of God. Mantles of authority especially in the area of divine healing will be given as people begin to "eat the word of God". Old mindsets will be broken as the Word begins to take hold from the inside out.

It is the year of the wine being poured out. Someone saw a bottle of wine being poured out into a glass. God's spirit is on the move! We are about to experience that which we have longed for! It is significant that the twins were born in San Diego two years in a row on New Years. San Diego has experienced a move of God that continued all last year and is still ongoing. This is a sign of the wine that is about to be poured out in many places this year. The same person saw a wall of ice suddenly broken. God is about to do some amazing things suddenly in 2017.

This is the year of the angels. The church will begin to experience heightened angelic encounters this year. Angels are being released to bring us into our destiny. The double doors of finances and harvest are being thrust open. God is releasing the angel armies to ensure victory.

This is the year of the release of great Mercy. At the beginning of 5777 we heard the Lord say, "Do you not know that I sit above the mercy seat?" A wave of mercy is about to hit the world. The task for the church is to go into the Holy of Holies, the place of the mercy seat, and cultivate the manifest presence of God. It is out of this place that the mercy seat will manifest. There is no other way.

We have come to a moment in time. It is not surprising that many have been experiencing a heightened level of spiritual warfare. This will continue in 2017, but the good news is that God will prevail. The plans of man will come to nothing as God's Kingdom becomes more and more manifest of the earth. He will have dominion from sea to sea.

2016: The Year of the Double

Return to your fortress O prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you. 
Zechariah 9:12
The Key words for this year are Restoration, Double, Gold , Jubilee, Fulfilment, , Divine, and Harvest.
As the Tent of David as a body waited on the Lord for a word from God for this year, these were the main themes that came forth on New Year's eve 2015.


I will restore to you the years that the locust has eaten.. Joel 2:25
This scripture began to be highlighted for us this past November in Israel and is a word for 2016. One of the things the year of Jubilee is about is restoring what was lost. In this year of Jubilee there will be a great restoration come to the people of God.
When in prayer for this year, Dan was given the date, Nisan 1 (April 9) as an important date where we will begin to see the beginnings of a great harvest. He had no idea until someone shared that evening that this is the date of the 110th anniversary of Azusa Street and that Lou Engel is planning a huge Call gathering on April 9 in California to release a revival that will fill stadiums! Also, the scripture that the Call was founded on is Joel 2!
What impressed us about Joel 2 is that restoration has to come to the people of Godbefore the great outpouring. Be expectant about what is about to do in the first quarter of this year!


God began to speak to us about this being the year of the double a week before New Year's eve at our women's watch. As we were worshipping, Cathy, one of our worship leaders began sing "doublin', doublin' doublin' " Her menorah was sitting on the fireplace mantle and she could see first its reflection in the mirror and then a reflection of the reflection as if it continued to double. Another lady is building a new kitchen and the name of the design is "Dublin". Kitchen speaks of provision.
This was confirmed by two signs. First a double tailed comet has recently been sighted named Catalina which means, "pure". It has been visible since the end of November and can be seen until January 17th. It appears green which is the colour of prosperity. Double blessing. Then, on New Year's eve, twins were born in San Diego, one on December 31st and one on January 1st. We are entering into the double in 2016!


This year will see a tremendous release of finances into the Kingdom of God. For some time now we have had a theme of Gold. Our ladies prayer watch group was founded this year and we took the name, "Ladies of Gold" as ones who wish to press in for more of the Glory being manifested in our midst. This year, in the Christmas cards to the Tent I felt to include a gold wrapped chocolate coin from Israel, so each one got a coin.
Then on Christmas day, my husband gave me a real gold coin! As we continued to our Christmas meal and opened our Christmas crackers, the little trivia question in mine was "What is the name of the element Au?" Of course, it is GOLD. We all then pulled out our hats and they were all gold crowns! All of this at Christmas, the time of giving.
I believe the angel of Finance has been released this Christmas. The week before Christmas, I had a strong impression that God was about to do something on Christmas. Then, as I was taking down our Christmas tree, one of the gold chocolate coins fell from the hands of the angel on top of the tree into my lap! My husband couldn't remember if he put it there or not, but it sure got my attention!
We feel what this is all saying is that there is about to be released tremendous abundance into the Kingdom of God coupled with extravagant giving. The double portion is linked with finances. This is the year of Joseph's seed.Those who have a generous spirit, and who don't hold onto old grievances are going to inherit the financial kingdom.
To reinforce this, we gave everyone a second gold chocolate coin on New Year's eve and sprinkled gold salt on the bread for communion as a sign of God's covenant promises to us.


This is the year of Jubilee on the Biblical calendar. This is a very significant one in that it is the 70th Jubilee. Someone was given Daniel 9 as being important. This is a time when we will be given supernatural insight and understanding of the times that we are in. It will be a time when we do things differently, as the Lord reveals how to do it "better".
The year Jubilee means three things: a time when the captives are set free, the restoration of things lost and the entering into a year of the "rest of faith". Last year was the Shemitah year of rest and it is now coupled with the Jubilee year which is also a year of rest. The double portion. 
A couple of days prior to December 31 I had an experience when I was on the treadmill. Everything in me wanted to stop before the last five minutes of my scheduled time. But I felt I had to press through. As I continued to walk, suddenly I felt myself going into "warp speed" and I could see all the galaxy passing before me as you see in the movies. Then I broke through into this incredible sense of peace and rest, like I was floating in space. It happened to me again the next day. I believe that there is incredible Jubilee rest coming to those who don't quit, but break through the birth membrane into the new.
This year also has a double month of Adar on the Biblical calendar . Adar just precedes Nisan 1. We say again, "Watch what unfolds in the first quarter this year related to restoration". As I was writing this, an e-mail just popped up that said "53 Year old billionaire is pregnant with twins"! And she is due in April, the month of Adar and Nisan! One of the ladies came to the New Year's watch with a picture of a full term baby in utero. Begin to decree the double portion of finances over your life this year. Ask God to give you a generous spirit with the wisdom to know what to do.


This is the year of "No more delay". God is about to fulfil what He has promised. The Lord says, "It is not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit" that these things will be accomplished. The promises you are standing on are going to be realized.

Attack on truth:

Coupled with all of these blessings, there will also be an unprecedented attack on the Truth that was once delivered to the saints. Several saw false prophets arising and coming as angels of light. As the glory increases many of these false prophets will be revealed this year.


A recurring theme for many was "harvest" for this year. The Lord is going to thrust out labourers into His harvest field beginning in their spheres of influence. This harvest is going to be compelled and known by the love that people manifest towards the lost.


God is going after the lost sheep in Israel in a far greater measure this year. Houses of prayer will fan the flame of renewed faith and will extend their tent pegs in the coming season. We had a word over the Tent of David in Israel that we would go into the Holy of Holies in Israel. We believe that the season for this is now. Worship will go into a deeper dimension and holy ground will be established.


Everything about this year is "divine": divine appointments, divine encounters, divine healing, divine love, divine knowledge. The church is going to see more of the miraculous being released as we spend time in the secret place. We are going to move increasingly into the divine realm as we press in to the Glory realm. Expect the divine to overtake you as you go deeper into God this year.
There was tremendous expectation released on New Year's eve this year. Get ready for 2016, the year of release of the double portion. It is going to be Divine.

2015/5775: the Year of the Palindrome

Once again, the Tent of David held a gathering on December 31, 2014 to release what people are hearing for the coming year. This is a compilation of those words (compiled by Dale Rosborough).

We always begin our season for seeking the Lord with the new year in the Biblical calendar. This began at Rosh Hashana on September 25, 2014. Dan and I were in Israel at the time and he was wakened up with these words: "You are entering into 5775, the year of the palindrome. What is the word for the year?" A palindrome is a word, phrase or number of sequence that reads the same forward or reversed. 5775 reads the same both forwards and backwards. As Dan thought about this, the word LEVEL came booming into his consciousness and then the verse from the Prophet Amos: Thus He showed me: and behold, the Lord stood upon a wall made by a plumbline, with a plumbline in his hand. And the Lord said unto me, Amos, what do you see? and I said, "A Plumbline". Then said the Lord, Behold I will set a plumbline in the midst of my people Israel: I will not again pass by them any more. Amos 7:7,8

God is placing a plumbline in the midst of the people in the coming year. It will define the difference between the pure gospel and that which is false. Since this experience, many palindromes have come forth including the word, CIVIC. The is a year for government and 2015 will see significant clashes between the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light. Governmental elections will be very important this year. Israel and Canada will be faced with their plumblines this year.

It is a year to give those in darkness an opportunity to hear and see the true gospel spoken and demonstrated in power. It is a year of boldness, of stepping out into the promises of God without fear. It is a year that the prophets longed to see. There is a sense that the Hebrews 11 heroes of faith are cheering us on into our destiny.

The year of transition, keys and an open door:

One of the Tent members had a vision of us standing in the passageway between two doors: one was shut and the other ahead was open. The scripture given was Revelation 3: 7. These are the words of Him who is holy and true, who holds the Key of David. What He opens, no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.

Following this, we had several words about transition and keys. This year many people are going to see a season of transition in their ministry, locations, changes in employment and transitions into the new. It is the year of alignment and re-alignment. It's time to take a courageous step of alignment with the plans and purposes of God. There are keys that are going to be given to open up dreams that have been put on hold, hopes that were broken and visions still unfulfilled. Keys will unlock hidden things that were previously not known.
There is a sense that the time of transition now is very short and the open door is immediately in front of us in 2015.

The word "Identity" will be heard in 2015

It is a time for many of God's children to honour their biological identity. This will include those who have First Nations DNA. There is a sound coming forth out of the land that will break down strongholds and many of those who have bloodlines of the First Nations will hear the sound and release it over areas resulting in great power manifesting over regions.
It is also a time to discover our true identity in Christ which is linked to a fresh manifestation of authority in believers who go CLOSER and DEEPER into Him in 2015. 2015 is a call to intimacy with the Father which will cause us to understand our position in Him and the authority that this carries. The body of believers will need to understand this identity if they are to withstand the "rush of waters" (Psalm 32:7) of false teaching and troubling times that are ahead.

It is a year of greater intimacy with God

God is calling us to this closer and deeper walk with him for the days that lie ahead. With intimacy will come authority. Without it, the church will lack power. Song of Songs 8:6 says Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm. A seal speaks of authority and the imprint of the guarantor. Seals are opened by those who have the authority to do so. (Revelation 5).

With this intimacy, God will put keys in people's hands to open doors for ministry. Ideas and opportunities will unfold resulting in creative ideas in the business arena and to build bridges with others. Hidden promises are coming forth this year. Surely His bride is being made ready.

This intimacy is not just desirable, it will be necessary in 2015.

It is a year when First Love will be restored in marriages, families and churches.

This is the year when families will be restored. There will be supernatural healing of wounds, and mindsets shifted. Church families will see restoration where past judgments will be washed away in God's love.

God is rewiring our brains in 2015.

During worship, someone said that they had an incredible thing happen. They felt that God was rewiring circuits in their brain and suddenly creative ideas began to surface that had been dormant for a long time. Then, a couple of days later I was watching Glory of Zion's webcast and Chuck Pierce began to declare that new circuits were being formed! He then said that the sound of worship was going into his brain and rewiring it. In this year, a new sound is about to be released that will re-circuit our brains releasing fresh ideas and promises left unfulfilled. Get ready to act on these things!

The number 15:

The number 15 brings with it many meanings. In Israel, it signifies a season of celebration and rest, since the feasts begin on the 15th of the month. It is a time of reversal and restoration. This is the Shemitah year, so beginning with 5775 we have entered into a season of rest. It will be marked with joy!

It was interesting because we began our worship time on New Years eve with a song we had not sung for years. You have turned my mourning into dancing. This is the year we are in! Divine reversal! We need to stand in the face of the enemy and refuse to leave our resting place! We will see him crumble in our sight!

It is the year of Shilo and Samuel:

When I was in Israel this November, God gave me the opportunity to visit Bethel, Shilo and Shechem. When I was at Shilo (meaning "rest") I didn't want to leave. It was the place where Samuel lay beside the ark in the Tabernacle. The Lord impressed on me that this was the year of Samuel. It is the year of the cleansing of the priesthood and with that will come a pure prophetic word. None of Samuel's words fell to the ground. There is coming a word from God from pure vessels that will shake the earth.

It is also the year of Hannah. Many have been Hannah's who have been groaning for the promised word to come forth. You will see those promises birthed in the coming season. Hannah's prayer in 1 Samuel 2 is a powerful spiritual warfare tool for us to begin to wield.

It is the year of an organic fresh wind of the Holy Spirit:

The number 5 in the Hebrew alphabet is the word for Ruach or breath of God. It is also the number for Grace. When I was in Israel this November I visited Rosh Pina where there was the first indigenous revival in the Land from 1975 to 1979. It was a "hippie" revival. A colony of hippies had come there and God began to sovereignly move through them with a supernatural knowledge of the Bridegroom. There is such a sense that the next move of God will be an Acts 2 wave of the Holy Spirit akin to the Jesus people movement in the 70's. It will be organic in that it will burst outside the walls of traditional church and move in relational and unusual ways amongst ordinary truth seeking people. Watch for it to spring up in untraditional places. Homes and coffee shops will become places of worship.

There is no more delay.

During our New Years eve watch we were given two prophetic gifts: Beautiful tall candle holders and gorgeous travel bags. The candles represented the light going out into the harvest field this year and the travel bags shouted "It's time to GO!" The harvest is here! Move when He moves!

May God bless you this coming year, fill you with His joy and give you the tenacity to stay in His rest to see your promises fulfilled.

2014/5774: Resurrection

As most of you know, the Tent of David sets aside New Year's eve each year to listen to the voice of God concerning the coming calendar year. Most recently, we have found that God has already begun to speak beginning with the New Year in the Biblical calendar at Rosh Hashana in the Fall. This word is an extension of what has already been revealed at Rosh Hashana.

The major words out of 5774 in the Hebrew calendar were that this was going to be the year of the Hebrew letter, Dalit (the Open Door) and the release of the Voice of Elijah on the earth. This will continue to be the overarching theme for the remainder of 5774.

As we gathered on December 31st, a number of people had been seeking God for 2014. This word is a compilation of what was shared that night.

The word for this year is Resurrection. Ever since we received this word on New Year's, it has been resonating in a number of confirmations. One person got the word "A breath of fresh air". This speaks of the Ezekiel 37 scripture of God coming and breathing on dry bones and seeing life come back into them. This is the year of resurrection power. Life is being restored to those who have been considered dead.

Rosetta Florence sent us the scripture, Isaiah 54 as the scripture for this year. As she read it, all she could hear was "the birth of Israel". When Israel became a nation, Ezekiel 37 was the scripture that they were founded on- the resurrection scripture.

One of the most profound confirmations of this as a word for this year, came on January 11 with the passing of Ariel Sharon. Sharon has been asleep for 8 years and died on 1/11 at 1 pm of the Shabbat. The number 8 is 7 plus 1 which means resurrection and regeneration. There were 8 people raised from the dead in scripture. Noah was the 8th person in the ark and stepped out into a new order of things. 1/11 speaks of crossing over into the new thing. Expect to hear about resurrection this year more and more. We are currently in an intersection of time.

All eyes will be on the nation of Israel this year. With the beginning of the four blood moons on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles this year, prepare for something very significant to happen in Israel. Just as the passing of Sharon spoke of coming into a new order, watch what Israel will be prophesying over the coming months. There have been a number of earthquakes recorded in northern Galilee in the last few months. There will be some shakings in the coming year.

This year is the year of the Word. God is going to bring His people back to the written word of God. There will be a hunger and thirst for scripture as never before. It will also be the year where the power of the spoken word will be revealed. Just as in Genesis 1, where worlds were created and sustained by the power of the spoken word, so the saints of God will begin to declare the word with great authority and power.

It is the year of the goodness of God being revealed in a great measure through a people who know the secret place. A number saw a dividing line being drawn where God will be calling people more and more to the secret place. Refiners fire will start with the House of the Lord. God will bring an increasing awareness and desire for holiness. God is going to raise up leaders and put down leaders this year. A number of religious and political leaders will leave their positions or be removed. The number will astound us. The reason for this is that the Lord is bringing about His government for the mighty outpouring He is about to send.

For He will be like a blazing fire that refines metal, or like a strong soap that bleaches clothes. He will sit like a refiner of silver burning away the dross, He will purify the Levites, refining them like gold and silver so they may once again offer acceptable sacrifices to the Lord. Malachi 3: 2b-3

There will be a great separation between the people that know Holy Spirit and are dwelling in the secret place with Him and those that aren't. For those that are willing, the goodness of God will overtake them. Profound revelations will be given to the "least of these", often given in small gatherings. They will literally see nations shaken by their prayers. People in the marketplace will see a supernatural increase in every area, with God releasing signs, wonders and miracles. Abundance and overflow will be in direct relation to our repentance and time spent in the secret place. Psalm 107 is an important scripture for this year.

The dividing line will be so pronounced as the blessings overtake those seeking hard after God, that stray sheep will return to the fold, once again awakened to the promises of God for their lives. There was a strong sense that this will be the "best of times and the worst of times". We would do well to be dwelling in the land of Goshen this year.

It is the year of Naphtali. Naphtali was the tribe who released Good News. It was the tribe of favour and blessing. This will be a year of favour for those who hunger and thirst over the things of God. Naphtali was also given a city of refuge in its land. God will begin to establish places of refuge both in Israel and in Canada.

During this year, the Tent of David will be establishing the Tent of David, Israel in the tribal allotment of Naphtali in the Sea of Galilee region. Throughout the evening on December 31 a number of words were given concerning this. This was going to be a year of milestones for the Tent of David. The Lord said that we were going to see in one year as much as we had seen in the previous 7 years! Seven plus 1!

One of the words that was given to us concerning the Tent of David, Israel was the word "simultaneous" for TOD Canada and TOD Israel. Whatever would be happening in one, would happen in the other. The last Sunday of 2013, the large sword that we have at the Tent that was given to Dan and Dale at their wedding came to have new meaning. The sword carries an inscription, "Tanto Manta, Manta Tanto". We never knew what it meant. Our son happened to be in the meeting that day and looked it up. It means "As much as one is worth, so too is the other". There has been a prophecy over the Sea of Galilee area that when God would find a people who would cherish His Glory that He was going to pour out His Spirit on the Galilee. There are a number of worship houses being established this year in the Galilee region along with ours. As in Israel, so let it be in Canada!

We were given a number of prophetic gifts on December 31. We were given bowls. One was a golden bowl with the Canadian maple leaf on it for the house in Israel. Along with that came bowls with grapes designed in the bottom representing the new wine being poured out. One bowl was in the shape of a heart representing love being poured out. What struck me was that they were serving bowls. We are to go to Israel with hearts of loving servants to release the new wine in the land of Naphtali.

It is the year of the voice of Elijah, the prophetic acts of Elisha and the miracles of Jesus! Not only will the prophetic be booming across the land, but the number 14 (2x7) is the double portion number just as Elisha carried the double portion of Elijah's power. This year, we can expect the release of miracles on every side! When we gathered together on New Year's eve, we had everyone pass through the open door and then anointed them with Elisha oil to release the double portion anointing. People who walk in an Elisha anointing can expect to see greater levels of spiritual authority over nature. Expect unusual miracles this year. We will also continue to move from gifts based ministry to presence based ministry. The presence of God will so permeate people that they will see miracles go before them in the way.

2014 will be an incredible year. The voice of Elijah will once again permeate the world as Israel takes the front seat in declaring the word of the Lord in the coming season. We are entering into an era that is going to unprecedented where the worshipping people of God, who have spent time in the secret place, can expect to do exploits for the Kingdom. Let the spirit of Praise arise!

2013: The Year When the Impossible Becomes Possible

Last year, we entitled our prophetic word for 2012, "The Fullness of Time". 2012 was a year when we were going to see words and events come full circle. We believe this to be true. One only has to look at the prophet nation of the world, Israel, to see this being demonstrated. In November, 2012, the population of Jews in Israel reached 6,000,000 - the number lost in the holocaust. A cycle has been completed and we enter into the new.

What can we expect in 2013?

It is the year of the Camels.
Since the Hebraic New Year in September, the year of the camel, we have been declaring that the camels are coming! With the camels come provision of everything you need! With the restoration of the Jews in Israel, we can expect that we will see a full restoration of that which was lost. A key word for this year is breakthrough. We see camels coming from every direction for the people of God. It is a year of increase.

It is the year of oil.
In April of 2013, Israel begins to pump natural gas from its oil fields in the Mediterranean. For the first time, they will have enough for themselves and more! They will become an exporting nation! Oil speaks of provision, light, anointing and unity (Psalm 133). Many came to our New Years watch with a word on unity. It is only with unity that all the promises for 2013 will be apprehended. Those who stand together as one will see God come in tremendous power this year. Cathy had a significant dream that speaks of this. In the dream she saw Jesus standing before her with a large tuning fork. He said to her that He was striking the key of "F". The key of "F" speaks of harmony and unity and coming into alignment. God is striking the tuning fork this year to cause us to come into harmony that will propel us into His promises for this year.

It is the year of Abraham's blessing.
Abraham met two kings in the valley of the kings (Genesis 14): Melchizedek, King of Salem and the King of Sodom. The Melchizedek three-fold blessing which launched Abraham into his destiny is ours to apprehend this year: He would possess heaven (access), earth (possessions) and have his enemies under his feet (dominion).

It is the year of heavenly bread or hidden manna.
When he met with Melchizedek, Abram was given supernatural bread from heaven. When he ate it, it altered his very being and started him on a course to father nations. Others also have eaten this bread: The seventy elders who ascended Mt. Sinai were spread a table before them in the heavenly realm; Elijah ate it and on the strength of that travelled for 40 days and 40 nights; and Jesus ate it after His temptation and went out in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Now God promises that those who overcome will be given the hidden manna to eat.

To him who overcomes (conquers), I will give to eat of the manna that is hidden and I will give him a white stone with a new name engraved on the stone, which no one knows or understands except he who receives it." Revelation 2: 17:

We believe that this year that we can believe for the hidden manna. This and the white stone speak of the mysteries of God that will be further revealed to overcomers this year and an opening of a fresh understanding of the supernatural realm that exists outside of time. Expect to experience the heavenly realm as never before.

Recently Martha had a prophetic dream which speaks to this. In one part of the dream, an angel came to her speaking in a language that she could not understand. The angel took her hand and pointed to her palm. The angel's fingernail had 3 diamonds in it. Martha could not understand what the angel was saying as she did this. It was as though the angel was speaking mysteries into her spirit. The diamonds are white stones.

Look for a greater understanding of the supernatural realm of God this year and an unveiling of the mysteries of God as you press into His Glory.

It is a Zebulon year.
The tribe of Zebulon represents prosperity in business. It is also linked with Pentecost and First Fruits. There is a significant blessing period over the Feast of Pentecost this year and a special financial blessing this year for those who honor First Fruits in their giving. Look for businesses to flourish if they are Kingdom minded. The second king that Abram encountered after Melchizedek was the King of Sodom. It is very significant that the Bible says that Melchizedek gave to Abram. The King of Sodom said "Give me". The spirit of Sodom is one of greed. People in business this year must divorce themselves of any influence of Sodom if they expect to enter into the Zebulon promise for 2013. To demonstrate this, Dan had a dream recently where he was about to cross over into his inheritance. He was given lots of coins coming into his hands, then alongside of them there was a black poker chip. He heard a smooth voice saying to him that he should use the black chip because it would provide him with everything he needed. He knew that this chip was something he had to leave behind as he walked over into his inheritance. The spirit of Sodom. It will be beguiling, but we must leave worldly thinking behind if we wish to enter into Kingdom advancement.

It is the year of Rehoboth.
The superstorm Sandy that devastated the eastern United States this year hit a place called Rehoboth beach. Rehoboth in scripture was Isaac's well. Isaac named this well to declare that God had given him room to expand. We believe that this speaks of the beginnings of the harvest.

It is the year of the evangelist.

Many prodigals will be called to come home this year. We will see more results from personal evangelism than we have seen for many years in 2013. Hard ground will become soft. Deaf ears will hear the beckoning sounds of the gospel of the Kingdom. It's time to expand our horizons. The gathering has begun.

It is a year of war.
None of this will be apprehended without tremendous warfare. God says that He is training our fingers for war. Why fingers? Fingers hold a bow that sends an arrow to supernaturally hit the mark. Justice and the law will go out of Zion. Many of our musical instruments use the fingers to release the sound. God is calling us to strategic warfare with heavenly music. In the menorah psalms, this is the year of counsel. We are going to receive heavenly counsel for war strategies as we worship that will cause us to break through!

It is the year for the impossible to become possible.

For who are you, O great mountain [of human obstacles]? Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain! And he shall bring forth the finishing gable stone with loud shoutings of the people, crying, Grace, grace to it! Zechariah 4:7

It is the year to speak to the mountain and see it move.

Our friends in the Hebrides had a word for 2013, superabundant grace. More than enough of grace! We are going to shout "Grace, Grace! over our mountains this year! Things that have seemed impossible in the past will now become possible! There is a new authority coming to people of the Kingdom and what they speak they will see! We see the greatest war this year to be between faith and unbelief. Take authority in Jesus' name! Justice will be released against evil, poverty, sickness and disease. Miracles (impossible things) are about to be released in great measure.

It is the year of Light and Glory.
Earlier this year, the Lord woke Dale up with these words: "The answer to every question is found in the book of Genesis". We believe that the book of Genesis will be key to understanding the Kingdom this year. He's taking us back to the beginning.

The number 13 usually has pretty negative associations with it. It is generally thought to stand for a period of rebellion. Look for a rebellious spirit being manifest throughout the kingdom of darkness this year. Protests and unrest will continue throughout the nations of the world. However, there is another 13!

And God said, Let there be light and there was light! Genesis 1:3:

This is the year of supernatural light!

The name Zebulon means "Glorious dwelling place". This is the season of Glory and light. God is going to make His people shine. And nations will run to our rising. At our recent Quantum Glory conference Kari Browning came with a word by Jill Austin for Canada entitled Tents of Glory where Jill saw tents filled with Glory in our land. This year is that year.

Matthew 4:16: (speaking of the land of Zebulon) "The people who dwelt enveloped in darkness have seen a great light and for those who sit in the land of the shadow of death, light has dawned."

We always watch to see what prophetically is done in Israel during the Feast of Tabernacles. This year, the Lord spoke to Tom Hess and told him to light torches in Jerusalem representing the nations of the world and carry them to Caesarea, the place of sending forth. They did this to declare the sending of the Glory from Jerusalem to the nations of the earth. Something in us cried out that we must receive that glory torch. So on New Year's eve, we lit a large torch to receive the Glory from Jerusalem. We then lit candles starting in the east, then the south, west and north (in the order that the tribes of Israel moved out). We then gave each individual a light stick to represent the fire on every head as in the day of Pentecost. It was very powerful.

Prior to doing this we all cleansed our hands with cream that was anointed with hyssop. As our lights were lit, we read in unison, Psalm 24: "Who may ascend the hill of the Lord..He who has clean hands and a pure heart....Lift up your heads O ye gates and be lifted up ye ancient doors and the King of Glory will come in. Who is this King of Glory? The Lord, mighty in battle."

There was a sense of the holy as we did this. We had become a Kingdom of Priests. The worship team began to sing "The Glory realm, realm of eternity, realm of the heavenlies, it's the Glory realm". It's the year of the Glory. We have waited a long time for it. But as with Abraham of old, the wait has been worth it. The promised son is called "Laughter" because of the unspeakable joy that is coming to our land.

Welcome to 2013. It's a good year.

2012: The Fullness of Time

And when the day of Pentecost had FULLY come, they were all in ONE ACCORD in one place when SUDDENLY there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind... Acts 2: 1,2

There is something about the number 12. Over the New Year, we wait for the clock to strike 12. It signifies the beginning of a new time, a new era. In God’s economy, the number 12 is highly significant. There were 12 Apostles, 12 gates in the New Jerusalem, 12 gems in the gates with 12 angels guarding them, 12 tribes. Twelve is the number of divine government.

Prophetically, the number 12 is significant for the nation of Canada. Behind Parliament Hill in Ottawa there is a monument to the bell that used to hang in the Peace Tower. When the original Parliament buildings burned, as the fire raged, this bell continued to toll until it rang 12 times, and immediately afterwards fell into the fire. This is a powerful image of fire falling on the nation of Canada at the time of divine government. The fullness of time.

This year, as with every year since the beginning of the Tent of David, we held our prophetic watch on New Years eve to discern what the Lord is saying for 2012. These are the themes.

There are two important Psalms for this year. One speaks concerning the year to come and one speaks over the nation of Canada.

Psalm 112: When Randy Demain was here in October, he taught that Jewish scholars have found a link to the Psalms and the calendar year. This year Psalm 112 speaks of what will be the significant characteristics of 2012. When you read this Psalm you are struck with the message of financial blessing over the righteous. This year will be a year of miracle provision for the people of God. It also carries the notion that there will be evil tidings this year that could bring fear. But the righteous will overcome and prosper in every area!

Psalm 133: Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. It is like the precious oil upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments. This scripture came forth when Dale was in Mackenzie, British Columbia in November. At that time, we recalled how a South American pastor flew to the far north of Canada and got out of the plane and declared this scripture over Canada. He prophesied that the oil of the Spirit was going to flow down from the north (the head), through the United States (the beard) and down to South America (the garments). The incredible thing is that there was someone from Brazil in South America in those meetings and we had her read Psalm 133 over the nation of Canada once again. What is even more unbelievable is that in our meeting on Dec 31 we had a Messianic Rabbi from Brazil in our meeting and he and his wife sang Psalm 133 in Hebrew over us. He then recited the Aaronic blessing over all of us in Brazilian Portuguese! The oil from Aaron’s beard. That night we had five people from Brazil in our meeting.

As I thought about this, I realized that even in the natural there is oil that is beginning to flow from Canada through the United States. The Keystone Pipeline which is being hotly contested in the United States is bringing oil from near Edmonton Alberta and eventually will end up in Houston, Texas. Much resistance is being waged about this oil, which speaks concerning the resistance that will come for the oil of unity in this nation to be manifest. There was a sense that much prayer and strong intercession concerning unity in this nation must be waged. Brothers must come together in unity for this oil to flow. All division must be broken through strong decree and deep levels of humility. Canada, your destiny is at the door. The fullness of time has come. This is the year to go in and occupy our inheritance.

Psalm 112 is the second of what is known as the menorah Psalms. This is the year of the second of the seven Spirits of God listed in Isaiah 11: The Spirit of Understanding or Revelation. This is the year of Issachar. We are going to be positioned to perceive. God is looking for Issachars this year, and for those who will position themselves, they will receive profound prophetic understanding. There are several things about Issachar that will assist us in seeing correctly. The month on the Biblical Calendar belonging to Issachar is Iyar (mid April to mid May). Watch for significant revelation to open up during this time. This tribe is also linked with the land. Pay attention to earthquakes occurring between now and mid March (the season of the earth). These things are signs of God at work apostolically in certain areas of the world. Watch the land, it is going to speak profoundly this year.

There were a number of words that spoke of powerful strategic spiritual warfare needed in this coming year. Geoff had a dream where he was given a surveillance device with a highly effective early warning system. He saw that it was the Word of God combined with prayer that would allow us to release the Lord and His ministering angels to wage war not in random fashion but each target was carefully selected and accurately eliminated. It is time to legislate the government of God in this land! This is the year when the voice of Elijah will be heard. This will be a year of miraculous answers to fasting and prayer. It is the year of the understanding heart, for it is the year to legislate the purposes of God in our land.

The restoration of 1948. Many significant things happened in 1948. The most important was the creation of the nation of Israel. As a result of this, significant revivals broke out. Three of these were the Latter Rain Revival in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, the Argentinian revival, and the Hebrides Awakening on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. We believe that God is pointing to these places again. Canada’s connection with South America has already been mentioned. However, when the Mackenzie group in British Columbia received the revelation about the Psalm 133 prophetic word, we did not realize that Mackenzie, who the town was named after, was from Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis! It was also 12 years ago that Dan and Dale first went to the Isle of Lewis to declare a rekindling of the fire on that island. The fullness of time. The Tent of David is going to the island in April of this year, the Issachar season. All of this was prepared prior to any of this coming to light. A month or so ago, absolutely incredible winds tore through Scotland and over the Hebrides islands, which were clocked in some places at 165 mph!! The winds of change are being announced. Watch Scotland this year! 1948 is coming again with a violent wind. Recently Dan & Dale purchased a farm and they are to take possession of it this spring with 48 acres. Issachars! The land is speaking!

Once again, Israel is speaking concerning this. This month a tiny seal was found near the Temple Mount that was used to do transactions in the temple to purchase sacrifices. On this seal was inscribed in Aramaic, “Purity to God”. The spark that ignited the Hebrides revival was the scripture found in Psalm 24: “Who will ascend the hill of the Lord? He who has clean hands and a pure heart”. The fullness of time has come. Watch Scotland. The prophetic nation will speak with a voice of Elijah. Look for the beginning of God’s outpouring in Canada, Scotland and South America.

Finally, this is the year of unspeakable joy. Why to you spend your money for that which is not bread and your earnings for what does not satisfy? Hearken diligently to Me and eat what is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness (the profuseness of spiritual joy) Isaiah 55:2

When Sarah laughed in her tent when the angels came to announce the birth of Isaac, it was a good laugh. It was a joyful incredulous laugh. When God visited them he asked “Is anything impossible with God?” When the angel Gabriel visited Mary he said “For with God nothing shall be impossible”. In 2012 His Bride will declare “With God ANYTHING is possible!” Therefore with JOY we will draw water out of the wells of salvation. (Isaiah 12). This is the year to DRINK DEEP. We had a gift given to the Tent to demonstrate this. We were given two beautiful wine glasses. The Bible says that wine makes the heart glad. In 2012 we are going to drink deep of His water and wine. Last year we went on a prophetic prayer journey to Israel and we called it “Water and Wine”. This year, the Lord is saying He is going to pour out that water and wine in abundance. And with it will be poured out unspeakable joy. Do you feel it welling up?

We were also given a poem about the midnight hour on New Year’s eve. It really talked about the things that we have said above. A great strategy is being played out on the earth: one from the evil one and one from the Heavens. The winner has been pre-determined. We need not fear the coming days. We will prevail with unspeakable joy.

Many blessings,
Tent of David Ministries

2011: A Year of Possessing and Possessions

Once again, there is an urgency in the Spirit to get this word out, because it is such a prophetic year that everything that we are seeing is in confirmation of what we received on New Years. The number 10 is a number of testing, similar to the journey in the wilderness that Israel was on. The number 11 is a transition number moving us from 10 (the test) to 12 (the number of divine order). It is a time of crossing over into our inheritance.

Just as the Israelites were on a journey to take them to the place of crossing over, so we have been on a journey of prophetic understanding. Our journey began on April 19 when I was in Halifax, Nova Scotia and was awakened at 3:11 am to hear the words, “Release the warrior spirit”. I got up out of bed and went to the window facing the harbour and simply said, “I release the warrior spirit”. When I got up that morning, the Lord led me to I Samuel 3:11 “Behold I am about to do a thing in Israel that will make the ears of everyone who hears it tingle”. Interestingly enough, April 19, 2010 was Israel’s Birthday! Just as Israel is a warrior nation, so we are called to war this year.
’clock on 3:11, they released the sounds of the harps and pulled the nations of the world through the time gate into what we believe to be the beginning of a world-wide awakening.
The continuation of this prophetic word is that we need to watch Israel this year. There is something very significant that is going to come out of there that will make your ears tingle.
Also watch for 3:11’s to pop up that will be significant. One of the words that came forth for this year that this will be a year of a greater understanding of the Trinity. (to understand God as fire, light and love).

A key word that came to us this year was “Shatter”. Chuck Pierce prophesied that we should watch the places where glass was shattering. Since then, we have had some extremely significant things happen about glass shattering. Shortly after we released this, Donna, one of the Tent members was sitting in her living room with her husband, and all of a sudden they heard glass shattering in the kitchen. There, all by itself, a glass vase that almost looked like a wine glass shattered all by itself into many pieces with no one touching it. She brought it the next Sunday to the Tent in a T-shirt of the Tent of David and we had it there at the front of the sanctuary on New Years eve. When our son looked at it, he said “This looks like the broken wine glass that is smashed at the end of a Jewish wedding”.
The next shattering occurred in Jerusalem when Dan was at the harp course where a glass shattered on the stairs at exactly 3:11. It spoke to me of Jacob’s ladder and an open heaven being created. Then, when the harpists went to the gates to play, as Dan and another harpist were walking to the Eastern Gate to join the others following their assignment at their gate, a car quickly drove by them and the window of the car completely shattered into thousands of pieces.
Then, on New Years eve, I was preparing to bring a picture that Cathy had given us for Christmas of a lighthouse that had gates with Isaiah 62:11 on it. As I passed by the picture it fell over and the glass in the picture completely shattered! I was so shaken by it that I had to lie down. There was a supernatural speaking about that glass shattering over the contents of the picture. Isaiah 62:10 begins with “Pass through, Pass through the gates!”.
Then today, we were watching a short Chuck Pierce clip and there was a lady that had been in China that was given a boxed gift of the 5 gods of Mammon in the Chinese culture. When she went to the Post Office to pick it up, the glass in the box had completely shattered!! Mammon is the principality over finances. More on this later.
This year will also be a shattering of many things including the church. We heard the word “Pure” and “Purity” over and over. A pure word will come, pure actions, pure motives.

Possessing the Gates and the New Gate:
Bob Jones prophesied this year that what was prophesied in 2008 would come to fullness in 2011. We took this seriously and looked up our prophetic word for 2008. We also were sent Bill Hamon’s word for 2008. The two words were strikingly similar. Both had an emphasis on possessing the gates and coming into the new. So what we did on New Years eve is we brought a Chupah that we had made for the Feast of Tabernacles and used it as a canopy to represent the new gate. We had people come up and put a prayer shawl over their head and declare the destiny words they had over their lives in 2008 and beyond. We then had them put them on a piece of paper and we put them in the golden bowl that Dan took to Israel with him. At the end of the evening, we poured out the paper on to the ground declaring that the bowl had been filled and it was time to have it poured out. We had also brought a wine glass wrapped in a white towel and after pouring out the bowl, we had Dan shatter the wine glass signifying completion. It was very powerful.
Also in 2008, our friends, Alex and Rosetta Florence had a word “7 plus 1” for that year. In 2008 we had taken our first trip to Israel as the Tent of David. We were surprised with the realization that we were 7 plus 1 there (7 from the Tent and Hilda Chen). As the 7 plus 1 we walked through the New Gate in Jerusalem to declare the coming in of the New. This year, we had Hilda with us for New Years, so we had the 7 plus 1 prophetically go through the New Gate that we had set up declaring that He was making all things new.
When we woke up on New Years morning, we were all stunned when it began to rain and the snow began to melt away. Under the snow was beautiful green grass. Grass at this time of the year should be brown!! Even the wild flowers that I had planted last fall on the hill leading down to the river at our house were coming up in beautiful green leaves! The new had begun. We kept saying that it felt like March instead of January. (3/11)
A key word for this year is Possess. This is a warfare year. We must go in and possess. It is not enough to hear a word, but we must seize the word and go in and take it. It was interesting that on New Years eve, our hockey team in Ottawa was playing. It was so profound because they were behind 3-0 and then they came back and at precisely 1:11 to go, the Captain, number 11 scored the tying goal to make it 3-3. (3:11) But in overtime, they didn’t go in to possess and they lost the game. This is a year when we must possess!! We must cross over and go in!! One of the words that we received was Victory in Jesus. The captain will take us to the point of victory, but we must go in to take it. The promise is that if we engage the enemy, we will take the spoil.
One of the key words that came forth said that this was the year of Jacob. Jacob wrestled with the angel until the break of day. Part of the word was this:
“Just as I touched Jacob’s hip socket and caused him to limp says the Lord, so I am about to touch some of your hips to cause you to walk a different way. For you have seen My kingdom plan and purpose one ways says the Lord, but in 2011 I will cause a new revelatory realm to be imparted to you to expand your faith level and mindset to birth nation changing cultures to see My Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven. The advancement of my Kingdom says the Lord waits in the balance for My sons and daughter that will passionately push it in the direction I want it to go.”
This is the year of Samson. The enemy will want to cut off your locks to make you like everyone else. He took out his ability to see. That is what the enemy wants to do with you. He wants to make us see like everyone else. But this is a year to see the way God sees. In the shattering of the pillars of Dagon’s temple caused the strength of Samson to be revealed. Yeshua’s strength was poured in the weakness of human flesh and he became once again a champion. This is the year of the champions with God vision to come forth!
There will be many attempts to distract us from this, but the Word of the Lord is to stay focussed in 2011 and keep your eyes on what He has called you to do. We must position ourselves by standing directly in His Divine Presence. If we do this, all distractions will fade in His light.

This is the year of the power of the decree:

Isaiah 51: 15, 16: For I am the Lord you God, who stirs up the sea and its waves roar (the Lord of Hosts is His name). I have put my words in your mouth and have covered you with the shadow of my Hand, to establish the heavens, to found the earth, and to say to Zion ‘You are my people’.
The Tide has turned and is coming in like the Bay of Fundy Tidal bore. This year, the battle will be won at the Gates.
This is the year of Destiny. This is the year to fully commit to the plan that has been ordained for each one “from the womb”. The word is near you, even in your mouth but you have not had the courage to prophesy it. Now is the time to declare the thing and it shall be done unto you! There are Esthers who hold destiny in their hands this year but they need to come forth to proclaim it.
This is the year of Simeons. (Luke 2: 25-32) He had a promise, he stood on this promise, and despite what seemed an unending delay, he saw the salvation of Israel come forth exactly according to the Word of God. This is the year of the actuality of our dreams. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord; plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future”

This is the year of abundance:
Just as the glass was shattered over the gods of Mammon, so the way has been made to go in to possess in the area of finances. Joseph was the 11th son. This is a Joseph year.
There will be blessing in the tithe this year. Those who have been faithful in the Ten and have been battering the gates of financial breakthrough will see those gates shattered this year and move into release.
This is a year for businessmen to move in God’s wisdom, knowledge and creativity. Those who carry the seal of God on their hearts will receive the double portion of that which Jacob received just as his son Joseph did. There are new business ideas, practices and inventions that are being released in the Spirit realm for those who will come before Him and lay everything at His feet and submit to doing it God’s way.

This is the year of Portals of Glory:
Every year at New Years we try to give a small gift that speaks prophetically of the coming year. This year we gave a beautiful bookmark called “Eternity”. On this bookmark was a picture of two birds sitting in a tree. The interesting thing about this was that Martha from the Tent had a heavenly experience just a couple of days before where there were many birds around her. The birds in her experience were exactly like the birds in the picture. Birds speak of Heavenly Messengers. Get ready for heavenly portals to open up this year.

This is the Year of Rebecca’s Tent:
When the theme of the Jewish wedding began to unfold with the Chupah and the breaking of the wine glass, I thought that I would look up the meaning of the breaking of the wine glass in Jewish weddings. What I learned was so amazing. In Jewish lore, the elements of the wedding began with Isaac and Rebecca. Isaac is the 11th from Shem after the flood. The main elements are the Chupah, the veiling of the Bride and the breaking of the wine glass. Genesis tells us that Isaac took Rebecca into his mother Sarah’s tent and married her.
I remember when we were fixing the Chupah for the New Year’s watch that I was trying to put bridal veil over the canopy. Nothing seemed quite right until I kept the veil along the top with an opening in the middle. When I stepped back to look at it, it appeared to me like we were going under a cloud when we went into the Chupah. Also the opening in the middle was like an open heaven.
This is how God puts things together. Without knowing this, we had everyone go under the Chupah, put a prayer shawl over their heads (the veiling of the bride)to declare their destiny and then we broke the wine glass at the end!!
The blessing of Rebecca was that her descendents were going to possess the gates of their enemies!.
Finally, I read that the Jews believe that Rebecca inherited the blessing of Sarah’s tent:
· There would be light there from Shabbat to Shabbat (we light the menorah at the Tent from Shabbat to Shabbat)
· There would be blessing in her dough (abundance)
· There would be a cloud of His presence over her tent!
There is about to be poured out the blessing of Rebecca’s Tent for those who are willing to possess it this year. We are going to live in light. We are about to experience a release of abundance and all of this in the cloud of His presence. What a year!!
The tide has turned. The wave of His Spirit has been released. We are passing through the Gates and we will war until we possess.

Many, many blessings for 2011.
Tent of David Ministries


Behold the days are coming, says the Lord, that the plowman shall overtake the reaper, and the treader of grapes him who sows the seed; and the mountains shall drop sweet wine and all the hills shall melt [that is, everything heretofore barren and unfruitful shall overflow with spiritual blessing]. Amos 9:13 (Ampl)

There is a sense as I am writing this report on the word for 2010 that came out of the Tent of David on New Year’s eve that if it is not written very soon, events will overtake us and this will not seem like a prophetic word at all. There is an excitement welling up even as I write this now, that says, “Get ready! The time is now!”

This is the year of the Ancient of Days who will reveal secrets to those who wait for Him.

Two years ago, we were given ancient keys to unlock doors; last year, we prophesied that an ancient gate was going to open up. Following this, we have taken ancient keys that we got in Israel around the world to prophetically open up gates in the Spirit. Then nearing the end of this past year, we heard about the ancient Eastern gate in Israel where Israel crossed over and where Elisha got Elijah’s mantle is being opened to the public by the government of Israel. Watch for ancient gates all over the world now begin to open up! Then this year, as we began our worship time on New Year’s eve, we began to sing Steve Swanson’s song about the Ancient of Days who has a river of fire flowing before Him. As we sang that, there was something happened in the atmosphere. The Ancient of Days showed up! Read everything you can about the Ancient of Days in scripture. He is about to manifest ancient anointings and reveal secrets that we have not seen until now.

This is the year of unprecedented revelation.

We are entering into a year of sight. The seers will see with new clarity, unhindered. Through dreams, visions and by the Spirit, keys will be given to enable overcomers to tear down systems of thought and established mindsets contrary to the character and plan of God. This will cause an increase in the intensity of God’s presence in our midst. Music will play a prominent part in releasing new truths about the covenant of God with His people. New realms of music will be entered into where ancient sounds will bring forth a transformation in the earth.

It is the year of the ‘bountiful eye’.

The bountiful eye is an eye that sees the provision of God through the cross and His resurrection life. The bountiful eye is full of light. The bountiful eye is one that has been drinking from the wells of salvation. The bountiful eye is one of intimacy with God. It is one who goes up higher and is infused with fresh oil from the throne. It releases bounty. Let your hand be a hand of blessing. Give your way out of debt. Those who sow bountifully shall also reap bountifully. See your bounty come forth!

This year will be a manifestation of Cana of Galilee.

The beginning of the year will be a time of water, followed by an outpouring of wine. The first thing that has been impressed on us has been Isaac’s well, Rehoboth, in Genesis 26. We have been striving for wells of water to be established, but God is saying we are coming into a place of rest. The name Rehoboth means “the Lord has made room for us and we shall be fruitful in the land”. The beginning of the year will be a time of rest, expansion and fruitfulness! There will be less work and more absorption into the Glory Realm. Following this season, which we sense will be fairly short and accelerated, there will be a time when the water is turned into wine.

A couple of days before our New Year’s eve service, we were sent two dreams that one of our friends had about Dan. In the first dream our friend was pouring Dan a glass of wine that had a stopper on it that would only allow about 1 oz to pour out. As he poured it into his glass, the stopper fell off and the wine surged into the glass and overflowed it. In the second dream the wine bottle had a particular stopper on it that only allowed the wine to be poured out slowly. He asked Dan to pour his own this time and when he did, the wine poured into the glass like a hose with unstoppable force, filling it and spraying wine all around! Friends, we are coming into unprecedented days of an overflow of wine.

This year the pure, spotless bride is coming to the banqueting table in the House of Wine.

God is transforming His bride this year, causing her filthy rags to be discarded and new white garments to be displayed. This will not simply be an outward thing, but the very substance of who we are is being changed to become the very nature of the bridegroom. God is positioning His bride to “be all that we can be”.

There has been much come to us about the bride coming to the banqueting table. Last year, we purchased oil for our lamps to get ready for the bridegroom. This year the bride is coming to the House of Wine. Song of Songs 2:4 says “He brought me to His banqueting table and His (bridal) banner over me is love”. The meaning for banqueting table here is House of Wine. The bridegroom is bringing the bride to the House of Wine! And here the wine is being poured out according to the Kings liberality! When Steve Swanson was here this fall, he began to prophesy in song about God setting a table before us in the presence of our enemies. This year we surely will have enemies come against us, but we will be in the House of Wine! New wine is associated with abundance and harvest.

This will be a year for pouring in the oil and wine.

Last year we bought oil and Steve Swanson saw waves and waves of oil pouring into the Tent. This year, we will mix it with the liberality of wine to bind up the wounded ones. There is coming a wave of the wounded to the House of Wine. Let the wine flow in abundance and the wounded will return unto the Lord. The week before we had our New Year’s watch, the scripture, Hosea 6 became real to us. “Come let us return unto the Lord, for He has torn us, but He will heal us. He has wounded us, but He will bandage us”. The wounded and broken are coming. Make a way for them in the House of Wine!

This will be the year of the Overcomer.

Jesus is the chief overcomer. He is the Lord over all lords, King over all kings, and those with Him will be called, chosen, faithful. To those who press in to animate the spirit of the overcomer, the root cause of your hindrances will be revealed by the Spirit of Truth. This will be a year that will demand increased yielding to the Spirit of God. To those who yield more, we will come to the place where the Spirit of God has us. It will be out of that place that our cries will move the hand of God.

There are crowns that the Lord wants to bestow upon His children that are supernatural: crowns of righteousness, crowns of glory and life.

In 2010, the Spirit of the fear of the Lord will take on new meaning.

God will bring back an overwhelming awe in His people. It is the time of Hakkadosh: the realm of the holy is entirely set apart from the common, the habitual or the profane. The Holy is singular, awe-inspiring, even “terrible”. We will come to be freely infused with deeper levels of humility and the fear of the Lord.

The overwhelming sense for this year was that in the midst of all that will be taking place around us, we will be in a place of unsurpassing joy in the House of Wine. God truly is preparing a place for us in the presence of our enemies. Get ready, buckle up your seatbelts. We are in for a ride! The mountains are going to drop sweet wine.

Many blessings in 2010, the Year of the House of Wine,

Tent of David Ministries


Each New Years Eve, the Tent of David comes together to hold a prophetic watch to declare what we have received for the coming year. Each person is asked to seek the Lord prior to the watch and come prepared to share what God has been speaking to them. It is our firm belief that no one person has the complete word for the year, and as the whole body shares, a corporate word begins to come forth. The Sunday before the New Year’s Eve watch began with a whole lot of revelation as we reviewed the word for the previous year. It has been really interesting to see that what we declared last year has been coming forth from different prophets for this year. We started by saying that we were entering through a new gate in 2008. Then in February, we went to Israel and prophetically walked through the New Gate in old Jerusalem to decree that new gate open. Many things occurred last year to confirm a number of the words that came forth, but I believe that the opening of the new gate opened us into the prophetic season that we are now in.

An Ancient Gate is now opening

We believe that the way is being opened for ancient anointings to come forth. The new gate opened the way for the ancient gate. Ancient keys are going to be given to open ancient gates. A couple of days before we had our Sunday watch prior to New Years Eve, a friend sent me a picture that he had taken on a prayer journey. There was something about that picture that was very compelling. It showed a natural stone gateway with a set of mountains in the background. We took it to the Tent for the Sunday watch and immediately a prophetic anointing came on everyone. We felt God say that there were anointings that have not been seen for many generations that were being made available to the body of Christ if they hunger after them. Immediately after this, we found ourselves praying that the sleeping giant called the Church would awaken and come into her anointing. When I sent the picture to a friend in Israel, without mentioning anything about what we had received, she said that all she could see was a sleeping giant.

We also felt that we had been using the ancient key that we got in Jericho last year to take all over Canada to prophetically open things in the Spirit, but that this year we were to take the ancient key that we got inside old Jerusalem, which is smaller, to be the key we use this year. Suddenly one of the members of the Tent came up and asked us to open the gift she had brought for us. The gift was a book entitled “Little keys that open big doors”!

It is the year of Fresh Oil that is a mixture of many previous revivals

About a week before our prophetic watch, I received a call from someone I had not spoken to for a number of years. She told me that God had been speaking to her about getting oils from four revival spots and mixing them together and then anointing the four corners of Ottawa for revival. The four places were North Battleford, Saskatchewan (the place of the ‘48 Latter Rain revival), Pensacola, Toronto and the Hebrides. She and husband got oil from the first three places and then found out that Dan and I had been to the Hebrides several times. She asked if we could find a way to get some oil from that place. This triggered an amazing download of prophetic revelation between the two of us. She had no idea that on Rosh Hashana I had felt led to give everyone who came to the Tent of David a vial of different oils from Wales mixed together. I didn’t know the full meaning of it other than I felt that 5769 (the Hebrew year) was to be associated with these mixed oils from the place of the Welsh revival.

Someone else talked about a vision of a drop falling into a large pool. The rippling effect spread throughout the nation. She saw a drop of the mixed oils(from the revival sites) drop into this large pool. She believed it was Ottawa and it flowed out to the rest of Canada in a rippling effect.

It is the year of the Wise and Foolish Virgins: It’s time to buy oil!

After I talked with this friend about the oils, I began to seek God about what we were to give as a gift on New Years Eve. I had felt that we were to give everyone a gold coloured coin. When I began to ponder how this fit with the oils, my thoughts went to the wise and foolish virgins who had to go buy oil. I just sort of sat on it but after the Sunday watch, with the word about the sleeping giant, I felt more and more in my spirit that the wise and foolish virgins was a word for the church this year. When I got to the Tent on New Years Eve, the friend who brought the oils was there and when I told her about the gold coins, she was so amazed, because she had given a prophetic word at her church on that Sunday about the wise and foolish virgins! Then a couple of days later, we learned that at the Heavy Rain conference held at New Years at TACF, two speakers spoke on the wise and foolish virgins! We believe very strongly that the Lord is saying for this year that it is time for the sleeping church to wake up and to buy oil. The Bridegroom is on the way! It is the year of choice for the church.

It is a year to cherish and steward the anointing.

It is the Year of the Jew:

This was the next major word that came forth from many sources. A word that was given to the Tent on New Years was that we were going to enter more into being a one new man church and that we were going to lead the way in this region. One person felt that it was a time for the old and new covenants coming together (one new man). He had a vision of a lion with wings and talons of an eagle. This lion was crushing the oppression that was holding us back. The Lord revealed to him that this vision represented the old and new covenants. The Lord bore the Israelites on eagles’ wings when then went out of Egypt (old covenant) and the Lion of Judah goes before us crushing the enemy (new covenant).

Another person came with an envelope with 50 Canadian dollars, 50 American dollars and 50 Israeli shekels. She felt it was a prophetic act of making access for Jews from the USA into Canada. Just a few months prior to this, we had felt to buy a US flag and hang it at the Tent opposite to the Canadian flag. We are not sure of the complete revelation of this but we do feel that the time for the one new man church is now. Another person brought as a gift to the Tent a bell that was purchased in Jerusalem. She said that the ringing of the bell was to tell us to stay focused on Israel. The other interesting thing was that when the friend with the oils came she felt to add some oil from Israel into the vial! There will be an anointing for revival for those places that honor the feasts of the Lord and make way for the one new man.

It is a bridal covenant year for Canada:

This also came from a number of sources. Also, back to my picture friend. The same day he sent me the picture of the ancient gate, he sent me an amazing picture of a rainbow in the clouds over the Canadian arctic that formed a perfect circle. It was as though the Bridegroom had placed his ring over Canada in the covenant rainbow colours. The Bridegroom is coming to an awakened church, who has bought oil and who shines forth in the darkest of nights! Another word was related to the Hebrew letters for this year which were a picture of being yoked to God.

Also for those who walk in obedience to His covenant this year, a holy transformation of the heart will be seen. God will give great favour to those who come out and be separated unto Him.

Someone came with the word CLEAR with several scriptures related to “clear”. These scriptures all spoke of different things, but they all had the sense of purity about them. The Bride will not only shine, she will be clothed in spotless raiment. Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun? Song of Sol. 6:10. Someone else spoke of the purity of His light flushing out those planks/painful things that hindered us from seeing people with His eyes of compassion.

This is a year to take courage and go in an possess the land by force

This word was confirmed over the next few days at a US prophetic conference. There was a real emphasis on going in and possessing our inheritance this year. Those who have been prepared in the desert will “cross the line in 2009”.

The colours for the year are blue, green and yellow.

Blue is the colour of revelation. When we arrived at the Tent on New Years eve, we were startled to see that out of all of the large gothic windows was a beautiful blue light. The whole Tent was shining blue. At first we thought that Dan, who had been there earlier, had surprised us by putting blue lights in the sanctuary. Instead, when we went in we saw that he had forgotten to turn off the projector and the blue light was shining on the wall and filling the place! Later Dan came in and stood up with his word for 2009 that he had written a few days before and said the colour was blue for the year. It’s not surprising that the Tent was looking blue, since this was the night for revelation. A number also said that we would have a clear word that would represent the real prophetic, and that this year the veil between heaven and earth would become very thin.

Other colours that were given were green and yellow. The next day we were watching the Starting the Year Off Right conference with Chuck Pierce and one of the speakers proclaimed that the only thing God told him was that the colour for the year was Green! Chuck then said “The River is Green!” When we thought about that, a blue river mixed with yellow oil becomes green! It’s a river of Oil!!

Once again one of the “clear” scriptures that was brought: Then I will make their waters clear and cause their rivers to run like oil, saith the Lord Jehovah Ezek 32:14.

This is the year of the prophet and prophetic acts:

This word was brought forth and then the Lord confirmed it with so many prophetic acts. So many people were impressed to bring gifts to the Tent that night. One girl brought a picture of an angel blowing a trumpet announcing JOY. Yellow is the colour of joy. This will be a year when we will know the joyful sound. I believe the Lord reinforced so many prophetic acts that night because we were ushering in a year of prophetic acts.

It is a year of signs, wonders and miracles:

The prophetic pictures of things like rainbow circles in the sky will be signs for those who “see”. Miracles will be there for those whose lamps are trimmed with fresh oil.

It is a year to know the honeycomb of the Word.

It is a year to devour the word and even recite the word day after day until it gets into your spirit. A scripture that the Lord has been reinforcing lately is Psalm 23. Recite it. Let Him anoint your head with oil as you do!

It is a year of abundance for givers:

Big givers will reap big harvest. This is not a year to hold back. This is a year to give in the time of famine and to see God’s Kingdom manifest. It is the year of uncommon multiplication. The gold coins that were given this year also spoke of Kingdom abundance being released.

It is the year to release the sound of Faith:

Faith has a sound. There is a God sound of faith that says “Light be”..and light was. It is a reckless sound of faith that says, “We are not careful to answer you in the matter O King, Our God is able to deliver us out of the fiery furnace but whether He does or whether He doesn’t: we will not bow down”.

There is the prophetic sound of faith which releases kingdom power to take cities, regions and nations. It is a faith sound that declares that this is the year for the prodigal to come home, for signs and wonders to break out and for this nation to come into its inheritance!

There is the inner song of faith that that will spring up within you this year: for this is the time to bring forth the capstone to shouts of Grace, Grace! it is the Lords doing! BEHOLD HE COMES! It’s time to buy oil! Let the awakened bride make herself ready!

Many blessings and much favour in 2009

Tent of David Ministries