Tent of David Prophetic Word for 2020

Monday, January 13th, 2020

Welcome to the Roaring Twenties

Each year on New Year's Eve, the Tent of David comes together to seek the Lord for the corporate prophetic word for the coming year.  This year seemed particularly clear and aligned as each word seemed to dovetail with the last.  There were four main themes that we see for 2020:

  • A continuation of last year's word which emphasized signs and understanding time and timing
  • 2020 will be marked with clear vision and face to face encounters with God
  • It will be the beginning of an extended Joseph season
  • It will be known as the "Roaring Twenties"

 1.  During Elul as we prepared for Rosh Hashana and the year 5780, there was a sign as to the season to come.  Dan was in Israel and had begun an extended time of waiting before the Lord during the night.  After the first all-night session, he opened the cupboard door in the morning to find a glass plate had spontaneously shattered all inside the cupboard.  When this happens, we pay attention because shattering for us means an open heaven over what we were doing.  As Dan sought the Lord about this, the scripture came to him "For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face." I Corinthians 13.  He felt the Lord tell him that in this next season, we will begin to have face to face encounters with God in the secret place through intimacy.  What had been obscure before, would now become clear as God meets us face to face.  Expect this to happen in 2020. 

Geoff also had a word that 2020 would be a year of resolution where things would come into sharp focus as with 2020 vision.  With this face to face communication, a clear word of God will be given.  We will speak God words through anointed lips. We are to speak only the words we are given, nothing more, nothing less.  A key scripture for this year is Deuteronomy 12:32.  Whatever I command you, be watchful to do it; you shall not add to it or diminish it. The emphasis here was on being careful not to diminish the word that God had given you.  Our tendency is that when God delays on His promise for us to be tempted to downsize the word to fit our natural reasoning.  Do not do this in this season!  Continue to speak forth what He says!  We are in a fullness of time. 

 2.  With this "fullness of time" season, we will enter into a era marked with a Joseph mantle.  Just as Joseph could not enter into his destiny that his dreams foreshadowed, so this generation had to wait until the appointed time.  There is a suddenly moment for those who dream God's dreams where once they had prison clothes on, and in a moment, a cloak and signet ring of authority is given.  This is the season for the church to arise out of obscurity in governmental authority and moving in Godly wisdom. 

Twenty is a Joseph number.  He was sold for 20 pieces of silver, but reaped the unlimited blessing when heaven's time had come.  2020 speaks of double portion.  There will be a divine payback with people being set free into kingdom prosperity this season.  There is much to be learned in the life of Joseph.  Karen was given Psalm 105 as a key scripture for this year.  For those who have allowed God to purge their character in this preparation season, there is much to be apprehended. Canada is a Joseph nation.  In her quiet, unassuming manner, God has been preparing her for a season of great favour.  There was a sign in Israel of this time for Canada.  Four years ago, Stephen Harper was honored there for his strong clear voice for that nation.  Israel decided to dedicate a new building in the Hula Valley bird sanctuary to our former Prime Minister.  But, as with Joseph, delay after delay seemed to be preventing this from completion.  

This November, while in Israel, Dale decided to go with a friend to see the building.  To their surprise, there was  tape across the entry path to it.  Dale felt compelled to cross the tape and try to go in.  There were workmen in the building and the supervisor attempted to stop her.  When she explained that she was Canadian and would like to have a look around, the doors were opened and they were welcomed in!  There was a flurry of activity there and they discovered that 3 days later Stephen Harper was coming to officially open the beautiful structure!  In the foyer of the building was a huge globe of the world.  You may not know this, but Stephen Harper's middle name is Joseph.  So, on the doorstep of 2020, a Joseph from Canada marked by delay, was having his moment.  And Canadians were given entry and favour at a time when others were barred from going in.  Canada would do well to recognize her time of favour and understand that it is linked to her relationship with Israel.  Like Joseph, Stephen Harper had a quiet authority but his roar was heard around the world when the time was right. Canada is destined to come forth in authority cloaked in humility.  This is your season of favour Canada.  Step into it. We have been in a season of shackles and purging until the appointed time.  (Psalm 105: 17-19)  The church's assignment is to bring this forth.

 3.  Just as Joseph entered into his destiny in a time of harvest and bounty, 2020 will see the beginning of a prolonged season of prosperity and harvest.  One hundred years ago a decade called "the Roaring 20's"  began. Coming out of years of war and devastation in the world, suddenly all was different.  It was marked by a time of unparalleled prosperity and great advancement.  In 2020 we will see the wealth of the wicked stored up for the righteous being released in magnificent, unheard of ways.  In the last month, we have had testimonies of people receiving money from unexplained sources and by surprise.  Expect this to happen!  Use your mouth to declare this over your life!

The twenties also roared forth with an explosion of arts, theatre and new music.  People began to dance to a free-form type of music called jazz and there was a sense of release from the dreariness of war.  Expect the Kingdom of God to break through in these areas and see God  use people in the arts and entertainment world in greater measure this year.  It was also marked by movement where suddenly not only the rich owned cars, but the common family.  There is going to be great release around the globe as nations once held in bondage are set free to move.  Someone on New Year's eve felt a tremendous internal shaking as we worshiped.  There will be a shaking in the Muslim world this year like never before.  The kingdom of God is breaking out! 

Just recently there was a sign in Israel concerning this.  A year and a half ago the Tent of David moved to a town on the northwest coast called Nahariya.  The name Nahariya means "River of God".  Since then we have been pressing for the river of God to flow in the north of Israel.  Just last week, a tremendous downfall of rain caused the town to flood!  The entire main street became like a wide river as the small stream that flows down the middle of that street could not contain the flood of rain that fell.  We have been declaring Psalm 65: 9:  The river of God is full of water!" since we moved there.  In the dry season, the stream would be at most a trickle.  But when the rain came, it overflowed its banks.  We are entering into a season of the river of God!  It is full of water!  When the Joseph season came in, there was so much plenty the world flocked to get some of it.  The church would do well to understand that Godly wisdom is needed to know how to steward what God puts in our hands.

 Many have understood that we have moved from the 5770-79 decade of the AYIN or "eye" to the 5780-89 decade of PEY or "mouth".  During the last decade we have trained our spiritual eyes to see what God is saying.  In this new decade we will begin to say what we see.  It is very important as we begin 2020 to begin to declare what God reveals and to be careful to say only that.  Once again, we must not add to it or diminish it.  If you have held onto dreams that God gave you in the last season, now is the time to declare it and step into it.  As with Joseph, this is the season of prophetic dreams that will give strategy to the church. We have come to a fullness of time.  Make no mistake.  As we cross over into our inheritance, we are entering into a time of continual warfare, but marked with continual victory as we obey and declare His voice. 

 At the end of our prophetic watch on New Year's eve, we were all given yellow ribbons to place on the Christmas tree that was on the platform.  As we played Noel Richard's song "Dreamers of Your Dreams" we did this as an act of declaration that, like Joseph, we were stepping into God's dreams for us and for our nation.  At the beginning of these "Roaring Twenties", let the Lion of Judah roar and let the Kingdom of God advance in the earth!