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And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent the Son as Savior of the world.

1 John 4:14

Foundation Verse

In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof; and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old.

Amos 9:11

More Back to the Future

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Last week I wrote about how the movies Back to the Future I and II were speaking related to what was happening in North America and particularly in the United States. At that time we were able to find the first two movies but the third one was not available. Then, on Wednesday of this week a friend messaged me to tell me that amazingly enough, Back to the Future III was playing in one of the discount theatres in town. That night was the scheduled debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris. Since this movie was called, "The Final Showdown", my husband and I knew that we had to go see it that day. 

The setting of the movie is that the hero, Marty McFly and Doc were taken by the time machine back 100 years to 1885. It was a western setting and the part that stuck out to us was that Marty was challenged to a showdown at 8 am on the critical day when they were to take the time machine back to the future. Lots of things were preventing Marty from doing this and always in these movies, the clock takes on great importance. 

At 5 minutes to 8 the villain calls for Marty to come for the gun battle. When Marty told him it was not 8 o'clock yet he replied that according to his clock it was 8. The enemy always wants to change the times and seasons. The typical scene of a gun showdown in a western movie ensued and suddenly Marty said "I am not going to fight this way" and removed his gun belt. The bad guy then took out his gun and shot Marty in the chest and Marty laid there seemingly dead. As he drew near to shoot another bullet into him, Marty suddenly arose and revealed a metal breastplate he had hidden in his clothes that stopped the bullet. Marty then did his Rocky thing and beat the opponent until he was unconscious. With that the rest of his buddies ran in every direction. In the movie, they were about to raise up a large clock onto the courthouse that would be featured in every scene of the Back to the Future movies.

There is so much here related to the debate that same night that we watched the movie. The Future is all about the clock on the courthouse that had been stopped at strategic times to tell the story. It was 5 to 8, the number of new beginnings. Then when the clock was being put up it was 8 after 8. The breastplate that protects, I believe, speaks of the breastplate of righteousness that Mike Pence wore that night. The bullet went right to the heart but it never penetrated. Then, the next day, the amazing thing that went viral all over the internet was the fly that landed on Mike Pence's head. When I looked at it, I thought, "He's Marty McFly!"

The strongman tried to dictate the time and the method of the warfare and Marty refused to succumb to that. When we stand with the breastplate of righteousness, the enemy's tactics cannot defeat us. When the strongman thought he had delivered a knock down blow, the hero rises up to finish him off. Then the rest fled in every direction!

When I got home, I couldn't stop thinking about a watch that a friend had given me a few years back. I knew it had stopped at a particular time because the battery was dead and I had never got round to replace it. The next morning I went to my jewelry box and found the watch. To my amazement, it was stopped at 5 to 8! The time of the final showdown! The battle here is all about the courthouse. The clock that was going up onto the courthouse was set at 8 after 8. New beginnings. The very end of the movie shows Marty standing with Doc beside the 8 after 8 clock. The girl is looking at a piece of paper that once said, "You're fired" and now that was erased and the entire sheet was blank. Doc said to her, "Now you can write anything you want on that paper".

I believe that the debate showdown in the United States this past Wednesday was more significant than we know in the spirit realm. Believers are at a place where we can write what we will on that paper for the future. Much is at stake for both the United States and for Canada. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Therefore, take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand! Stand therefore having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness.   (Ephesians 6: 13, 14)

Much love to you all


Abundance and Blessings

Back To The Future

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

What an amazing incredible season we are in!  God is surely orchestrating events at an accelerated pace.  We knew that the Feasts this year were going to be especially significant and as we drew near to the Fall Feasts this became incredibly important in the year of signs.  As we all know, on the eve of Rosh Hashana, the blowing of the trumpets Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a champion of abortion rights in America died.  

Then that following week what unfolded could only be God.  On the eve of Yom Kippur Jonathan Cahn and Franklin Graham gathered thousands to the Mall in Washington to repent and pray for the nation.  During that time, Donald Trump announced, just prior to the beginning of Yom Kippur, his selection for the next Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett.  The next day was Yom Kippur and some of us were gathered at the Tent to pray and repent for our nation, Canada.  As we touched the Jezebel spirit related to abortion, I felt a heavy dread come on me that I could not shake.  I felt like something was going to happen but I did not know what it was.  The following day was the Presidential debate and to be honest, it put me in a terrible state.  I could feel the witchcraft swirling and Donald Trump seemed not normal physically and definitely not on his game.   The news the next day began to be filled with intimations that it was all over for him, that he was finished.  Then came the news that he was stricken with Covid-19 as well as a number of key people who had attended the Supreme Court announcement in the Rose Garden. 

Then suddenly: God.  Jeremiah Johnson released a video where he had seen months previously of Donald Trump running the Boston Marathon and falling about 100 feet from the finish line and looking like it was over.  It was then that two old ladies took him by the arm and helped him get up to finish the race.  Immediately I knew who the two old ladies were.   Donald's Trump's heritage from the Isle of Lewis and the two old ladies that brought in the Hebrides revival were his relatives.  At that moment, I felt to go into the courts of heaven and take as my two witnesses the two old ladies to make the case for Donald Trump's destiny to bring in revival to North America and eventually the world. 

While I was listening to the news I heard a politician say in the US, "This is Marty's moment in Back to the Future".  This really caught my attention because I had a word about Back to the Future for 5781.  So that afternoon, my husband and I sat down to watch the movies Back to the Future, 1 and 2, asking the Lord to reveal to us what was the message in these movies.  I got several things out of them, but what was apparent to me is that God was saying that we have the ability to go in and change the narrative or story that has been written.  Marty went into the Future and addressed the false narrative that had been created which did not allow the real story to come forth, as everyone in the present was acting out the false narrative.   Also the timings of God were so stunning because Marty needed to reach 88 miles per hour (new beginnings) at precisely the time when the clock tower was struck by lightning.  The clock was going to be hit at 10:04.  I was stunned because the next day (yesterday) on our calendar was 10:04!  That day our watch was the beginning of Succot or Tabernacles and we were having our Feast of Tabernacles or Thanksgiving.  So on 10/04 we began to release the thunders and lightnings of God over our nation and I believe a time portal opened up which will shift the narrative in this nation.  We stand with our brothers and sisters in the US that this is their Marty moment in Back to the Future where the true narrative for that nation will come forth that will release a revival flood in the nations of the world. 

Much love to you all



Tuesday, August 11, 2020

This past weekend I experienced a supernatural encounter that speaks to the new era we are entering into.  We have been noticing a distinct ramp-up with angelic activity in our house in the past while.  This past Thursday began a series of supernatural events that I didn't fully understand at first but as the days progressed it became clearer.  It started on Thursday morning at our Ladies meeting.  I was sitting next to a lady with very long hair and as she turned her head, her hair would brush up against my arm.  For some reason, the thought passed through my mind of the Cane Ridge Revival where the women would be overcome by the spirit and begin to shake their heads and their hair would make large "cracks' of sound like a bull whip. 

Then Thursday evening my husband and I watched a video from 2008, that I had found when doing my COVID cleaning, of Jeff Jansen in a meeting in Montreal.  When we were watching it, it seemed that every word that he was prophesying was for now. He then began to activate angels in the supernatural realm and I began to be quite overcome.  The following day things started to happen in our house.  A ring appeared on the floor that I had lost more than a year ago.  I have had these things happen before but not for quite a while.  That night, we went to our Friday night watch at the Tent.  God has been ramping up His presence with the small group that attends that watch and as I sat quietly during the worship, suddenly I entered into an encounter where I saw a "ripple" in the time-space dimension.  I have only seen this once before in Israel, but at that time one of the people there was catapulted into a time one year previous.  It appeared like a shimmering dimensional movement but I had no idea why I was seeing it on Friday night.  I only mentioned it after the meeting to the "lady with the hair" and went home. 

The next morning, I opened Facebook and Danny Steyne had published a word about Friday being the anniversary of the Cane Ridge Revival and the beginning of the Second Great Awakening!  The Cane Ridge Revival began in Kentucky in 1801 at a small log building in the middle of nowhere, that brought upwards of 30,000 to meet outside. Multitudes were brought into the kingdom with wild manifestations of the Spirit and it was the springboard to what it known as the Second Great Awakening! 

For the past couple of years God has been giving me a revelation of Time Gates and how they work so I have been keeping track of dates.  When you do this, you begin to realize how often God comes back to a certain date in time to release the next thing related to it.  Friday night was also the anniversary of the day a prophet saw a large "Revival Awakening" angel standing next to my husband.  I believe that what I encountered on Friday night, August 7 was an opening of an Awakening Time Gate and the release of Revival Awakening angels in greater measure on the earth. 

A couple of weeks ago during our Sunday watch, my husband had a vision of a large "mileage" sign at the side of the road only it was blank.  Then he heard the Andre Crouch song "Soon and Very Soon and as he did, suddenly the word "SOON" appeared on the sign.  I submit to you that angels have been released that are activating the greatest awakening ever on planet earth.  It will diminish everything we have seen thus far.  Do not try to figure it out.  It is beyond our capacity to understand.  He is coming as El Gibbor.

The Lord reigns; let the earth rejoice; let the multitude of isles be glad!  Clouds and darkness surround Him, righteousness and justice are the foundations of His throne.  A fire goes before Him and burns up His enemies round about.  His lightnings light the world.  The earth sees and trembles.  The mountains melt like wax at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the Lord of the whole earth.  The heavens declare His righteousness and all the peoples see His Glory. 

Psalm 97:6

Abundance and Blessings

Another Sign in the Year of Signs

Tuesday, July 22, 2020

We have been in Israel now for six years and the longer we walk with the Lord in that land, the more we come to understand the layers of revelation that unfolds to us as to the purpose why we have been there.  When we arrived there to establish the Tent of David Israel, it happened to be on the same weekend that two other Canadian ministries were also establishing their ministries in the Tiberias/Poriya area where we were.  Another Canadian ministry had already been in Poriya years prior to us arriving, and at that time many were saying, "What is it about the Canadians here?"  Not only that, a week before we arrived to set up our house of prayer Stephen Harper had been up in the north of Israel a few miles from our area to lay the cornerstone for a beautiful building dedicated in his honour for being such a friend to the nation.

Over the years, we began to do prophetic journeys all over the north of Israel, taking teams in with a purpose to demonstrate in the Land what God was saying in the earth.  Then came Covid.  We were in Israel at the time doing an "Ancient Gates" journey with a number of Canadians.  As our week progressed, things began to shut down in the land and we were forced to leave along with many others cutting our journey a bit short. Since then, our beautiful apartment in Nahariya has been sitting empty waiting for the end of this dreadful plague affecting the entire earth. 

Meanwhile, at home, we have been going through the parables of Jesus at the Tent in Canada.  This weekend, I was scheduled to speak on the Matthew 25 account of the sheep and goat nations. In this passage, Jesus links the division of the nations into sheep or goats to the plumbline of whether or not they ministered to the "least of these my brethren".  Who are His brethren?  Well, first of all, they are the Jews. 

As we have been doing a number of our prophetic journeys, we have come to understand what a demonstrative prophet is.  They are ones who through prophetic acts demonstrate a prophetic word from God.  As I began to think on the Matthew 25 passage, I began to realize that the presence of Canadians in the Land of Israel, doing random acts of kindness to many of the "least of these" was prophetically declaring that one day Canada would be once again known as a sheep nation.  I feel like we have in our presence there, as a cluster of Canadian ministries in the north, been a restraining force to keep Canada from straying too far from the favour that Stephen Harper brought to us through his voice in the UN in support of Israel.  Many of the ones running for the leadership of the Conservative party here have voiced their intention to follow Donald Trump's lead and move the Canadian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. 

In the week prior to my speaking about the sheep and goat nations, we got an e-mail from Israel from a beautiful girl who has a ministry with a pro-life group there. She has been instrumental in saving well over a hundred babies from abortion as she supports the women in their pregnancies and well after the babies are born.  Her name is Roberta and she wrote with a request to see if we could allow her to stay in our apartment for several months because she has found herself with no place to stay.  We gladly agreed to allow Roberta to come at minimal cost. Once again an opportunity to minister to the least of these. 

Now to the sign.  After we finished our worship watch last Sunday at the Tent, a prophetic word came out about the revival that is currently going on in Georgia.  As the word progressed, there came forth a word over the Tent of David about signs and wonders and miracles breaking forth there and lineups of people coming to receive miracles.  We have received several words like that before, so much of it was a wonderful confirmation of what we had heard and believed for. 

Then this morning, I opened up the Elijah List that was featuring the story of the revival that is going on in Georgia.  To my amazement, the name of the town in Georgia is Roberta.  The meaning of the name, Roberta is "bright, shining".  That alone is a sign.  For twenty years my husband and I have been travelling to the Isle of Lewis from time to time and have a deep relationship with the people there.  Lewis is the home of the Hebrides revival and it was often called "the bright and shining revival".  We have always felt that there was a link between that revival and Canada.  In fact Duncan Campbell visited Saskatchewan during the time of the Latter Rain Revival, which sprang up during the same timeframe as the Hebrides Revival.  Many of you may know that Donald Trump's mother also came from the Isle of Lewis. 

What am I saying in all of this?  Israel speaks.  I believe Canada is about to come into a season of swift change.  Where we have been teetering in our support of Israel, we will once again rise up to call her blessed.  Another voice is arising in Canada which will usher in favour and blessing.  A bright and shining revival is on our horizon.  Our Roberta in Israel is a voice against abortion.  Look for a shift there.   God does not miss one cup of water that we pour out in the Land of Israel.  It will come back a gushing river. 

Nahariya, our home in Israel now has a river running through the middle of it, and it recently overflowed its banks.  Along the sides of the river are huge eucalyptus trees.  The book of Revelation speaks of the trees along the banks of the river that runs through the city and the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations.  Oh Canada.  This is your destiny.  Let the Roberta Revival begin.

A Sign in the Year of Signs

Monday, April 13, 2020

In these tumultuous times, it is important to remember that God is still speaking and showing the path forward regardless of what is happening in the natural world around us. Israel is always a signpost as far as what God is doing. The feasts or appointed times in 2020 are going to release the way forward for God's people.

We are still in the midst of Passover and many suddenly saw that for the first time in over 3000 years, Israel was shut in family homes and commanded not to go out as a plague was roaming the earth. The evening of April 8 through to sundown April 9 was the first day of Passover. The Bible tells the story of the death angel passing over the houses that had the blood on their doorposts. Many in the world have been taking communion every day throughout this plague season and we, for one household, marked our doorposts in red on the night of Passover. I read of many doing the same. 

Now comes the sign. For those of you who have visited the baptismal site of Jesus which is also the traditional site where Joshua crossed over and celebrated Passover after their entry into the promised land, you will be aware that this area was heavily mined so no one was able to enter the small churches that were built there or deviate from the road leading into the site. This year, on April 9, the first day of Passover, a large planned explosion took place which cleared the area of mines. The newspaper article tells of how that the last of the 500 mines in the area were set off in a daisy-chain fashion. The vibration of the explosion rattled the picture frames of homes 30 km away! After this, they were able to enter the churches who were cleared of booby traps.Those who did said that it was like a time capsule. The tables were still laid for dinner! For the first time in 53 years, the way was clear for that monumental site. Not only is it the site of Jesus' baptism, and Israel's crossing over, but it is also the area where Elijah split the waters and went up in a chariot of fire and Elisha came back with the double portion. 

So what does this speak of? The numbers here are astounding. First of all, 53 speaks of Isaiah 53, the suffering Messiah. Isaiah 53 is the chapter that is left out of the Torah readings and is the main tool for the gospel in Israel. Could it be that an explosion of Isaiah 53 is coming all over Israel? The spot where John declared "Behold the Lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world", has been opened up! And as Israel speaks, so it affects the world. Expect an explosion of the gospel and a fresh emphasis on the blood of Jesus to spread throughout the world. 

Next, as the sound of the explosion was felt 30 km away, the image of a 30 year old carpenter entering into his explosive ministry of signs, wonders and miracles is speaking of a flood of miracles about to hit the earth! It is important to note that Jesus not only healed the sick but had command over the earth. The anointing similar to what was carried by Elisha is also about to be seen. The earth has been in birth pangs for some time now. 

The table has already been set. It is important that we understand the time we are in. Beginning at Resurrection Sunday, we began the countdown to Pentecost. After His resurrection, over 40 days, Jesus began to show Himself to various groups and began to talk to them about the things of the Kingdom of God. At one point He appeared to about 500 people.  The 500 mines are speaking of this. During this counting of the Omer to Pentecost, don't miss this season. I believe it is a time for the secrets of the Kingdom to be revealed that have been reserved for such a time as this.Remember, that although 500 were told to wait, only 120 ended up receiving the incredible baptism promised at the appointed time. Expect another Pentecost outpouring. This Shavuot will be special.

This sign introduced an opening up on the planet. We will see the nations of the earth begin to emerge from their season of danger and fear. For those who continue to seek Him, new revelations of how to operate in this new era will emerge. Structures will shift and new wineskins will be made ready for the best wine ever. It's time.

Israel Speaks!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

A number of us just returned from Israel over the last few days after being on a prophetic journey in the Land which happened to coincide with the outbreak of the Coronovirus pandemic. 

Prior to that, we had done another journey during the month of November. During that trip, some of us visited the Knesset that was in the beginning of setting the date for a third election in Israel. Twice before, they had tried and failed to form a government, so the third set of elections were set for March 2, 2020. I remember at that time looking at the doors of the Knesset. If you have visited there, you may remember that there are three sets of double doors leading into the building. On our visit, two sets of doors were shut and the third set, on the left hand side were open. I remember saying that Israel reads from right to left. I believe the third try will result in the formation of a government. The doors are open for that. Following this,  on New Years eve, we began to declare that this next election in Israel would be a sign.  

So when we were in Israel during the month of March, everything seemed to be saying that it was impossible for a government to be formed. People were calling for a UNITY government, yet there was nothing but unity happening. Everyone was fighting to be on top, with no one winning. Then the pandemic struck and Benjamin Netanyahu took charge.

Meanwhile, we were going about the land before everything was shut down. Each time we have one of these prophetic journeys, we always take people to the site of Habakkuk's tomb. There is a gated community near there, with a large automated yellow steel gate locking them in. The first time I visited there, I read the scripture found in Habakkuk 2:3. "For the vision is yet for an appointed time. In the end, it will speak and not lie. Though it tarry, wait for it. It will surely come, it will not be behind time on its appointed day". As soon as I finished declaring the scripture, that gate opened up! From that time forward, each time we as a prophetic team would visit the gate, it would always speak. 

This time, as our team who were visiting the Ancient Gates of Israel declaring Psalm 24, an amazing thing happened at that spot. The gate was open and remained open! We had never seen that before! Also, one of the prophetic signs that we had during the last couple of trips was that we kept seeing lime green cars wherever we went. The colour green speaks of new beginnings and prosperity. To our amazement, at the open time gate was a lime green car! We began to declare that we had entered into a new time zone!

As the pandemic increased in Israel, there was talk of delaying the change of the clocks because they wanted to discourage people from going outside.  Finally, it was determined that they would not do this, but the time change would take place this weekend between Friday and Saturday as usual (tomorrow night).  No one was going to stop the new time zone!  

Then today, on Nissan 1, the first day of the Biblical New Year, the opposition party in Israel began to disintegrate and a UNITY government will be formed in the next few hours. It felt like a dam had broken. Also, today, the United States government is in the midst of coming together in unity for a financial package to deal with the pandemic. In each case, it was the pandemic that drove the opposing sides together.

Psalm 133: Oh how good, how pleasant it is for brothers to live together in unity. It is like fragrant oil on the head that runs down over the beard, over the beard of Aaron and flows down on the collar of his robes.

On our very first prophetic journey in the land, we stood on March 11, 2017 at Rosh Pina, a site of an important revival in Israel and read this Psalm as a prophetic word for revival in Canada. That day was the 40th anniversary of the day that Bob Jones prophesied that Ichabod was over the church and would remain there for 40 years. We were in Israel in Rosh Pina at the exact end of the 40 years. People began to declare that Ichabod had come off the church.  Now, three years later, we began on March 11 where we left off, to declare the time gate for a new era has now opened up. A spirit of unity is being released on the earth. Unity will result in the oil of revival flowing. God will use anything, even a pandemic to begin to shift things in the earth. When He says it's time, it's time.

Abundance and blessings

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